Top 12+ Small Business Ideas Opportunities in Tamil Nadu

India has been famous for its rich culture and heritage for years.

Starting a business can be an easy deal in Tamil Nadu as Chennai a city has the highest literacy rate among all the cities of India, not only this it is also the second-largest economy of the country India, with the most urbanized area, as it serves 45% of the economy towards the state. Along with its serves 34℅ manufacturing and 21℅ agriculture the nation.

There is a lot to explore in Tamil Nadu, as Tamil Nadu also serves industrial parks which helps in economic growth and infrastructure support. The state of Tamil Nadu is also famous for various things such as automobiles, transportation manufacture, minerals, textile, temples, beaches, historic architectural beauty, dolls, and paint art of Thanjavur and earns a lot from tourism.

small business ideas in tamil nadu

If you are thinking of starting a low investment business in Tamil Nadu, but not getting where to start, here are some small business ideas in Tamil Nadu so that you get a kick start to your business.

These ideas are small, medium, and large-scale businesses, you can choose wisely as per your interest.

Here is The List of Top 12+ Small Business ideas in Tamil Nadu

1. Start Your Meat Shop

Start Your Meat Shop

Tamil Nadu has the highest poultry population in the survey of the year 2019. So you can start your meat shop and poultry farm in Tamil as it is in very much demand.

2. Famous Doll Art of Thanjavur

Famous Doll Art of Thanjavur

The famous Thanjavur doll art from the village Thanjavur Chennai. Is an attraction to tourists, and the local rite. As these dolls are very attractive, work as a great interior, and elaborate on the beauty of the place. These dolls are made from clay and lustered with colorful paint.

3. Knife Shop

Knife Shop

The need for sharp objects usually occurs while cooking, cutting, and many more. Selling these products can also be a business, and they are also in demand.

4. Lock Shop

Lock Shop

Starting a lock business in Tamil Nadu can also be an earning business. As there is a rich source of Iron in Tamil. The famous kind of lock that one can buy from Tamil Nadu is the Dindigul lock.

5. Special Biryani at Dindigul

Special Biryani at Dindigul

These biryani are specially made from Samba rice, with a twist of mutton in them. It is also known as Dindigul Thalapakattu Biryani. This is a one-stop centre for all biryani lovers. This is a small scale business, you can start a food truck for selling this biryani or a restaurant to serve the great taste of this biryani to the people.

6. Raw Production of Chocolate

Raw Production of Chocolate

Chocolate fever can be easily seen in people and children both. In Tamilnadu, many of the farmers do the production of cocoa. And so that chocolates can be easily made in Tamil Nadu. There are also such famous factories of chocolates in Tamil Nadu for getting inspiration.

The start-up of this business can be done from a small amount you can also start this business at factory height.

7. Food Truck of Tamil Nadu Cuisine

Food Truck Business

In India, every state has their different taste buds, and food cultures, which helps to explore new traditional dishes of every state. Tamil Nadu has its cuisine, which is known as the South Indian dish. These dishes are not only famous in south India but also around the nation. Idli Sambar, Vada, Dosa, and many more.

You can start a business if serving these cuisines on the plate of Tamil people along with making the travelers familiar with them.

8. Silk Textile

Beautiful silk fabric

The famous fabric textile of Silk of Tamil is Kanchipuram Silk, which is made from the hands of weavers.

9. Stone Sculpture Statues

Ancient Sculptures

In India, every state owns their story, behind its development, culture and tradition. These stone sculptures are a testimony of Tamil Nadu. You can start a business of selling and making these statues and sculptures and promoting the tradition of Tamil Nadu. Also, you can sell these to tourists and make them aware of the traditional culture of your place.

10. Start a Shop of Gadgets Haul

Start a Shop of Gadgets Haul

Tamil Nadu’s gadget haul at Ritchie street is very famous for its gadgets which one can buy at a peanuts price. Here you can get from big to small every kind of electronic gadget with the latest update.

11. Musical Instrument Shop

Musical Instrument Shop

The craze of making musical instruments in Tamil people is very old. It also gets the title of the art of making the best Musical Instrument. You can also sell musical instruments made from wood. This business attracts a lot of customers nationwide. This is a small scale business that can be started under the investment amount of 3,00,000 lac and more.

12. Start a Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon Business

Basic needs of a human body, to keep it clean, to take care of their body and to be hygienic, and grooming beauty salon has become a must need of everyone.

13. Shivakashi’s Firecrackers

Shivakashi’s Firecrackers

The city of Tamil Nadu, Shivakashi is famous for its firecrackers industry, matchbox and many more fireworks. It also earned the title of firecracker capital of India. As 90℅ of fireworks in India are manufactured there and supplied to the whole nation. They manufacture quality firecrackers which are in demand by the whole nation. You can also start the business of firecrackers but a little carefully.

14. Tanjore Paintings Traditional Art

Tanjore Paintings Traditional Art

A painting art of traditional things of Tamil and many more places. Tanjore paintings are especially famous for their rich gold foil outline. This outline covers the pure gold of the 22-carat plate.

Starting this business requires a lot of knowledge of Tanjore local art. This is a medium investment and high accomplishing skill as it comes with the 22-carat gold foil.

15. Sweet Shop

Sweet Shop

Every state has their unique sweet taste, with different ingredients. The famous sweets of Tamil Nadu are Payasam, Rava Kesari, Mysore Pak, boorelu, Ukkarai, kozhukattai, and many more sweet dish delights from south India. Starting this business can attract more customers, and give you a good output to your business.

16. Bronze, Brass, and Wood Handicraft

Bronze, Brass, and Wood Handicraft

Tamil is very famous for its antique bronze, brass, and wood handicraft. These handicrafts are mainly known as, panchaloha, made from the wax method, metalware, woodcraft, and many more. You can start a business selling this handicraft online, offline stores or can also make a factory of making them.

17. Things from Sandalwood

Sandstone and Seashell Jewellery

Tamil Nadu is the hub of sandalwood production, people can get the best sandalwood from Tamil or the whole of south India. These sandalwoods are exported from India to the whole world at very good prices. Along with these are various products available in the market, which are in great demand made from sandalwood.

So you can also dye your hands in the business of sandalwood and earn enormously. This is a medium to large scale business.

18. Export Paddy Rice, and Cotton

Export Paddy Rice, and Cotton

Tamil Nadu has the highest production of paddy crop rice and cotton. One can start an easy offline and online business selling these products locally and can export them to other cities of the nation.

Final Words

Well, life is all about looking forward with good charm. Starting your own business will always help you to look forward and connect you with the world and its updates. Your business can come with a lot of benefits, it helps you to enhance your lifestyle, expand your demands, and creativeness, help you to complete new challenges, make fascinating chances, makes your inner soul strong and make you financially free.

So choose an idea as per your budget, make efforts and get successful.

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