How To Start A 3D Printing Business In India

Technology is growing at a marvelous speed. One of the best advancements seen in the tech world is 3D printing.

3D printing is as weird as it might sound. You can print something out there with the printers in 3D.

this technique can help many people, and hence the growth in the number of businesses involving 3D printing is seen regularly these days.

But when we talk of the 3d printing business in India, there is still a lot to be done in the area. Many big businesses are becoming dependent on 3D printing even in India, but if we talk of mass-scale businesses, then 3D printing is lagging.

3-D printing is a complicated process, and it’s something new, especially in a country like India. If anyone wants to open a venture based on this concept, he needs to understand the basics and the science behind the business.

On the other hand, customer attraction also becomes essential as the 3-D printing business needs a regular flow of income to keep going. 

Steps To Start A 3D Printing Business

Talking of the steps, one needs to follow to start a 3d printing business in India; there can be various points that might need consideration on this topic.

Here are some of them

The Business Idea: The biggest and probably the most crucial step to start such a business will be thinking of the business’s idea in the future. Many sectors do require three printings to be done these days.

If one sees the data, Engineering and related departments are somewhat the main customers for the business.

You can also start with a business idea by signing a bond with a tech company and helping them as a unit of their working team. Other ideas can be 3D porting toys and more of such stuff.

Budget: Any Business needs a budget to run. If there is no money to invest in setting up the business, then possibly the idea is not the one that one should pick up.

3-D printers and their related accessories are very costly. The magical machine can print 3-D structures and is very complicated with its working.

This makes the price for the machine rise. So be prepared financially to face significant investments.

Attract Customers: According to a report, most people are unaware of the 3d printing business in India.

There is a great lack of awareness among people living in India of such technology. Like other businesses, a 3D printing business also requires customers and income to keep going.

For the best possible shot, one should try contacting nearby big businesses that might need the help of the business. Once things get a boost, people will start visiting.

Try Marketing: Once the company is on track, marketing techniques such as affiliate marketing can make it get better and more significant. 

Scope and Future 

The scope for the 3d printing business in India is not hidden. It is a very new technology, especially in India, and hence things will grow but at a comparatively slower rate. But if one looks at the big story, there are many miracles that 3D printing will bestow upon Indian businesses. 

Going on the data, this business is going to touch a mark of US$ 79 million by the end of 2021 in India. Remember that nothing is done in a day or two, and it takes time to slowly develop any business.

Big industrial companies would soon be seen investing a lot of their money in 3 D printing. Basically, the technology enables printing anything out of imagination to real-life; hence making models and the primary structures for big projects will become easy and fast.

The business can replace manpower with computers, which boosts the future of 3d printing in India. 

Necessity For The Business

Most of the businesses in India involving such printers will be related to sales. But if anyone wants to take this ahead, a setup that also helps print easily can be installed. But the main focus should be on supplying such printers to the needed units. 

For this, one might have to establish a system of complete marketing and sale. A unit regarding manufacturing and repair will also be needed.

Specialists on the printers must also be hired to start the business. Even 3D printers are of many types, and one must select those types of printers that are going to be sold via the business.

Investment required

The investment can depend on the scale of the business but talking of an average business, the investment can range between 4-5 lakhs.


The 3d printing business in India is not a bad idea. It has a great future. All it needs is the correct planning and process to succeed.

And not to forget, the main point for this business to give a return in India is patience.

We hope the article helped you.

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