How To Start Milk Business in India: Brief Guide

Milk business is also a profitable business only if you are starting the business at the right place with the right strategies. Want to start the milk business? Here we will guide you step by step on how you can start a milk business with some powerful strategies.

How To Start Milk Business in India

I’m very sure you know that in many places it is hard to get pure milk because there are no sources of pure milk. The demand for pure milk is very high because of the benefits pure milk gives any pocket milk can not give. Hope you understood what type of business you have to start, read the rest article for complete knowledge.

In the milk business, you need a lot of investment and men power if you want to get a huge profit. Not everyone has a lot of money that’s why we also have a solution where you don’t have to invest a lot of money but it also depends on your luck. Below we will guide you on how to start a milk business with low investment.

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Why Start Milk Business?

Most of the people who want to start a business are looking for quick profits and start a business with very low investment. There are many business ideas where the probability of getting profit in low time is very high like starting a gym business, starting a nursery business, etc.

Note: There are a few reasons to start a milk business and we strongly recommend you do not start any business just by checking its profit, investment, etc.

  • High probability of succeeding in the business.
  • Profit can be seen in a few weeks.
  • The demand for pure milk is very high.
  • Make other products of milk and sell.

Start Milk Business

Everyone knows the milk business is a very profitable business and the return on the business can be seen in a few weeks if you are going to start the milk business with complete knowledge and strategy. The main barrier in the business is a lot of investment and where and how to sell the milk without hard work.

We know a lot of people struggle with money but don’t worry we will discuss below in detail how to start a milk business with very low investment and where to sell milk at a good price in a few hours.

Investment Need to start the Business

There are two types of people that are who have huge money to start a business and who have limited money. Don’t worry I have a strategy to start the business even if you don’t have money to start the business it means you need Rs. 5000 – 10,000 only.

Hope you understand that you need milk to start the business. In the below section, we explained how to get milk. Later, we will also explain where to sell the milk and other ways to get profit from the milk.

Start the Business with no Money

In case you don’t have money and are interested in the business then don’t worry. Below we have shared a trick or strategy, you can use to start the milk business. Read the trick very carefully.

Locate a village or area where people have cows and buffalos in almost every house. Most probably a lot of people in the village also sell milk. Go to the village and visit every single house and deal with people that sell me milk directly to me.

I’m sure this strategy will work because a guy from my village working on the same strategy and getting huge profit from it.

So, without doing almost nothing and investing money you started a business. When you think that you need more milk then start collecting milk from more villages or places.

Start the Business with a high investment

Hope you understood that you have to buy cows and buffalos to start the business. Except for buying cows and buffalos you also need to spend money on their eating and other requirements. 1 – 2 people can not handle this when you have a lot of cows and buffaloes so, you can hire a few people to work on it.

This looks very time and money-consuming process but believe me there is unlimited profit. There are a lot of shops, that need milk in very huge amounts. In this case, the above strategy may not work because 1 person can not do this.

When you have milk in huge amounts then you can visit the nearest city to sell the milk. We already mentioned above that it is hard to get pure milk in cities and people are crazy about pure milk.

How to sell Milk?

There are not only 2 or 3 ways to sell milk, there are several ways to sell milk even if you have milk in huge amounts. Above we shared two ways to start a business i.e. start with almost no money and start with huge money.

Below are ways to sell milk that will work for you. So, you don’t need to worry about which way is for you and which is not for you. Go with only the way to sell milk that is suitable, easy, and profitable for you.

➥ In Colonies/Sectors

As you know that pocket milk is available everywhere and it is hard to get pure milk in colonies and sectors because there are no sources of milk. So, there is an opportunity for you to sell milk in these colonies and sectors. The rate of pure milk in cities and sectors is very high. As a result, you can earn a huge profit in a few weeks.

The problem with it is that you have to go to every house to sell the milk when you are new to the colony or sector. Once, the people of the colony will see you regularly then you don’t need to worry about it, they will contact you for milk.

➥ In Sweet Shop

The demand for the sweet is very high. Most quality sweets are made of pure milk. The sweet shop owners do not use powder or pocket milk to make sweets because the pure milk taste is real and unique.

Visit all the milk shops near you and give them your proposal. Always try to visit the sweet shop that makes sweets by themselves because a lot of small sweet shops buy readymade sweets in bulk to sell.

The demand for milk becomes very high when any festival comes. So, the chance of getting a profit on festival days is very high.

➥ On a Function

When you are not comfortable with the above two ways then I’m sure this way will be suitable for you. In villages, when any function comes like marriage in any family they hire a few people to make sweets and other things at the home.

In villages, peole do not use pocket milk so, there is very little chance to get pocket milk. As a result, they use pure milk to make sweets. So, there is a lot of opportunity for you but the condition is that people should know about you so, make friendly relationships with everyone.

Not only in villages, but in cities this way to sell milk can be useful for you.

➥ Tea Shop

The real taste of tea comes when the tea maker uses pure milk, not pocket milk. I’m you have seen a lot of tea stalls that make tea using pocket milk. There can be two reasons for it i.e. no source of pure milk and pocket milk price is low.

Visit all the popular tea stall and shops one by one and offers pure milk at an affordable price. Most probably they will not reject the offer because they know that the tea business can be increased rapidly by using pure milk.

Above are the ways to sell milk but this is not the limit of the milk business. You can also sell the products that are made using milk. You can also use it when you are unable to sell all the milk in a day.

➥ Cheese

Cheese or Paneer is one of the great sources of protein and the cheese made by using pocket milk, doesn’t have enough protein. I have seen a lot of shops that are selling cheese made using pure milk. The demand for pure cheese is very high because unpure cheese is not healthy for everyone.

Not only shop, but you can also sell cheese in functions, restaurants, hotels, etc. Hope you know that pure cheese can be identified very easily.

As you know that the price of pure cheese is very high than pure milk. So, if you are not interested to sell milk, you can sell cheese.

Note: There are also several products whose demand is very high. The products are mentioned below.

  • Butter
  • Ghee
  • Cream
  • Ice Cream
  • Whey
  • Yogurt


Is the dairy business profitable?

In short Yes, there is a huge opportunity in the dairy business but only if you have selected the right locations for your dairy. The dairy should be near or in the market to get huge profit.

How profitable is milk?

Pure milk’s profitability depends upon several factors like location, the demand for the milk, etc. In cities, the price of milk is very high.

Is Milk a good business?

Yes, milk is a good business but only for those people who can do hard work.

Final Words

Hope you will love the information that we shared in the post on starting a milk business. The opportunity in the business is very high and everyone can not do the business because you need to work very hard. We strongly recommend reading the whole post carefully and understanding it before thinking about starting a milk business. know business ideas and opportunities in your cities on

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