14+ Best Business ideas in Rajasthan for Small Scale Industries

Rajasthan means The land of King and royalty. Rajasthan is full of rich heritage, royal forts, deserts, beautiful landscapes, hill stations like Mount Abu, and many more.

If we talk about business so Rajasthan has complete business land, the land is full of minerals. Rajasthan is also known as the hub of hand cutting gems, and the famous Rajasthan jewellery industry not only deals in gold, they also deal in silver, Kundan, Meena, and metal. The market is full of these.

best business ideas in rajasthan

Rajasthan people earn from its handicraft of blue pottery. Get the title of King of spices and many more things are in the Rajasthan market.

Not only this but Rajasthan is an industrial area that exports lead and zinc to India.

If you are from Rajasthan and thinking of starting your own business, here are some ideas by which you can start your small scale and large scale business in Rajasthan.

Here is The List of 14+ Best Business ideas in Rajasthan

1. Tourist guide

how to start a tour and travel business in india

Rajasthan gathers a massive number of tourists every year. As Rajasthan is full of tourist places as like forts, the pink city, the blue city, white city, jalawar purple, city of lakes, desert, its traditional culture, and a hill station nearby hot desert, Mount Abu, and the largest district, and it also comes in UNESCO world heritage in Rajasthan. History of Mughal’s, Hindu and Jainism lord pilgrims, Hot air balloon ride, and many more.

2. Beedi making

Beedi making

The business of beedi making is low scale. And can be started with low capital. But gives a good output.

3. Boats for Udaipur

Boats for Udaipur

As Udaipur is the state of lakes. Most of the people come to Udaipur for boating. You can start your boat-making company or boats for tourists.

4. Track Decor Business in Rajasthan

Track Decor Business in Rajasthan

In Rajasthan you can see a track with a lot of designs decorated with various handicrafts of Rajasthan, showing its culture and many more. You can start your shop with track decor material.

5. Rajasthani Puppet Making

Rajasthani Puppet Making

Puppets of Rajasthan are very famous. There are also puppet shows organized by Rajasthan’s local people. People also use these puppets to decorate their houses and many more. These puppets are in high demand.

6. Thermocol production

Thermocol production

The business of thermocol is growing and in market demand. There are various products of thermocol, like disposal and many more.

7. Rajasthani Art

Rajasthani Art

Rajasthani Art is very famous all over the world. People from several places come to Rajasthan to see their art. Mandala art, Rajputana art, and many more.

People love to buy this art to decorate their homes. Sometimes these art paintings sell in crores at auction.

8. Ancient Sculptures

Ancient Sculptures

Ancient sculptures of Rajasthan can be seen in Rajasthan’s museum. Although these sculptures are of various kinds. People love to buy ancient Rajasthan traditional Sculptures.

You can start your business of Sculpture making and selling.

9. Rajasthani Handmade Jewelry

Rajasthani Handmade jewellery

Rajasthan market is full of handmade jewellery which is loved by every antique jewellery lover of India and outside of the world. You can start the business with this handmade metallic jewellery and earn a handsome amount from it.

10. Bikaneri Namkeen

Bikaneri Namkeen

Bikaneri Namkeen or bhujia is a world-famous bhujia. It is famous because of its flavour, and taste and it contains the richness of Rajasthan.

You can also start your business of selling and producing this bhujia.

11. Chilli spice of Rajasthan

Chilli spice of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is also known as the land of spices. The land of Rajasthan is very fertile to grow various spices like turmeric, red chilli and many more.

You can start your production of spices in the land of Rajasthan. And export it all over India.

12. Rajasthani Hand Fan

Rajasthani Hand Fan

The temperature of Rajasthan is very high during the summer times. And the production of fan making is very high in Rajasthan. So you can start your growing business of fan making, or fan selling.

13. Serve Rajasthani Cuisine to Tourist

Serve Rajasthani Cuisine to tourist

Rajasthani cuisine is spicy, and full of flavours, with the twist of garlic and onion. The famous Raj kachori, Pyaz kachori, Namkeen, dal baati churma, Kathi roll, and many more. You can serve this cuisine by a food truck or by starting a cafe. The meat of Rajasthan, like Lal Maas, is also very famous.

14. Rajasthan Textile

Rajasthan textile

Rajasthan textile for a traditional turban is in demand in the market. Along with the famous sarees, the textile design of Rajasthan is Lehariya, which is done on both cotton and silk fabric. Along with there is a famous print of Rajasthan saree in Chunri Print.

15. Bicycle Manufacturing and Selling

Bicycle manufacturing and selling

Bicycles are a common need for travelling. People nowadays are choosing bicycles more to travel so that they can keep themselves fit. You can start your business of bicycle manufacturing and selling by which you can earn a handsome profit.

16. Cement Manufacturing

Cement Manufacturing

Rajasthan is second in the production of cement. If you are thinking of starting a medium scale business, producing cement can be a good option.

17. Products by waste material

Products by waste material

Well, people see waste material as a threat. Although there are various kinds of plants covering the market which make products by water material. If you are looking for a business opportunity you can also start making products by waste material.

18. Aloe Vera products

Aloe Vera products

The plant aloe vera doesn’t need a lot of water to grow. And the state of Rajasthan is situated in the desert and the temperature of Rajasthan is so high. So you can easily grow aloe vera plants in Rajasthan. And aloe vera is very useful and in demand by people. You can start your factory making aloe vera products.

19. Rajasthan Handicraft

Rajasthan Handicraft

The Rajasthan handicrafts are the first choice of interior designers and the people who love crafts and love to decorate their houses with handicrafts. Rajasthan handicrafts are like blue pottery, stone carving, sandal woodwork and woodwork, leathercraft, a carpet of Rajasthan, lac work, metalwork, and many more.

20. Rajasthani Catering Service

Rajasthani Catering Service

As Rajasthan is also a spot of destination weddings many people and fat-rich parties tie their knot with the beauty of Rajasthan.

So, the need for catering services is on rising during the wedding season in Rajasthan, with the traditional cuisine of Rajasthan.

Final words

Rajasthan is full of rich culture and is also rich in minerals and mining. The famous white marble which is used in the Taj Mahal is from Rajasthan. The state also earns by producing salt, as it is also known as the second-largest home of salt In Lakes. Rajasthan’s people earn as tourist guides because Rajasthan also attracts a lot of tourists because of its traditional culture and rich forts and Jain pilgrimage, Hindu temples, and many more.

Along with camel rides, and livestock camels is also an earning way in Rajasthan.

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