5 Event Planner Business Ideas In India One Must Look For

Every person’s life is full of experiences that they wish to commemorate or create.

Are you also planning to give your passion a vision but not sure where to start from?

The event planning company field may be for you if you like planning occasions, understand diverse personalities, and have a flair for creatively organizing a great event.

Event planning needs a lot of creativity and innovation; if you have the skills, you can surely bring out-of-the-box ideas and make your clients come to you again and again.

Let’s have a look at the 

most fantastic event planner business ideas in India we’ve gathered for you in this post. Some of them might be modest company ideas run from home, while others can be low-cost, high-profit ventures.

However, we can promise you that each of these business ideas is unique and will inspire you to pursue your dream of being an event and party planner!

1. Food Catering

Catering is one of the best event planner business ideas in India that may be run from home if food is your specialty.

You might establish a food catering business for local events and celebrations. Make delicacies that make people want to lick their fingers off their plates, and you’ll quickly become a well-known caterer in your region.

2. Cakes Bakery

Another small-scale business concept is to make some unique sweets for parties and special occasions. You can specialize in anything from cakes to biscuits to sweets.

Every gathering will need you if you can prepare some delectable sweets. Isn’t it true that no celebration is complete without dessert?

3. Make Party Baskets

Suppose you’re having trouble figuring out where, to begin with, event planning, start with gift baskets.

You may create a business as a gift basket provider who customizes gifts for specific occasions and only delivers high-quality items.

It’s a modest yet successful company concept that requires some inventory relationships and a creative imagination.

4. Be A Party Planner

Can you plan a party from start to finish? Are you a master planner? Do you enjoy seeing your ideas come to life?

A party planner is a position you might want to consider. You are in charge of developing and implementing event planning business plans.

The task may appear demanding, but if you love being on your toes, nothing beats it.

5. Cleaning Services

After a celebration, there must be someone to clean up. If that describes you, this might be a viable small business opportunity. If cleaning is your passion, you and a few friends may rent a few pieces of equipment and start your business. 

What are the things to keep in mind when starting an event planner business in India?

Are you planning to start your own event planning business?

Let us move on and understand some important points to follow for the same:

1. It involves low costs

If you have a laptop, internet access, and a cell phone, you can work from nearly anyplace. Your personality and event management abilities are the essential factors.

Working from home reduces expenses since hiring office space may be a significant outlay for a new business, and you may not want to be locked into a long-term lease right away.

2. Follow discipline

You shouldn’t be any less disciplined just because you’re working from home.

Even though they are not working fixed office hours, some people nevertheless dress as if they are heading to an office every day.

I don’t necessarily agree with this in a creative profession like the event industry — it makes sense for me to dress more casually at the office on non-client-facing days – but do what works for you.

3. Be flexible

Working from home has a number of advantages, one of which is increased productivity.

As event deadlines approach, event planners’ hours might get lengthy, so it’s nice to feel comfortable in your own home and be able to work as long as you need to.

Similarly, being able to conduct international conference calls across time zones from the comfort of your home office is advantageous.

4. Design your workspace

Create a dedicated work area by setting up a particular workplace. Instead of being reminded by the mountains of papers on your desk and hearing the phone ring after hours, have a room that you can lock the door on at the end of the day!

You may customize the area to suit your working style. Perhaps you’d like to work in a room with a view, or perhaps gazing at a brick wall will help you concentrate better.

Consider what office furniture you’ll need, such as a desk, chair, phone, answering machine, shelves/filing cabinet, and so on.

Wrap up

Perhaps you’re presently working but want to try your hand at developing your own customer base and organizing events for others.

You might be one of the growing numbers of 5 to 9 entrepreneurs – people who work evenings and weekends to start their own business.

Here were some ideas that can help you in settling your empire.

We hope that you like them. These Event planner business ideas in India do not require much investment and can be enjoyed to the core.

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