Top 17 Small Scale Business ideas Opportunities in Odisha

Every corner of India has its own story, heritage, culture, wildlife, history, famous temples, cuisine, and many more to define.

Starting a new business is always a lengthy process. Until and unless we know the right way to start up and all market view.

The market of Odisha was usually based on agriculture, although it is slightly switching to other business ideas and growing with time. As Odisha has a wide traditional and heritage culture the famous Indian pilgrim is in Odisha Jagannath Puri, so Odisha faces a lot of tourism during the year and earns a handsome amount from it. As time passed Odisha built a strong pillar in the banking sector.

profitable business ideas in odisha

The mainly seen business of Odisha is Tourism, restaurants, transportation, services, hotel, travel agency, and many more. It is also rich in Chromite, bauxite, aluminum ore, magnesium, graphite, nickel, and many more.

Here in this article, we are going to cover such business ideas which one can easily startup in Odisha and earn a good output from there. As per the surveys, we can see the Ranking of Odisha is very low, or in another language, we can say, Odisha is not such a rich state, it comes under the count of the poor state of the nation India.

So starting a business in Odisha can help in growing its economy to economy.

Let’s get started with the business plans

Here’s The List of 17 Profitable Small Scale Business Ideas Opportunities in Odisha

1. Can Sell Sand Art Sculpture

Can Sell Sand Art Sculpture

Sand sculptures of Odisha are very famous, you can make them easily and sell them to people to decorate their houses and places.

2. Paper Bag Making Business

Paper Bag Making Business

As plastic bags cause a lot of pollution, there are very famous protest runs by the government to save the nation from plastic things. It helps in giving a hike on the paper bag business.

3. Odisha Craft

Odisha Craft

Saura painting of Odisha is famous among the nation, which is dedicated to saura Tribes, also known as Ikons, it also contains religious significance. You can sell these paintings and earn well. As this is a low scale business so the investment of 20,000 – 30,000 in purchasing raw material is sufficient.

4. Candle Making business

candle making business in india

Starting a small scale business can be a good set-up for every new person in the business line. So that you can learn the right way of earning and learning business tricks. Start a candle making and selling business. This business can be started from the investment amount of 50,000 INR or approx 2.5 lac and can give a good earning option.

5. Start a Boutique

how to start boutique business in india

Of course, we all love to wear fancy dresses. The need for a tailor is occurring for years. So starting a boutique can help you to touch the heights, and allows you to earn well.

6. Terracotta Clay

Terracotta Clay

Terracotta or burnt clay or you can say in Odisha’s local language, Mrutikka. These crafts are made from earthen clay, these are very strong, attractive and beautifully painted with colourful colours.

This is a small scale business but one can take it, and convert it into a large one.

7. Odisha Cuisine

Odisha Cuisine

Every state has their taste, and twists on food, the most popular street food cuisine of Odisha are Dahi Vada, Aloo Dum, Bara Ghugni, Chat, Laxman chat, matar aloo chat, Gupshup, and many more. You can start a small scale business selling this item on nearby streets as street food or start a food truck.

8. Handloom from Weaver

Handloom from Weaver

The government of Odisha helps the poor artist to show their art on road. Odisha is famous for the handwoven products from the textile, such as carpet, bedsheet, saare, and many more. You can also give a try to this business, this is a low to medium investment business.

9. Products from Jute

Products from Jute

The state Odisha got the rank of 4th production of jute all over India. As rice and Jute grow in similar soil, the production of both is high in State Odisha. There is a list of products which are made from jute. In Odisha, you can start making them and sell them into the market.

10. Dish from Mangoes

Dish from Mangoes

As mango is the famous dish of Odisha. So you can try in the business of making juice and editable dishes from mangoes.

And mango shakes, amba that is the traditional cuisine of Odisha.

Start selling these products as a local vendor, or you can start a shake shop. Investment for this business is approx 2,00,000 lac and more. This is a small scale business.

11. Famous Dishes of Odisha

Famous Dishes of Odisha

You can even start a cafe and restaurant or cloud kitchen, and serve the famous food of Odisha such as Bara, khichdi, Dalma Rice, Pakhala bhakta, and many more. You can serve them all and earn handsomely.

12. Production of Beverages Tea and coffee

Production of Beverages Tea and coffee

The most demanding beverage is coffee and tea. You can start the production of this beverage in Odisha easily. The district Koraputof Odisha is famous for its production of coffee. And the production of Tea in Odisha is famous in district keonjhar.

You can start your production of coffee and tea. Or else you can become a mediator to export these beans and tea powder into the whole nation.

13. Starting Serving Odisha Famous Sweets

Starting Serving Odisha Famous Sweets

Odisha is full of famous sweets, Rasgulla, Chhena Poda, Chenna Gaja, Chhena Jhili, Rasabali, Arisa Pitha, and many more. You can serve them by starting a sweet shop.

14. Export the Best Crop of Odisha

Export the Best Crop of Odisha

Odisha is famous for agriculture, you can start a business selling and producing crops such as rice, pulses, and spices like turmeric. One can grow and sell them into the market to get a good price for them.

15. Steel Wires

Steel Wires

As the mining of steel iron and other metal is high in Odisha. You can start a factory making steel wires and export them to the whole nation.

16. Start a Water Plant

Delivering of water cans

The demand for water bottles is increasing day by day, and so the business of water plants is getting more profit than earlier. Odisha is the hottest state as it covers a temperature of 44°c and more than it.

So the need for water occurs in Odisha, starting a business plant business can be a profit acquiring business for you.

17. Utensils Making

Odisha Utensils Making

As Odisha is rich in minerals, steel, iron, and other metals. As half of the metal of India comes from Odisha, it is the highest production of metal. These metals help the state to build steel factories. These factories can make utensils, pipes, and many more things from steel.

Final Words

If you are looking for a business idea in Odisha, there are a lot of ways for earning there. Starting a small scale business can help the backward society to grow. Along with the people who can spend a good investment they can build a startup of steel, iron factories, and there are various ways to start and earn easily in the state of Odisha.

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