How To Start Tiffin Center Business Step-By-Step

Do you love cooking and are passionate about letting people taste your handmade delicacies? If yes, then starting a tiffin center will be one of the finest business moves to make. Preparing meals for others and transforming your cooking skill into a profitable business is the best. 

One of the most effective ways of using your skills with the minimum investment is starting a tiffin center with low investment. One can start it from home as well. With the need and demand for the home-cooked ever-rising, the returns one can expect from this business are significant.

start tiffin centre business

Not only this, it is not necessary to start the tiffin center with vast sitting space, but one can start a cloud kitchen as well. The model of a tiffin service business is simple and highly lucrative. If you can cook delicious food and love to have your cooked meal tasted by others, you can surely start a tiffin center.

Steps To Start Tiffin Center

When you plan to start a tiffin center, then few steps need to be taken into consideration to ensure that the business is lucrative and efficient in the long run. The success of the model is based on following the steps below correctly:

1. Generate An idea

The idea is the start point of any business. Once you are satisfied with starting the tiffin center business, you need to brainstorm on the idea to narrow it down to the lower lane. It includes planning on your workspace, deciding upon the number of people to feed daily, utensil requirements, and physical or cloud kitchen concepts.

If your idea is to start the physical sitting space with a delivery model, you might need a comparatively large space. Still, if you are looking for a cloud kitchen model, then a kitchen is enough, as all your orders will be based on the delivery module only.

2. Simple Market Research

Doing market research is necessary to know about the potential competitors as well as clients in the area. Say if you live in an area with hostlers, then either sitting space or cloud kitchen; both are perfect. For a space that is a bit far and requires the food to be delivered, then going for a cloud kitchen is the best.

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3. Design your workspace

Once you have completed the market research, it’s time to design your workspace. The idea here is to set up the kitchen and make the basic investment in utensils, stove, cylinder, table, chair, and other things required to run your business most effectively and efficiently.

To know more in deep about how you can design your workspace for your tiffin/cooking center checkout this use 8 useful hacks click here

4. Check for licensing needs

When the business model crosses 12 lakh, then there is the need to get a food and safety license from India’s Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSAI). Registering the business and obtaining business licenses is important. Simultaneously, if you live in a society with rules, make sure to get the no-objection license to start the tiffin center.

5. Analyze costs involved

Once you are ready with the workspace and the license needs, the next step is to analyze the recurring cost involved. It will be the cost of the raw materials like vegetables, pulses, rice, flour, spices, and various other ingredients that are used in cooking. Additionally, the cost of cleaning and maintaining hygiene needs to be taken into consideration as well. 

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6. Design the meal plan

Since you have analyzed all the costs, then you need to design a meal plan. Now here, you can either design a daily meal plan or keep the optional meals to be selected by the customer. Preparing a daily meal plan that suggests the complete set of items that a single platter will offer with its price is best suited for starters. Moving forward, one can add single dishes that can act as snacks to be served as breakfast or with tea in the evening.

Check this out as a sample for you…

Design the meal plan

7. Promote Business

No business can thrive without proper promotion. It is necessary to make people aware of the business working in the neighborhood to let them know where they can visit to satisfy their needs. One can use various promotional methods like typing up with a hostel or using brochures or even mouth publicity to people staying around.

Here are some best options to promote your business through ads and on social media and also the example video for your understanding from 5-minute craft recycle.

These are some social media platforms where you can promote your online tiffin center business from home…

Social MediaWebsite URLs

These are some best-paid advertisement platforms to promote your online tiffin center business from home…

Ads PlatformsWebsite URLs
Google Ads
Bing Ads
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Twitter Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Pinterest Ads

8. Plan Optimization and Insurance

As the business starts to catch up, there will be a need to optimize the business. Also, getting insurance will be one of the most exemplary ideas as this will guard the business against unforeseen events. The optimization can be based on adding packages to your meal plan like basic, premium, healthy, or any other that can create buzz.

9. Move to Digitization

The world today is more inclined towards digitization. Here, the idea is to tie up your tiffin center with digital platforms like Zomato or Siggy that can help you deliver to far distances. Also, one can launch the application, as well as this, can help you get the orders online.

Register your restaurant online on these apps to get more customers!

Food Delivery AppsWebsite Url
Just Eat

10. Scale Up And Hire

Scale-up your business with the assistance of online portals, food delivery platforms, tying up with potential PGs or hostels, and various others like serving meals to a business in the locality. This way, when you start scaling up your business, make sure to hire people to keep up with the pace.

Final Verdict

Tiffin center is one of the finest business ideas, especially for women in India. It offers them the opportunity to work from home and with the minor investment and turn their dream into reality. One of the businesses that are growing with the increasing demand for home-cooked food will be lucrative.

Make sure to analyze your strengths and weaknesses based on the customers’ feedback and try to work on them. Ensure to maintain the highest quality and taste to cater to the needs of the customers. Lastly, a little experimentation with the menu can be fun and dynamic.

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