Top 11 Small Business ideas in Chennai with Low Investment

Have you ever heard about the Bay of Bengal? Chennai is a city which is situated on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal on the south side of India. It comes under the state of Tamil Nadu, and the population rate of Chennai is too high. Chennai is also known as the gateway of South India.

small business ideas in chennai

The tourist rate in Chennai is very high. Chennai also got the title of India’s health capital and got the label of the best city in India in 2014. The city of Chennai is primarily an industrial area, with a lot of information technology companies, and loan companies. if you want to start a business here then check out the below-the-business ideas for Chennai.

Here is The List of Top 11 Small Business Ideas In Chennai

1. Helmet Selling Business

Helmet selling business

The pollution rate of the city Chennai is high as well as the accidental rate is also high in Chennai. So if you are thinking of starting a business with Low capital in Chennai, a helmet selling shop can be a good option.

As the sale of automobiles has increased it also increased the rate of helmets. The government has also made the use of helmets mandatory.  The helmet is a safety measure that is used by people to save their lives and save their money too from paying challans.

These helmets can be sold from anywhere if you can’t afford a big showroom. You can start this business on a small scale with low investment. There are a lot of varieties in helmets as well as a margin of earning. So this can be a kick start for your business which can let you earn handsome money. The competition rate of this business is also low.

2. Flower selling business

Floating Flower Business

Of course, the ladies of Tamil Nadu Chennai love to wear flowers on their heads like jewelry. In Indian words, this follower hair decoration jewelry is known as gajra. If you want to start a low budget business in Chennai so flower selling business will work. And will give you good output.

You can purchase or take some land and start growing flowers on them. The flowers like lantana, peace Lily, rose, gerbera, jasmine, orchid and many more are in demand in Chennai.

For starting this business if one has their land so the capital amount is around 50 thousand to 1 lakh. Or if you don’t have your land you can do this business with the investment amount of 5-10 lakh as in which you have to buy your land.

3. Fish Selling Business

Fish Farming

If you are from Chennai and looking for a business idea with a good investment and good income. You can start selling fish and earn money. Chennai covers a lot of water, rivers, lakes, and beaches nearby it. The famous rivers of Chennai are the Cooum river, Adyar river, kortalaiyar and this river drains into the Bay of Bengal. Although for starting this business you should have a fish selling certification and you have to enroll for that. You also have to submit your identity proof and residential proof of Chennai.

4. Coffee Selling Business

Coffee Shops

Coffee has become the most demanding beverage among the generation. As the benefits of taking coffee are high and it helps the people at work as it helps them to keep awake.

The business is risk-free. Start with less effort. Always in demand. And contains various benefits. And coffee has become the demand of many.

Along with these are various options in coffee. So starting a coffee business with a twist will help you to earn well. The business needs low investment and a place where you can set up your coffee shop and a helper to serve.

5. Cold Beverage Shop

Food & Beverages

The temperature of Chennai is high as the heat directly comes there. The end of the May month and early June are known as Agni nakshatram (fire star) in easy language. The temperature of Chennai goes to 35-40° C and the highest is 45° C  So these days people are always in need of cold beverages so that they can make them feel cool and keep their bodies calm.

The most demanded beverages of Chennai are badam milk, chaas, neer moru (buttermilk) (elaneer) coconut water, jigarthanda, paneer soda, rose milk, filter coffee. These beverages can help the people to stay cool and your shop will work well as this is the basic need of the people of Chennai who work outside of their houses in sun exposure.

These businesses don’t need a lot of effort and mental pressure.

6. Sweets from coconut

Coconut Business

As the production of fruit coconut is very large in Chennai. There are a lot of coconuts in Chennai. The main occupation of Chennai people is to import and export coconut all over the country.

So if you belong to Chennai and looking for a start-up business at a low price in Chennai, starting a sweet shop with coconut sweet can be a good start for your sweet business. You can make nariyal laddu, nariyal barfi, nariyal halwa and many more.

The good thing about this business start-up is that it can be started with a low investment of 50k to 1 lakh or if you start on a rented shop then it can be up to 5 lakh and can be started from home also. You just need a place where you can make these sweets, a helper who can help you in making them and a place to sell them.

7. Pencil Making Business

Pencil making business

The plantation ratio of Chennai is very high because of the production of sandalwoods, coconut, pungan, malai vembu, vagal, and many more. Which can help you in making pencils.

The outer layer of the pencil is made from wood and graphite, you can find cedar wood there for making a good quality pencil.

This is a medium scale business it only needs a low investment amount to start the business. The literacy rate of Chennai is high so the business will work in Chennai and you can export it to other cities also.

8. Laptop shop

Laptop shop

Hi-tech city Chennai. Or you can say people of Chennai are mostly literate as the literacy rate of Chennai and it comes to the best literacy rate of 10 urban areas of India. Chennai is mostly the IT area so the need for a laptop is a must there. And the ratio of laptops is high in Chennai.

Technology helps to make the person productive so people are always in need of them. And technology never gets older and out of demand and it improves itself as per the time with its latest version.

So if you are thinking of starting a business in Chennai, a laptop shop would be a good option for you.

9. Import-Export Business

Import-export port export business

As the production rate of coconut is high in areas like Tamil Nadu or Andhra Pradesh. Chennai is in Tamil Nadu. So if you are thinking of starting a business in Chennai you can purchase a plot or take a plot on rent and start the plantation of coconut. You can start your export business of coconut with a little bit of research or in touch with the market. Although it is necessary to be active in this business every time.

The demand for coconut is very high nowadays as it contains various benefits which keep the human body healthy.

10. Rental Bike Services

Rental bike services

As Chennai is situated nearby oceans and water such as Marina, ECR beach, Akkarai beach, neelankarai beach,  and a lot of beaches there. People love to go to these kinds of places with bikes or mopeds so that they can take complete advantage and collect memories related to that place. Roaming the city with a bike and moped can take you close to it. By roaming with these you can see things more clearly and can know about them.

So for starting a rental bike service business you should have a good capital around 5 to 8 lakh so that you can purchase at least 10-15 moped or bikes and can rent them to the tourist and the local people and you can earn a handsome amount from it.

11. Water Boat Services

Business with a piece of good knowledge and a good investment always gives you good output. If you want to start a business with a high investment in Chennai you can start water boat services. Although this service needs a lot of permission and jack to start. The person has to suffer a lot before starting it although once it starts the overflowing of money will not stop.

  • You have to take permission from the state to start it
  • Permission from other competent authorities
  • Ownership certification
  • Registration certification
  • And a fishing license

The service of boat starting needs the connection of the owner with the fishing.

Final words

These are some businesses you can start in Chennai. As I mentioned earlier, Chennai is an industrial area. You can start your factory there if you have good capital to invest.

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