How To Start Mobile Phone Repair & Accessories Business

The number of mobile phone users across the globe is increasing at an incredible pace. This increase has opened all new doors to business opportunities and has also offered businesses an immense choice to adopt. The most prominent ones are starting a mobile repair and accessories shop. 

The plus side of the industry is that this is one of the most profitable and efficient ones that offer immense opportunities to the people in the market to use their skills for scaling the business. Although the competition is high in the sector since there are a plethora of opportunities, one can easily win the edge.

So, if you are ready to invest and have the tech knowledge, then starting this kind of business is one of the finest decisions. And with the ever-increasing demand for mobile phone repairs and accessories, the time to reach break-even will be relatively quick.

Steps To Start Mobile Phone Repairs and Accessories

If you plan to start a Mobile Phone repairs and accessories shop, then a few steps and prerequisites need to be considered to make your business move ahead profitably. The basic steps to be followed are:

1. Learn The Skill or Collaborate

When it comes to starting the Mobile Phone repairs and accessories business, the most basic requirement is to learn to repair the mobile. Since every mobile works in a different manner, it is essential to understand how each model works and the steps required to rectify the errors that arise in them. Various institutes offer you the option to learn the basic skills of mobile phone repair needed to start a business.

There is another option wherein you can collaborate with a person who already has mobile phone repair skills. But make sure to know the complete background and identify the cost involved.

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2. Conduct Market Research

Once you have gained the skills, the next step is to conduct market research. Knowing the nature of the service and accessories that are in the highest demand is key to conducting market research. One also considers the competitors and the most common brands of the phone linked to your business.

3. Develop The Budget

Once the basic idea has been developed, the next step is to design the budget. Making a clear, detailed budget that involves the capital requirement, investment, renting cost, cost of raw material, running cost, and various other factors are essential. This will act as a guide for all further actions.

4. Choose Your Location

The next step is to select the area where you are planning to set up your business. This can be anywhere, but few things that one needs to take care of are the proximity and renting cost. Choosing a location that is in the market and easy to reach or navigate is better than one located at the remote end. The area should be in line with the budget.

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5. Complete Licensing Needs

To start any business, there are few licenses that one needs to acquire first. This relates to the licensing requirements like Business License and Permit, Tax Identification Number (TIN), Business Plan, GST registration, insurance policy, and various other documents as required. These act as the base to establish the credentials and worthiness of the business.

6. Get The Supplies Ready

For the mobile phone repairs and accessories business, various types of supplies would be required. It includes the tool kit used for mobile repairs, accessories like mobile back cover, plugs, screen guards, headphones, and various others. One needs to get ready with the supplies, and a minimum stock that can be displayed at the shop needs to be acquired at the very initial stages.

7. Go Online and Promote

While the businesses are going online, you must start promoting your business on the right platform. Using the social media platform to promote the industry by developing the page and listing the products and services that you offer is one of the finest and quickest methods. It allows you to cater to a wide range of people looking for mobile accessories. While promoting, ensure to disclose the delivery terms, if any, and duration required to complete the service.

To go online we recommend first list your local mobile phone repair business on these sites…

Local Business PlatformWebsite Url
Google My Business
Bing Places
Facebook Business
Angie’s List

These are some social media platforms where you can promote your online mobile repairing business from home…

Social MediaWebsite URLs

These are some best-paid advertisement platforms to promote your online mobile repairing business…

Ads PlatformsWebsite URLs
Google Ads
Bing Ads
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Twitter Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Pinterest Ads

8. Scale-up

Once you are well-settled with the business you have, the next step is to scale up the current sales you have. One can do this by offering additional services or employing an expert technician that can help you cater to a wide range of customers’ needs. Bringing in new and novel ideas that can engage customers is key to scaling.

Final Verdict

The mobile phone repairs and accessories business is one of the low investment business ideas that can help you to earn profits exponentially. Additionally, while working in this business, one can also offer additional services like selling sim cards, offering mobile recharge services, or offering the service to download the latest software and content. These all are linked services and can create a market for you.

To ensure that the business reaches the top, it is essential to focus on the changes and advances coming into the market. Being a business model that links with one of the most volatile and dynamic products, keeping an eye on the changes is essential. Asking the customers for feedback is one uncanny way of improving the business. Also, offering discounts on special occasions can help a great deal.

So, ensure to manage accurately and promptly and get the mobile phone repairs and accessories business to greater heights.

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