How to Start Tour and Travel Business in India

The launch of a travel business in India is currently a profitable decision for businesses. In terms of GDP contribution, the industry ranks 12th in the globe and is set to grow to an assessment of USD 418.9 trillion by 2022.

This offers businesses enormous chances to play on the market and to generate significant profits.

You have to do your study and know all you need to establish a trip plan business in India if you intend on the same thing.

Let us thus look at rules and regulations, taxes difficulties, company plans, publicity ideas, and future development potential for Tour planner business in India.

Steps To Start The Tour Planner Business In India

If you have made up your mind that now you want to start your Tour planner business in India then let us help you with the best tips:

Get it registered

There are numerous sorts of travel agency companies that may be registered. The easiest approach to get started is to register it as a company.

A private limited company might be better chosen for a larger firm because it is the country’s most generally known type of business.

This is particularly the case if you want to build up your company using internet media. It is crucial to remember, however, that Pvt. Ltd requires a minimum of 2 directors.

Set up a cost plan

The costs of establishing a firm in India for tourism planners may vary depending on your scale. If you want to function simply as a travel agency, the cost of installation just includes office costs and rental costs. Depending on your geography, this ranges from INR 50,000-1,00,000.

Goal and strategy

What are the key goals that your company intends to build on? And what tactics are you planning to achieve these goals? Do you want to offer outstanding customer support or develop a strong core team? You have to address these questions and more as you develop your company strategy.

Details of registration

The B-plan must contain information on the kind of business registration and information on founding members/directors.

Market segmentation

Use it in the segmentation of your consumers into appropriate profiles if you have any existing market data. This might include your age, background, previous purchase habits, locations, etc.


If you would want to go on the contemporary road and strive to grow technology solutions using them, mention them and the investment they will make.

Future projections

Include a thorough study of the future and the impact on your profitability. Mention the strategies for capturing the market and addressing the risks to the industry both present and future.

Scope and Future of Tour Planners in India

There might be around 40 to 50 lakhs of travel agents in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata, all combined.

If you provide trouble-free services with 95-100 percent satisfaction service, the services & services connected with associated advantages in the hospitality sector will attract more consumers to you.

With the end of lockdown, the people will love to move out of their homes and relax outdoors. This is going to bring a huge jump in the growth of the tourism industry.

Not only are Indian travellers looking for more uncommon and unexpected experiences, they become more autonomous and more attracted to a smooth and private trip planning process.

Referrals to the ‘template driven’ attempts to bundle the sales of airlines, hotels and other travel providers were increasingly openly requesting a variance.

Also they require greater control over travel preparation and consumption: to check in, to get your luggage tags printed, to buy additional baggage allowance, and to buy other services that you may choose before your journey.

What is the amount of investment required for tour planning business?

You will have to pay some franchise charges for enterprises such as Cox and Kings, Thomas cook, Come and travel. In some places 5-10 Lakhs Rs is a franchise cost.

In this tour and travel business in India, operating expenditures such as cost of personnel, energy as well as cost of furniture, systems must be incurred.

You must be quite certain on the company configuration you intend to follow before establishing a business tour and travel firm.

Pvt Limited provides scalability while ownership might give increased control and less company compliance.


This was a quick guide to help you understand everything about Tour planner business in India. If you have made up your mind to enter in the industry then this is going to be the best choice.

Travellers are waiting for the lockdown to get over and this will surely give a boost to your business.

Travel is one of a person’s most aspiring things. We now live in a world with significant work-related stress.

All desire some personal time and the journey is one of the best stressful people out there. Millions of people in the tourism and travel industries will work in India for at least 10 years with a 10% increase in CAGR predicted.

For the first time in India, it is a highly lucrative business.

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