How To Start Home Decor Business In India

There has been tremendous growth in the home decor business in recent years. It is not a wonder since the industry grants great rewards in almost all countries.

The value of the home decor industry goes up as real estate prices keep increasing. However, no matter how profitable this industry is, it is hard to plant one’s feet in it.

The competition is brutal, but we will share the essential steps to make a successful home decor business. 

Contact Manufacturers

The first step is to establish business relations with manufacturers making home decor items. You have to consider factors like proximity to showrooms, pricing, and quality during this step. Having a manufacturing unit near your facility helps ease the logistics process.

Open A Showroom At A Good Location

The location of your showroom itself determines the quality of your business because you will cater to a large number of walk-in clients every day.

You have to make arrangements for various facilities such as parking space, showroom, and a welcoming atmosphere.

You must also keep the showroom and warehouse space separate. Ensure that the quality control of your facility is top-notch at all times.

Hire Employees

For any home decor business, employees directly influence sales. You must hire courteous with good customer service skills.

Little factors like clean drinkable water facilities and staff uniforms can make a difference in the overall business.

Understand Your Competitors

If you want to establish a successful home decor business, you will need to understand your competitors.

This field is highly competitive, so your prices must be reasonably and cleverly set compared to your competitors.

You can also tailor your products to suit the customer’s needs if you know your competitors.

Establish A Profit Margin

The profit margins in a home decor business are always large, at least about 20-25%. As a result, the losses are also large in these businesses.

You must pay attention to factors such as termites, wood shrinkage, fire, and expansion because they cause large losses when something goes wrong.

Also, payments get delayed in a home decor business, so it is crucial to set large profit margins.

You do not have the option to drop the rates to surpass your competition, so you must develop effective business strategies to sell your products at a desirable price.

Establish Home Delivery And Return Services

You must have a delivery vehicle available at all times and a fixed delivery time for each day to facilitate this process.

You have to consider factors like toll and fuel charges, delivery charges, and even interstate taxes while doing home deliveries.

The management of wear and tear during delivery will also fall on your shoulders. Remember that your customers are the top priority, so your post-delivery services should also be excellent.


Home decor businesses need a lot of marketing across all platforms. However, you have to start with a small budget and focus on getting recognition in the local market.

A home decor business must appear legitimate, so you will have to go beyond online platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Mediums such as local newspapers, pamphlets, and radio, yellow pages, and banners should spread the word for your brand.

Ensure that you hire a professional to take care of your advertisements because they need to be catchy and professional simultaneously.


Once your business gets established, you must start striking deals with portals like Amazon and Pepperfry. Your brand should be on e-commerce sites because it will increase the popularity of your brand.

At last, ensure that you are on a path to establish deals with companies instead of individuals. Use marketing skills to crack deals with hotel chains and real-estate giants worth multiple individual customers.

If your client organization is big enough, you can also lower the profit margin to ensure customer loyalty because these clients buy more than just one or two pieces. If everything goes well, you might land with an order for a whole building/tower. 

The market of this industry is gigantic, so you have opportunities to extract huge sums out of it. However, a lot of investment goes into starting such a business.

At the core, the quality of your products and marketing skills will set the tone for your business.

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