21 Best Business Ideas You Can Start Right Now in Goa

A holiday destination with a lot to explore and to exhilarate your mind, Goa is all about refreshment. People from all over the world come to enjoy and make their vacation memorable. A one-stop centre for all the youth for their vacations, because of its beauty of nature, beaches, clubs, nightlife, casinos, church and a lot to see and to make you chill.

Most of the travellers travel to goa for vacations, honeymoon, clubbing with friends or to live nightlife with their friends.

Although Goa earns a lot from the travellers and taxes received by them. People don’t look a lot for budget at the time of exploring Goa as this time they only look for peace and chill.

Let’s explore the business Ideas, which can give you good output and income source.

Here is The List of 21 Best Business ideas in GOA

1. Chocolate Making

Chocolate Making

People love to have chocolate and beverages, pastry, and cakes made from chocolate, mostly the young ones. So you can start a chocolate-making business in Goa so that you can earn a handsome amount by selling it.

2. Rent Out Your Flat

Rent Out Your Flat

If you have your property in Goa with no use. You can rent it to visitors for earning. As people find home comfortable outside the home, these flats can give them home comfort and you can earn some extra money with it.

3. Egg Selling

The egg has become the most demanding breakfast, and in Goa the demand for seafood, non-veg and egg food is high. So you can start a business selling eggs and a cafe or street food stall of egg dishes.

4. Dish with Fish

Dish with Fish

The government of Goa promotes the business of fish farming, and Goa is also famous for seafood. You can start your stall, shop or truck of fish dishes and you can also start a cloud hotel of fish food.

5. Desserts and Candy Business

Desserts and Candy Business

Starting is an easy and profitable business which one that easily starts. You can sell a lot of sweet eating stuff into it. One can also attract tourists by selling cute attractive candies in the store.

6. Photography

People usually went to Goa for vacation, travel, honeymoon, and to chill. So if you own a camera and have good photography skills, you can start the business of photography of tourists on the beach and other places.

7. Sandstone and Seashell Jewellery

Sandstone and Seashell Jewellery

Goa is located near the Malabar coast, so you can get seashells from the coast, and the beaches, and can make the traditional jewellery of Goa which is made from seashells and sandstones and can sell them to the tourist and earn a handsome amount.

8. Seashell Handicrafts

Seashell Handicrafts

Like seashell Jewellery, seashell handicrafts are also very famous. And in demand of tourists. So you can start making handicrafts from seashells and sell them to people, they can buy them as a memory of Goa or for decorating their houses.

9. Spices of Goa

Business of spices

The location of Goa is near the Malabar Coast. And the local people of Goa are engaged in agriculture production so they grow spices with a lot of amazing tastes like the production of cardamom, Triphala, nutmeg, clove, black paper and many more.

10. Sunscreen Cream Shop

Sunscreen Cream Shop

Goa is too hot in the middle of the day but can be a cool party place at night. The temperature of Goa reaches around 35-36° C in the summers and in the winter times the temperature is also not so down.

People love to Go to Goa but are scared of the tanning they get while chilling near the beach, swimming on the beach and so on.

So you can start a suns scream shop near the beach of goa, and earn a good amount and can help the people from tanning.

11. Rent Your Vehicle

Rent Your Vehicle

People prefer scooters and mopeds when checking out a place that they want to explore. So most of the people who want to explore Goa, choose to hire a moped for rent.

Medium-scale business.

12.  Cashew Nut Exporting Business

Cashew Nut Processing Business

The state of Goa is famous for the production of cashews. For natural or for the use of production of feni. You can get the best cashew nuts in Goa.

13. Hat Production Business

Hat Production Business

As we discussed earlier, the weather in Goa is extremely hot and people can easily get tanning near the beach places. So you can start selling hats to the people so that they can do their safety from sun and tanning.

14. Swim Dress and Beachwear

Swim Dress and Beachwear

In Goa, the beach is the most important thing which the people want to go to while travelling to Goa. You can start a business of swim dress and beachwear, and earn a handsome amount by selling them.

15. Feni Making

Feni Making

The famous wine of Goa “Feni making” is made from locally grown coconuts and cashews.

The best part of this business is, this business is also supported by the Goa government, so one can easily start this business and earn a handsome amount by selling this wine locally or exporting it to the whole world.

16. Brewpub


Goa is all about cheap beer, wine and alcohol. If you are thinking of starting a business in Goa, keep in mind that the business should be attractive to the youth. As mostly the tourists of Goa are youths.

Starting a brewpub can be an attractive business as you can sell various flavours of beer in it and attract a good gathering of tourists.

17. Spa or Wellness Centre

Spa or Wellness Centre

As people choose travelling to goa for peace and chill. So the spa and wellness centre attracts tourists a lot.

You can hire a good massager with the knowledge of Ayurveda, to your spa centre and make people chill and relax.

18. Salt Making

Salt Making

The relationship between salt and Goa is very old. The Goa slat rock is well known to the whole world. You can also start a business making Salt in Goa and selling them in the market. You can also start selling and exporting into Go and all over India.

19. Crafts from Coconut

Crafts from Coconut

Every place is famous for its traditional craft, Goa is very famous for its traditional craft which is all made from bamboo and coconut shells. shell you know traditional Goa this business can be a profit-earning for you.

20. Cotton Traditional Saree

Cotton Traditional Saree

The people of Goa love to wear the Kubani saree, which is a traditional saree of Goans. You can start a business selling this textile or the saree all over Goa or export it all over India.

21. Rent or Own a Cruise

Rent or Own a Cruise

In goa, the most famous parties are cruise parties and it attracts a lot of gathering and people for it. The party animals are always crazy for cruise parties. So this can be a high-earning business for you with a good investment amount.

If you are thinking of starting this business, the investment amount is so high that you have to buy a cruise which can cost crores for you.

Final words

In the end, I would like to say that starting a business needs your efforts more than investment. So if you don’t have a high budget you can start your small-scale business by using the given ideas and earn a good output.

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