Top 18 Business ideas Opportunities in Assam

Let’s talk about the northeast state of India, Assam. Which is well known for its famous Tea and wildlife sanctuary.

We can also say Assam is the Gateway of Northeast states, Assam earns a lot of profit by trading with nearby countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, China, Myanmar, and Thailand as it shares its border with these countries.

business ideas in assam

Assam is also considered the largest economy of the south-east. As it provides a massive number of employment to the people of Assam in industry.

You can start an offline or online business in Assam to earn a handsome amount, there are a lot of business ideas that can be started by the Assam people.

Before starting any business in Assam, know closer to the Assam market. As Assam a rich in producing, coal, mineral, limestone, and many more natural resources.

Here’s The List of Top 18 Business ideas Opportunities in Assam

1. Tea Bag Making Business

Tea Bag Making Business

In current times, instead of using Tea powder, people use Tea Bags for their teas like lemon tea bags, Masala tea bags, and green tea bags and there are a lot of varieties. You can start your production by making these teabags. You can purchase tea powder from farmers and can fill it into a tea bag and sell them at the market.

2. Tea Farming

Tea Farming

We all know Assam is a well-known state for its production of Tea. In India, 50% of tea exports come from the state of Assam. Guwahati tea centre is a famous and number one tea auction in India. Starting a Tea farming business can be a good growing business that one can try in Assam. As most of the people of Assam are engaged in this business and they are earning a handsome amount in producing these.

3. Papermaking business

Papermaking business

We all know the demand for paper is increasing day by day and it is the basic need of everyone’s lifestyle. We need paper in everything from education to office work. Paper is a must for writing anything.

Assam is an agricultural and forest area, you can get a lot of trees there to start your own business or paper making. You can export these papers to other cities in India.

4. Starting an Education Centre

Starting an Education Centre

Education has become a basic need, and so these educational centres are in great demand. Everybody looks for a quality education centre for their children. So starting an educational centre can be an easy grace for you.

5. Fertilizer Chemical for Agriculture

Fertilizer Retail Business

It is not easy to fertilize in the current era without the fertilizer and chemicals which we need while agriculture. You can start your business selling these fertilizers.

6. Electronic Shop

Electronic Shop

Electronic products have become the basic need of everyone’s life. Fans, TV, cooler, AC, freeze, mobiles and other electronic appliances, have taken an important place in our life, without them imagine our life is so difficult.

Starting a business or electronic shop can be a good business, which can give you a good output of earning.

7. Scent or Fragrance Thing

Scent or Fragrance Thing

Assam is fully loaded with the wood named Agarwood, which is mainly used for making scents, perfumes, fragrance things or essential oil, you can easily get this wood in Assam and start production of these things. You can also start a shop selling products made from it.

8. Silk Production

Beautiful silk fabric

A full handloom product range can be seen in Assam, from saree to other materials such as bags, shoes, western clothes, textile and other silk products you can get a heavy range of silk in Assam. Eri silk, Muga Silk, along products made from bamboo sticks are in heavy demand in Assam.

9. Hottest Chilli Production

Hottest Chilli Production

Have you ever heard about the hottest chilli, people are very fond of chilli and chilli is the main ingredient for any dish. In the state of Assam, you can get the hottest chilli production such as Bhut Jolokia or Ghost chilli.

Starting production of chilli can be a good grace business in Assam. You can also export this chilli to other cities in India.

10. Wood art

Wood art

You can get a variety of woods in Assam. So if you have knowledge related to wood art you can start your own business of wood art and craft. The demand for wood art is very high and the first choice of interior designers for designing the house.

11. Furniture Making

Furniture Making

As Assam is the hub of great quality woods, you can start making a good quality furniture business in Assam. Furniture is always in need so this is a long time business with a medium investment.

12. Assam’s Textile

Assam’s Textile

Assam has a rich traditional culture of textile. The textile is made from golden silk and Muga. You can start a business of Assam textile and earn a handsome amount from it.

13. Rice Production

Rice Production

In Assam the cultivation of Rice is high. You can get attractive quality rice from the land of Assam. Mostly the farmers of Assam are engaged in cultivating black rice, or boro rice. The market of Assam is fully loaded from the rice crop.

You can start the business of production of rice in Assam. You can also make products from rice and sell them in the market of Assam and around the country.

14. Start a Full Grain Shop

Start a Full Grain Shop

starting a full-grain shop can be a profitable business in Assam. Assam is famous for its agriculture sector and a lot of famous grain production occurs there. So you can easily get grain in Assam and sell them.

15. Candle Making business

candle making business in india

Candle making is so easy and comes in various varieties and cute designs which attract people a lot. If you are thinking to start a business you can start a business of candle making.

16. Gym and Fitness Club

how to start my own personal training business

In the current time, people have become so conscious of their health that they choose the option of a Gym and fitness club to keep them healthy and their body toned.

17. Pickles Business

Of course, we all are familiar with the great taste of Assam pickles, as they are tangy and spicy. There are a huge variety of pickles one can get in Assam. Which is made from the greatness of dried fish, bamboo shoots, pork, sesame, chicken and whatever kind of pickle you want.

The demand for these pickles is all over the world. So if you are thinking of starting a low scale business you can start this pickle selling business.

18. Sell The Traditional Cultural Things of Assam

Sell The Traditional Cultural

There is a lot to explore in Assam, you can sell the famous stuff, and crafts of Assam to the tourists or the local people of Assam. Like, the traditional Assam mask, Phulam Gamesa, Jaap, Wooden Rhino statues, handmade toys of Assam and the most famous singing bowl.

Final words

Assam is all about its natural beauty, and beautiful ladies, it’s Jada tea, Assam Silk, and many more things like traditional culture, cultural cuisine and many more. Assam is also known as the land of business as starting a business is much easier than anywhere. If you are thinking of starting your own business in Assam try out these given business Ideas and earn an anthem for them.

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