How To Start Mobile App Development Business

Mobile applications have taken an edge and a high leap in recent years. Almost everything offline or in the website format is now available for iOS and Android mobiles. The most comfortable and handy way to search, explore, and even read, mobile applications greatly impact the world of digitization.

The demand for mobile applications is ever-increasing, and the market for developers is wide. Think of the applications like Angrybird, Pokemon Go, GooglePay, Bhim, Myntra, Amazon, and various others. All have witnessed a record-break download, and with a smooth interface, they are surely appreciated by users worldwide.

The knowledge of domain, templates, platforms and design are basic needs while designing a mobile application. A few steps that will help you set up your mobile application designing business are discussed here.

Steps To Start Mobile Application Designing Business

While you plan to start the business as a mobile developer, it is important to generate an idea and a portfolio before acquiring clients. While you plan to establish your mobile application designing business, the steps that need to be followed are: 

Basic Parameters and Investment in Mobile App Development Business

Main Resources NeededLaptop, internet connection, app development software, team, upskilling classes, access to latest code sources, licensing
Resource Investment – FixedINR 30000 to INR 50000
Resource Investment – Running PMINR 15000 to INR 75000
Expected Projects To Handle3 to 5 per month
Average Earnings PM5 * 18000 = INR 90000
Average ProfitINR 50000 to INR 350000 PM

1. Generate An idea

The idea is where entrepreneurship starts. Coming up with a unique application idea that is both useful and catchy is the first need. While you plan to start the business, it is advisable first to develop an application of your own to launch and use it as your business identity card.

Explore your idea on aspects like the problem it solves, the target audience it caters to, and the unique selling point it carries. It will help you to create a blueprint of the application facilitating the application development.

2. Quick Market Research

It would be incorrect to say that the idea is entirely different from the general applications. There are zillion applications on Play Store, and every other application has thousands of competitors. Market research will help you to analyze the profitability of your idea and USP. Also, examine the cost that is expected to be incurred in the whole process.

It will help you strategize the development of the application. Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses will offer an edge over the existing applications in the market. When doing the market research, pay attention to the design, scalability, marketing, value addition, and partner technology for better understanding.

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3. Choose The Platform

Once you have completed the market research, it’s time to select the platform for launching the application. Looking at the statistics of the past years, Google play store has been the undoubted pioneer. But at the same time, iOS platforms are better for monetization. So, developing both platforms can be lucrative.

4. Type of Application

Mobile applications are basically of three types. They are native, hybrid, or web apps and each carries many implications for later development and maintenance. Native involves quite a high amount of coding and programming, while web apps are more like websites. Hybrids are best and ideal for major choices of goals.

5. Develop Your Store ID

Once you have planned the basics, you must create the Apple ID and Play Store ID to launch the application once built. It will help you to track the progress and receive insights about the mobile application. While you create the ID, make sure to keep the name that will act as your business brand.

After developing your application directly you can submit your app on google play and the app store click on the link below.

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6. Design, Validate, and Analyse Prototype

Now, implement your idea and design the prototype application. Validate and test run the application to check for bugs or loopholes, if any. Analyze the current application functionalities and look for any changes that are required. Once ready, launch the same on AppStore. If the process seems complicated to you, some app development companies in Chicago will probably be of help to develop and publish the desired app.

7. Promote Application and Mobile Application Business

Once you have developed the application, it is time to promote the application. One can do it with the help of the social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Also, one can design a website or a blog to let people know about mobile application development. It will help you to promote your skills as well.

These are some best-paid advertisement platforms to promote your online cooking classes business from homeā€¦

Ads PlatformsWebsite URLs
Google Ads
Bing Ads
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Twitter Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Pinterest Ads

8. Plan Store Optimisation and Enhanced Security

Once the application catches pace, plan for its optimization and update it. Add some features that will offer monetization or welcome advertisers. Also, take time to enhance the security features timely to avoid any adverse effects on the users. Once you are through the deployment and development, you can easily search for new ideas or clients.

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9. Create Portfolio To Search Clients

Since you have an application running and social media platform for promotion, now you can move ahead to find clients. Develop your portfolio and showcase your achievements. Let people know about the skills you possess and welcome the projects that fit your skillset. One can try freelancing as well to build an even stronger folio.

Check out the link below to know how you can design the app portfolio for your clients.


10. Scale Up And Hire

Scale-up your business with the assistance of partner showcasing, online advancements, learning new things, and getting new customers. All the while, try to employ new partners to assist you with investigating and growing the business to new territories.

Final Verdict

Mobile application development is a business plan that can be started with low investment. With the basic knowledge of coding and an idea, one can start developing the application. Also, if you are one of those who lack knowledge about coding, then various platforms offer templates to build the applications.

Make sure to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the application you are planning to develop. It will offer you a greater reach and acceptability. Keep the interface simple and attractive for the users to gain the success that you need.

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