How To Start Daycare/Babysitting Business in India

Are you caught in the dilemma of whether you should start a babysitting business in India right now or not?

If so, you will have crucial tips on why you must start this business at present.

With the cost of living increasing daily, both father and mother get themselves employed to supplement the family income.

So they have no other option but to keep their kids in a safe place to earn bread. What is most important here is that they are more concerned with their kids’ safety and mental development.

So, if you can professionally remove their safety concerns, you are sure to scale up your business.

Scope and Future

India is going to witness a huge boom in the baby care business in the near future. The following factors are boosting up this business day by day.

  • Women’s enrolment in higher education and their participation in the workforce has increased a lot. As per a survey, women enrollment in higher studies has shot up from 5%in 1990 to 46.5% in 2017.
  • Our society has been seeing a sea change in the social fabric. Joint families are getting converted into nuclear families rapidly. A survey shows that there are only 3-4 members in a family in urban India without any senior citizens.
  • There has been a shift in the outlook of the parents. They are very keen to provide quality education and lifestyle to their kids. The income of a single person runs short of meeting the financial demand. So there has been a gap between demand and supply. As a result, the number of working mothers is going up day by day.
  • The present market size of this business is 13 k crores. It is expected to grow 23% by 2022 in India.
  • International growth has shown the potentiality of the baby care business. In the USA, the market size is around 376000 crores as of now. It is growing 3.2% annually. The average cost of looking after a child in the USA is 69k per month.
  • Success stories of leading brands in India are raising rays of hope to get started. Kidzee, Eurokids, and many others are scaling up their business rapidly. Kidzee is the largest pre-school chain in India.
  • The intervention of the Indian government to reduce the gender pay gap and initiatives to encourage women entrepreneurs are forcing mothers to opt for the baby care centre. 
  • In India, you can expect 3k to 15k per month per child, depending on the child’s age, time, and the facilities you are providing.

Steps To Start This Business

Every business requires some logical steps to be followed.

Here also you will have to sketch a blueprint before entering into the deep of this new journey.

Market Research

Market research depends on the demography. Location here is a key factor. You should survey the area where you are willing to set up your babysitting business.

You have to research and find out the number of nuclear families and working couples. You must enquire into the mindset and psychological needs of your potential clients.

Setting Blueprint

After conducting market research, you will have to strategize your business model. Figuring out probable working capital, looking for a good location, promoting and marketing your business, getting the business registered are some of the key steps you must follow. 

Capital investment

The most interesting fact about this business is that you can start it from the comfort of your home. Then you can take it to a corporate reach.

You can require 50k to 70k to get started. After some time, you can opt for a reputed franchise to associate your business with a reputed brand.

This association will give your brand a corporate look.


As safety is the foremost criterion of this business, the location should not be beside the main road.

It should be set up on the ground floor to avoid any unwanted accidents. Besides, the area must be clean and well-ventilated.

A clean and well hygienic place is very important to the emotional development of the kids.

Getting license

Rules and regulations differ from state to state. You will have to get your business registered as per the norms of the state you belong to.

You may have to ask for the permission of local municipalities or corporations to begin your startup.

They can visit the business site to check the infrastructure, as this business is concerned with the safety of the children.

Healthy infrastructure

You will have to build up a well-protected play yard, sleeping and resting room for kids, hygienic kitchen, facilities for indoor and outdoor games, colorful learning environment, beautiful toys, etc. 

Updating the infrastructure

You should be aware of the recent trends of facilities to meet the demands of the kids. The introduction of recent technology will boost up your business.

Besides, you will have to keep a vigil on the maintenances of the old facilities to keep safety protocol intact.

Employing eligible staff

Running a baby care centre requires many expert human resources. You must be very careful in this respect.

Those who will get an appointment must have sound knowledge about the nuances of child psychology. Psychology differs from different age groups.

So you must determine some authentic selection procedure to deal with the soft and young minds of children.

Marketing and promoting

Business runs on marketing and promotion. So this is the area where you have to be very strategic. You can start it with your friends or known world.

Then, advertising on the internet and electronic media can bring good fruit. Besides, you can hold online or offline seminars to uphold your service.

You can also promote affiliate marketing to scale up your business. Opening a business website and promotion through social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. may be a good marketing policy.

Final verdict

The growth of any business depends on the balance between professionalism and honesty. If you are true to your business and have a sense of empathy for your customer, you are sure to get professional.

The integration between professionalism and honesty will bring grand success to your business.

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