Top 45+ Business Ideas With Low Investment in India

Do you have a dream to start a business of yours?

If so, there must be a lot of questions that come to you. What are the best ideas to adopt? How much will the investment be? What will be the approximate profits? And a lot more.

But don’t worry, for a budding entrepreneur like you who is keen to use his exclusive skills to setup a business and help society, we are here to offer you the best ideas that demand quite a low investment and good returns.

A true win-win situation for you. With the small business ideas with low funding needs and requirement of basic to some special skills, these ideas will make your professional life remarkable.

Leaving a significant mark, starting a properly planned outline of an idea that would lead to fast growth and profitability, the businesses offer a high opportunity to entrepreneurs.

Eager to know what the ideas could be? Stay with us and read through this amazing piece that will discuss numerous ideas allowing you to pick the one that suits you the most. So, embark on your entrepreneurial journey with positivity through the best business ideas in India.

Prerequisites to Start a Business

Considering to start the business? If so, then there are some prerequisite conditions to start a business. While there are plenty of business ideas in India to start with, it is important to take care of the basic conditions to ensure that the business you plan to take up helps you earn a profit.

The conditions to look forward to start the business in India are:

  • Compare and Contrast all the plans in hand
  • Decide the business plan and develop a blueprint of the same
  • Analyze the investment needs thoroughly
  • Make sure to check the legal requirements, if any
  • Ensure that the skills and resources you have match the business needs
  • Check for space or location required to set up the business
  • Try getting the market feedback about your business plan as this will offer views of potential customers
  • Consider calculating the break-even point or estimated profit generation
  • Consider setting a system to record the expenses and incomes
  • Understand the technological requirements beforehand
  • Organize the path is a systematized and phased manner
  • Take the guidance of experts wherever needed to avoid losses

45+ Best Business Ideas To Start In India

Confirmed to start a business and check on all the prerequisites?

If yes, this is the time to get started with the list of options to choose from. So here is a list that will help you choose the business idea that suits your planning blueprint and take you a step closer to generating profits.

The best business ideas in India are:

1. Blogging

Blogging business

The business idea demands low investment and needs a laptop, internet, and a good knowledge of any niche. A general topic, when described interestingly, will attract readers and followers. Numerous platforms offer you the opportunity to start a blog. Undoubtedly, this is one of best business ideas in India.

Blogs can be promoted on social media platforms as well. Video blogging or vlogging is one extension that is quite booming. One of the most profitable business ideas, this offers the opportunity to earn thousands but after some period. Having patience and consistency is key to good blogging.

2. Dropshipping

Dropshipping Solutions

A hot new business idea to start with the least investment. The idea behind this is to tie up with big e-commerce suppliers. It includes promoting their products, convincing and receiving orders from potential customers, and informing the seller to deliver the product at the client’s address.

With no need to maintain stock at your end, storage and dead stock problems are eliminated. It eliminates the additional cost of warehousing and packaging as well. Also, since you can sell the products at the highest price, the profit earned on every order will be your income.

3. Coaching Class

investment into Coaching Centres

A small business but a profitable one, coaching centers are quite favorable. If you have good subject knowledge and carry the skill of teaching the students around, you can start a coaching institute. Since coaching institutes are quite prevalent in India, this idea acts to be one of the best business ideas in India to start with.

The investment is quite low while the return depends on fess, which sums up to a good amount. Additionally, you can also create video lectures or take online classes for the students sitting far away. The only need here is to have good subject knowledge and problem-solving skills.

4. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

A trending business idea with unlimited opportunities, this can be started as a freelancer or a start-up. The basic concept is to promote the products of services digitally or offer similar services to various businesses through digital marketing and earn a profit.

Being a new concept, the skilled professionals in the market are comparatively low. With numerous on the job and off the job training options available, one can learn and easily start a digital marketing business. With the increased demand, setting up a digital marketing business is one of the most appropriate options.

5. Website Designing

starting web development and design business

Having a website is important to promote business. Website designing is a business idea that needs basic infrastructure like a laptop, internet, and knowledge of websites. With various plugins and templates available, designing a website is simple. Still, the knowledge of domains and certificates is essential for smooth hosting.

A need of the hour, the number of people demanding the website designing service are quite high, and thus the potential to earn well is also positive. It is important to create simple, user-friendly, and interactive website designs.

6. Mobile Application Development

Start Mobile App Development Business

The handy mobile applications have changed the way of working. The understanding of android coding and knowledge of designing the app is the basic requirement. With numerous online courses that teach to design a mobile application, the scope is high in the field.

A small business idea that requires no additional cost of investment can be started as a freelance service; this idea is lucrative. Even designing games and adding them to playstore can also open the doors, as if a game hits good and is bought by some good platform, you can earn revenue by selling.

7. Tiffin Center

Start a Tiffin Centre

Especially in the big urban cities, this is one of the most profitable business ideas. If you are good at cooking and can prepare meals for a few people, say ten on the minimum side, you can easily start tiffin center.

Mostly demanded by students residing in hostels or working away from home, this service earns good with low investment business plan. Tying up with hostels or offices nearby can prove to be profitable.

The only need is to prepare delicious and quality meals to attract more customers and eventually expand the services. Once you expand, the profit will be really high. This is the best business idea in India for cities which welcome students for college or job seekers for opportunities.

8. Customized Artistic Gifts

Start Customized Gifts Business

Are you good at art? If so, this is an ideal option for you. The demand for personalized cards, cushions, photo frames, mugs, paintings, mandala designs, dreamcatchers, and various others is increasing at a great pace.

With the little help of technology and the use of creative skills, one can design various products. For initials, the customized artistic decor at home can be considered to start an Instagram page, and orders can be invited. A really low investment business plan, this will be fun and being an idea that puts thought into gifting, this is one of best business ideas in India.

9. Professional Photography

start photography business step by step

If you are good at taking photographs and owning a good quality DSLR, this option suits you. With the increasing trend of clicking photos of every small occasion, high-quality photographers’ demand is also increasing rapidly. Using new ideas, props, and shooting product folios can share some good photographs to be published in print or online media.

The best way to grab attention is to create a portfolio and publish it on social media so that potential customers can have a look, and this way, you can connect with them to get new deals. and know step by step guide to starting a photography business.

10. Mobile Phone Repairs and Accessories

start mobile phone repair business

The number of mobile phone users is increasing at a rapid rate. With the increase in the number of users, the demand for accessories and repair facilities is also rising. At the same time, the need for a repair or accessory center nearby is seen widespread.

Opening a mobile repair and accessories business is beat as this includes low investment and a larger customer base. Adding customization to the accessories like personalized back covers will be a unique selling point.

11. Consultant

Consultancy Services

If you are good at something, you can use your skill to guide others. Being a consultant, you can offer your services by helping others and offering useful insights. A website consultant, finance consultant, media consultant, or fitness consultant can choose a few options.

Make sure to select the consulting niche that you have in-depth knowledge about. It will make sure that the consulting you offer is superior and more appropriate and will offer you the opportunity to expand as well. This is one of the best business idea in India as people prefer to seek expert guidance for various aspects especially finance.

12. Daycare Center

How to start daycare business

Another good business idea for women. As various families today are indulged in coworking, and both parents are busy throughout the day, the daycare center’s service can be really helpful. It is a business option that will need the recruitment of one or two reliable staff, especially females.

With the investment in a few toys, cribs, and mattresses, one can start the daycare center. The most important factor to keep in mind while starting a daycare center is to ensure kids’ safety and security.

13. Graphic Designing

start graphic design business
9 Steps to start graphic design business

Designing attractive flyers, visiting cards, banners, or even book covers seems easy but is not one. If you are aware of the graphic designing tools and can create attractive graphics, then you can sell by earning them.

Make a good amount of profit by designing a graphic page or even a meme page as this will attract potent customers. These are not only these, but the demand for virtual invitation cards and greeting cards is also increasing, which is a good opportunity. and for beginners learn what things to consider for startup a graphic designing business.

14. Bake At Home

start a bakery business from home

It is turning to be a trend. All love homemade chocolates, cakes, and cookies. While people love testing cakes prepared with proper hygiene and love, baking at home is a concept to start with easily. This is the best investment idea in India for women who are good at baking and are looking to start some small business with low investment from home.

If you are good at baking, you can start promoting your bakes with social media help and can offer your services for orders. It can eventually turn out to be a profitable business idea and healthy too. Ensure to promote homemade cakes with a unique proposition to invite new clients.

15. Recruitment Services

Recruitment Business

Businesses need manpower to get things done. At the same time, searching for a potent employee that can fill the vacant space in the organization is hard. Working as the freelance HR recruiter who searches for potential candidates from various job portals is the basic work here.

The usual income-earning pattern in such a business is commission-based, which is related to offering payment against every individual confirming to join. Eventually, this can be expanded as a full-fledged office too, and the need to recruit staff under will be seen quite important.

16. Youtube Channel

youtube video channel business plan

It is the most common small business idea. The idea behind this is to create a Youtube channel and upload the videos based on a particular niche. As the number of viewers increases, the channel moves to earn badges that allow monetization.

A good platform for those with cooking, teaching, dancing, and even comedy shows that youtube channels act as the base to polish the skills and earn through the digitization channel. Another important point is to focus on collaborations, and sponsored content as this will increase visits.

17. Stationery Supply

Stationery Items

Every educational institution around you needs the supply of stationery. Even the students that stay in the locality need a regular supply of stationery. Starting a stationery supply service like offering customized letterheads, rubber stamps, and various school and office use materials can serve the purpose.

It will demand a little investment and a few contacts to get the supply of the material. Still, with time one can expand and include various other stationery related products too. Building contracts can be beneficial in this aspect.

18. Event Planner

event planning business ideas

Do you love partying? If so, then planning the parties is perfect for you. Planning small to large parties from birthdays to marriages is quite a tedious task. From the decoration, invitation, to catering, everything needs to be planned smoothly. It also includes planning corporate events as well.

The party decoration services include services starting from deciding the venue, decoration, catering, sitting arrangement, and events during the party. The basic investment is very low as this needs only investment for the presentation of services.

19. Social Media Manager

how to become social media manager in india

The business uses social media to promote their services and products. It is important to create engaging media and handle the posts in the most efficient manner. Timely and continuous updates of the social platforms and the use of relevant hashtags increase the potential customer base.

A social media manager should be aware of writing skills and how various social media platforms operate. It will ensure that the information is offered to customers most creatively.

20. Online Tutoring

start online tutoring business

In times like that of COVID-19, the demand for online tutoring has increased. It is one business idea that demands only a laptop and a good internet connection; the rest of the content is based on the topic and intellect.

Although being a new concept, this is gaining a great place. People are now more inclined towards learning English, various subjects, and others, making it one of the best business ideas in India.

Using online portals like Skype or joining various online tutoring portals like Chegg, UrbanPro can offer the opportunity to connect with potential students globally. It helps to impart knowledge and, at the same time, polish the skills of the individual as well. and if you’re a beginner learn how you can start online tutoring business.

21. Content Writing

how to start content writing business in india

A skilled person in writing about various niches and topics can offer a content writer’s service. Here, the idea is to write the complex content in the most simple and attractive terms to welcome readers.

While the content writing can be for magazines, newspapers, or any online portal, one can also offer the service as the Ghostwriter that offers better income and is profitable. In terms of investment, this business idea is one that comes with no monetary investment.

22. Course Designing

start your own business course online

While various platforms offer online learning opportunities, platforms like Udemy offer the chance to create an online course to help others learn. With this, one can design the entire course and make it live at a nominal fee.

The opportunity to design the course is one of the most lucrative business opportunities. It will be a lifetime opportunity and will offer you the flow of fees as and when somebody plans to subscribe to the course you have designed.

23. Cooking Classes

Start Cooking Classes Business At Home

People love to cook new delicacies. In fact, with the changing pace of time, various people wish to learn basic cooking skills. One can easily set up the cooking class, but this business will demand investment inductions and utensils. India is a blend of various tastes and so cooking classes that help learn regional delicacies offer the best business plan in India.

Dividing the cooking class to entry-level, intermediate, and advanced, and selecting a particular range of delicacies to teach is beneficial. This business plan is a highly profitable business idea for housewives who are good at cooking, which will act as a continuous source of income.

24. Editing and Proofreading

startup proofreading business in india

Various companies demand the service of the editor or proofreaders for their articles and content. The basic necessity of the business to have proficient knowledge of English and grammar. It is important to have knowledge of grammar and an eye to catch mistakes.

One can search for the opportunity online on various freelancing portals. Although this might not be continuous work in that respect, one can connect with businesses to get a regular flow of work. It is quite a good opportunity to earn a profit.

25. Reseller

start reselling business in india

Not to be confused with dropshipping, this business idea is entirely different. It includes buying the products from the seller at a low cost and then reselling it to potential customers after adding the profit. It includes managing stock and hence is a comparatively expensive business.

Although, the same can be started with the least investment, and as the business picks up the pace, more stock can be ordered. It is a good business idea to start with low investment and from home.

26. Translation Services

start translation business in india

The demand for translation services is increasing. It can be a translation of a book from English to Hindi or vice-versa. Additionally, there is a demand for the translation to various local and foreign languages as well. The basic need here is to have knowledge of languages to ensure smooth and meaningful translation.

Again, this is a business idea that demands low investment but demands high command over the language to ensure that the meaning of the sentence is not changed while translating. A good option to earn more profit, this business idea is one good option.

27. Transcription Services

transcription business in india

A comparatively less-heard service that needs good listening skills. It is the work that requires converting the audio or video content into a contextual format. These services are required in various languages, and it is important to have a good vocabulary.

In the initial, one can start by registering on sites offering transcription services to get the clients. Later on, the business can be expanded easily by getting the continuous flow of work, the client base maintained, and referrals. It will help to earn more profit.

28. Caregiver Services

start a caregiver business

The senior citizens or the people admitted to the hospital, or even an ill person at home, sometimes need the services of the caregiver. It includes taking care of the person and his daily needs to ensure no harm or problem.

This business is gaining momentum in India at a great pace, but the basic demand of business is to have patience and a happy attitude. While the manpower in this segment is low, still the opportunity is high. One can start this business, be registered in a simple manner, and can help earn a good return and even happiness.

29. Babysitting

babysitting business plan in india

Do you love kids? If yes, babysitting is a good business option that you can go for. Taking care of the baby at home while the parents are out to work is the basic idea. However, this will need quite a good amount of diligence and care so as to avoid any kind of negative impact on the kid.

While starting this business, if you plan to recruit someone, make sure to go for a depth background check for security purposes. The investment in such a business is low, but this will take time to pace up since it includes quite a delicate service.

30. Travel Planning Services

how to start travel planning business

This service segment demands tie-up with various travel agencies’ rights from the transport to the accommodation. While this is lucrative, but it is a business that needs one to have knowledge of various travel locations and related conditions of traveling to different places.

A blog added to travel planning sites that offer local sightseeing will attract customers to avail of your service. One can also collaborate with various agents and earn a commission on every ticket or reservation you make Read More

31. Pet Care Facility

how to start a pet care business in india

Having a pet at home is amazing but taking care of their fur, nails, and supplement needs is a bit hectic. At the same time, it is hard to trim the long shabby hairs and pointed nails of the pets. The pet care facility offers expert services to help pet owners with the upkeep of pets.

Additionally, some pet care facilities extend to offering the stay facilities for pets while the owners travel for business. While the business idea can generate high profits and need low investment, it is simultaneously important to know about the process of handling pets.

32. Make the Pickle

how to start a pickle business in india
how to start a pickle business in india

The people are getting more inclined towards purchasing homemade pickles and jams. Being more inclined towards better health and hygiene, many people now prefer to taste homemade jams and pickles. As people love to have a side taste with their meal, this is the best business idea in India to start at low scale.

The basic need here is to add a unique taste to your jam and make sure to offer better quality. Although there are many players in the market, the taste of homemade jam and pickle is uncanny. The investment is low, and by connecting with local shops, you can sell your product on their counters to earn better.

33. Makeup Artist

how to start makeup artist business in india

Are you good at doing makeup? If so, this is your chance to shine as a makeup artist. Be it the bridal makeup or an artistic one, the market for both is large and wide. Starting an Instagram page and uploading reels of your makeup artist to make people go wonder.

Starting this as the business, you can welcome the potential customers who are looking for the glam look for the party or a grand evening. The investment in this is comparatively low, but the returns you can expect in terms of profit are high.

34. Customer Care Service

Start Customer Support Service in India

Rather than say the business to support the big giants, this business plan needs a bit of investment and manpower to some extent, unless you plan to serve as an individual. The idea is to serve as the online chat support or call support executive to solve customer queries on portals like Amazon, Flipkart, and others.

It is a profitable business idea that needs investment and a particular time frame of 7-10 hours on a daily basis and a perfect return. While you expand and collaborate with other such online portals, the profit earning will also increase. India is a hub for customer care services, making it one of the best business ideas in India to start with.

35. Boutique or Garment Store

Garment Business

Are you good at designing vibrant clothes? If so, then opening a boutique can be a good business plan. For starters, you can open a garment store and can offer customization or designing services additionally.

It is a good business plan with high profit. It will allow you to earn more profit when you offer the customized and exclusive dressers that suit the needs of the buyers. Make your designs beautiful and elegant to catch the attention of potential customers.

36. Resume or Portfolio Builder

customer support business plan in india

Having a professionally built resume or portfolio is important to get the job you desire. A smooth flow of content that describes the person’s details and offers uncanny insight about the talents and skills constitutes a perfectly designed resume. Also, a cover letter, quite professionally designed, is needed to give a better first impression.

While we talk about the portfolio, one can over the service of building the marriage proposal at the same time. Explaining oneself in the most appropriate and fancy terms is important for a catchy portfolio.

37. T-shirt Printing Business

how to start t shirt printing business in india

Well, this business option can be undertaken in two ways. The first is to buy the raw stock and machinery, print the t-shirts, and sell it with the help of own website or by listing on other e-commerce portals.

The second option is registering yourself to various sites offering the opportunity to design the t-shirts virtually. In this, when the order will be received, the e-commerce portal will print and deliver the t-shirt, while the income as per agreement will be transferred to your account, in either. The profit is good.

38. Fitness Trainer

how to start my own personal training business

Be it yoga or Zumba, people prefer to have a fitness trainer’s guidance to have the perfect workout session. While one needs to be a certified trainer, but once you get this, starting the trainer work is easy. Being a yoga trainer serves to be one of the best business ideas in India.

Be it online or offline; one can include multiple trainees in the session. As far as investment is considered, you just need to have a studio or open space, and sometimes even a public park works the charm. With increasing fitness consciousness, the demand for trainers is also rising.

39. Natural Skin Remedies

how to start a natural skin care business in india

All love to take care of their body, and for glowing and shining skin, everyone prefers to go for natural and homemade skincare remedies. The services in the beauty regime demand investment and understanding of various herbal and natural ingredients.

Quite a profitable business idea, this is gaining appreciation and market as people move towards chemical-free skincare. Although these products are costly, the demand for them in the market is high, leading to better profits.

40. Homemade Soaps

how to start handmade soap business in india

Gifting homemade and fragranced soaps is a good idea. It is really a business idea that can be easily started in the backyard with some molds and simple soap making kits. The raw materials are easily available in the market at quite a low cost.

The handmade soaps can be easily sold online, and since they include ingredients that are free from chemicals, they are getting more preference. A perfect gifting option, these offer a great profit margin and expansion opportunity.

41. 3D Printing

3D Printing Business

It is immensely gaining popularity in India. A beautiful concept allows you to print 3D models of anything right from your face to home; this is a business idea that will instantly gain the audience.

The investment in the idea is comparatively high as it links to machinery and raw material. Advanced level printing is not only used for aesthetics but is also widely used in the medical field, offering a wider scope. The profit to earn from this business is unbelievable.

42. Virtual assistant

how to start virtual assistant business in india

This as a business plan is a breakthrough in the digital front. While the large business appoints the assistants to schedule meetings and take care of the day-in and day-out activities, the same is not possible for small and virtual businesses.

In such a scenario, the option to appoint virtual assistants that can handle the daily office works and smoothen the business is helpful. You would need a laptop, phone line, internet connection, and a good professional website for starters.

43. Tour Planners or Tour Guides

how to start a tour and travel business in india

Are you one who loves traveling or touring? If so, this business idea will allow you to travel and explore beautiful places and guide the visitors. Additionally, walk tours are gaining global recognition as they are eco-friendly. So, this business idea is perfect with low investment.

The business’s basic need is to have a website, a ready flyer explaining the sites to visit, and charges. It should also mention the time and attractions in the city. A beautiful business plan will bring you closer to your city’s history and help you earn well.

44. Mask Making

how to start mask making business in india

This business idea might sound a bit off track, but trust us, this is one of the finest ideas. With the increasing pollution and the COVID19, the demand for protective masks increases at a great pace. At the same time, people are looking for a variety of masks that are not only protective but smart and comfortable.

With a little knowledge of making the mask, material required, and machinery needed, one can easily start the mask-making business and earn quite a good amount of profit in no time. A business that is the need of the hour is a good idea to start with.

45. Candle Making

candle making business in india

The creativity and the fragrance of the candles allow adding an amazing tint of light to your home. Mixing the oils to the wax and molding them to candles of different shapes, sizes, and colors, creative candles are in demand globally.

Being in demand for the purpose of meditation and relaxation, the candles have an overall market. The business’s investment is low, and the profit that can be earned from the business is high.

46. Agarbatti/ Incense Stick Making

how to start agarbatti business

It is a very profitable business in India both from the point of view of relaxation and religion. The incense sticks that are made with simple hand-operated machines and in various fragrances offer various purposes. This is the best business idea in India as being a religious and highly culturally diverse country, the number of people offering incense sticks to lord are quite a lot.

The investment in the agarbatti making business is low, but the profit that can be earned with them is really good. Focusing on various fragrances of incense sticks, one can promote them based on their usage and suitability.

47. Home Decor Idea

Home Decor Retail Business

Do you love decorating your home and its interiors? If so, then start a business and help others plan and decorate their home. Offering the blueprint of a computerized simulation of the interior decoration, one needs to have a laptop’s smooth support.

This business needs knowledge of the color combination and various home decor items that can be used. A comparatively low investment business idea, the major investment is the skills and understanding of various decoration ideas.

48. Catering Business

Catering Business

If you love cooking and serving your cooked delicacies to people, then starting a catering business is a good plan. Entirely different from tiffin center, this focuses on serving a completely delicious meal at parties and events.

It is a business idea that demands investment and a team as well. Although the investment is comparatively high, the profit that can be earned from this is good. For a regular inflow of orders and booking, consistency in taste and quality needs to be maintained.

49. Handicraft

how to start handicraft business from home

Handicraft, a local art made with diligence and high precision, is an expanding business in various parts of the world. But with the growing concept of ecotourism, people are now more inclined towards buying handicraft and local products rather than mechanized products.

If you are highly skilled at some traditional art and handicraft, then this is the best business idea in India to start with especially by selling on sites like Etsy.

The investment in handicrafts is low, and so is the potential cost of the finished good. But with the increasing market, the demand for handicrafts is always high, and so, using them as home decor is really a fabulous idea and a profitable business in India.

50. Cloud Kitchen or Cafe

cloud kitchen business in india

A prototype of a kitchen, this demands less space and investment. The idea behind the concept is to develop a cafe where people can make orders for home delivery or takeaway. With the tie-up option with various platforms like Swiggy, Uber Eats, Zomato, Foodpanda, and various others, delivering food from your cloud cafe to customers is easy.

This business idea is more profitable than planning a normal cafe because the maintenance and staff need is low. Just you and two more people can easily manage a cloud kitchen, and with no dining-in facilities, the profit will be better. This is considered to be one of the best business ideas in India currently, as it allows people to eat outside food at the comfort of home.

Final Verdict

Starting a business is about making ideas happen. While there are plenty of business opportunities to take up, the most important part is to compare and contrast all the options available. In India, the opportunities to take up the business are many and with the availability of the skilled resources, running business in India is rather simple.

Selecting a business option that matches the skills and allows you to earn the better returns is more profitable. Apart, various other business ideas like farming, voice-over, assignment writing, and others can be adopted, but knowing the basic requirements is essential.

While there are many business plans, the best business plan in India will differ from person to person and region to region. Make sure to learn about the licensing and legal requirements of any kind of certificate required to start the business.

If required, one can opt for loans and subsidies as well to start a business, but a thorough inspection of the investment and returns is important. Live your dream of being an entrepreneur with the help of amazing business ideas in India before you.

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