How To Start Handicraft Business From Home In India

Handicrafts are remnants of cultures and traditions because they symbolize designs and motifs passed through several generations.

Due to its diverse history, handicraft is an evergreen business in India. There are plenty of opportunities to grow in the handicrafts industry when you do the business correctly.

At the same time, the competition in the handicraft industry is tough.

Starting a handicrafts business in India can be a rewarding experience because it allows creative expression, something many other professions lack. 

Choose Your Niche

The handicrafts industry is vast and full of creative opportunities. You have to decide whether your brand has a defined niche or not.

There are several areas such as bamboo crafts, bone & horn crafts, crochet, Dhokra, embroidery, enamel, glass, resin, leather and paper handicrafts, pottery, shells, and woodwork that have a good market in India.

The convenient feature of the handicrafts business is that it can operate from the comfort of your home, with a few employees.

You can start with one area and then expand your niche as your ability to invest in raw material and machinery increases.

Finish The Legal Processes

You will require a license to start a handicrafts business, apart from being thorough with the IRS regulations.

The type of registration depends on the scale of your business. If it is a small scale business, you need a Proprietorship Firm Registration or a Trademark Registration.

Registration options for a large scale business are Private Limited Company Registration, GST Registration, and Trademark Registration.

Advisable is to consult a professional firm to take care of the legal matters. 

Connect with Suppliers

This step will require a ton of research and study as there are tons of suppliers providing raw materials for handicrafts.

Naturally, there are differences in quality and trust, so ensure that you study your options thoroughly.

The more you cut corners concerning quality, the more your brand suffers, so be prepared to invest a large sum in your raw materials. 

Keep Your Products Ready

If your marketing strategy is effective, orders will start pouring in no time, and there won’t be enough time to keep up with them.

Always make more products than required to avoid any last-minute hassles. The initial products set the tone for your brand, and first impressions are crucial to developing any business.

Ensure that your products will appeal to the masses and that they do not have any faults.

You do not have to worry about your products going bad as long as you store them in a clean, dry environment. 

Invest in a Photographer

The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” is most applicable to creative industries such as handicrafts.

It is just as crucial to click presentable photographs as it is to make high-quality products. One might think of photography as an easy task, something anybody could pull off, but it is not the case.

A beautiful picture with the correct hashtags is all you need to gain a large following. 

Spread The word

Marketing is the single most crucial thing for any business to grow. Start with your closest friends and family members, and then move to better platforms.

It is super easy to find groups and companies to collaborate with within the age of technology and social media.

This part is where those beautiful photographs will come in handy. Make a business account, participate in contests, collaborate with influencers, do a few giveaways, and your handle will get all the exposure it needs. 

Expand Your Business

The last step of your handicrafts business is ensuring its growth. Spread it across as many online and offline platforms as you can.

At this point, marketing is not as important as finding new places and networking with the right people. Some popular online platforms are Craftsy, eBay, Etsy, eCrater, Folksy, and Dawanda.

Apart from this, get in touch with your local markets and shops. The handicraft industry of India has worldwide popularity, resulting in plenty of opportunities to export your products.

The handicrafts business is beneficial for you because it will bring you financial stability and function as a creative outlet.

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