How to Start Water Plant Business In India (Complete Guide)

The water Plant business is a very profitable business in some places. In a lot of cities and areas, it is very hard to get pure or drinkable water. There is a huge opportunity in the business. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to start a water plant business.

How to Start Water Plant Business

The probability of succeeding in the water plant business is very high because everyone can not afford a water purifier machine. At most of the water plants, the price of the water is between Rs. 10 – 15 for every 20 Liter of water.

There are many places where drinkable water is not available like many places in Haryana, Delhi, Prayagraj City, etc. You have to locate a such place to start a water plant business. You have to invest one time in the business later you have to invest a small amount on maintenance and other things.

Below are a few more business ideas you can start with very low investment. These businesses are also very profitable.

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Why Start Water Plant Business?

Below we will share a few quick points that will show you how profitable is the business and the opportunities in the business. These quick points will give you some ideas about the water plant business.

  • One-time investment: You need to invest money almost one time, later you have to invest money in a very low amount on maintenance and other minor things.
  • Low Investment: You can start the business with around rs. 10 lakh. The investment amount also depends on the capacity of the machine as well as its brand.
  • Highly Profitable: This business is highly profitable because water is required for everyone and you have to invest only one time.
  • Quick Profit: This water plant business will start giving you profit from 1st-day of starting the water plant.
  • Maintenance Charge: The maintenance charge in the business is very low.
  • Manpower: Only 1 person can handle the whole business if you are not delivering the water home to home. Water Plants owners charge extra for home delivery in almost every place.

Limitations in the Business

There are several limitations in the business and most probably you know the limitations. Not everyone can start a water plant business because the profit from 1 water plant is limited because a water plant can cover a limited size of the area.

  • Limited Profit: You can deliver water home to home when the distance is very high. In short, with a water plant, you can cover a 3-4 KM area for delivering water.
  • Can’t Capture a Large Area: Most probably you can not capture a large area because the delivery cost will be high and most probably you’ll find a water plant in almost every area.
  • Need Manpower: In the water plant business, you can maximize the profit by delivering water bottles home to home. For delivery, you have to hire a few people. You can charge delivery charges extra.

Start Water Plant Business

Above we shared some information needs to start a water plant business e.g. reasons to start the business, limitations in the business, the investment needed, etc. The above-shared information is not enough or complete, the rest of the information is mentioned below.

Note: We strongly recommend you do not start any business just by getting a little information from the internet or any website. Go and visit the business by yourself and explore everything related to the business.

Step 1: Collect Information

Collect all the information related to the water plant business. In this post, we almost shared everything about the business but in the reality will be a little bit different. So, go and visit any water plant and collect all the information deeply.

Step 2: Location

This business also needs a good location for a huge profit. I have seen a lot of water plants where people visit themselves to take water because the water plant charges extra money for each bottle for delivering the water bottle home. So, you have to start your water plant business in the center or any colony, area, or location. So, that people can easily visit.

Location ideas where you should start the water plant for a good profit.

  • In the center of the colony or area where a lot of people live.
  • Your water plant should be away from other water plants but near the area or colony.
  • The water plant should be easily reachable.

Step 3: Get License and Permissions

You need to get a license to start a water plant business in any area. We don’t have much information regarding water plant licenses and permissions. We recommend you to ask any local consultant for more information in detail.

We are not sharing any information regarding licenses and permissions because less knowledge is always very harmful.

Step 4: Machine Setup

Once everything is done and now it’s time to set up all the machines and required tools and equipment. These machines and tools don’t need a lot of space for installation. Most probably, they will send anyone to install the machine from where you bought the machine. In short, you don’t need to think much about it.

Step 5: Marketing

Once the installation is completed, you are ready to sell the water and make a profit from the business. Only a limited number of people come because all the people don’t know about your water plant.

Start marketing your water plant through online or offline marketing. Marketing will help you to grow your profit very quickly in almost no time.

Step 6: Supply Water In Functions

Just by selling and delivering water bottles, you can not make a lot of money from the water plant business. There are also several ways to sell water bottles in bulk to get a good amount of money at one time.

Supply water bottles in bulk for any type of function or event. In function or event, the demand for water is very high, hope you noticed that these RO water are found in almost every function or event.


How much does it cost to start a mineral water plant?

This depends on the size and capacity of the water plant. Approximate Rs. 5 – 6 lakhs need to start the mineral water plant.

Is the Mineral Water plant profitable?

Yes, this business is very profitable because it needs a low investment to start and it only needs a one-time investment. In short, this is a very profitable business.

How can I start RO plant Business?

The steps and pieces of information need to start the RO plant business are written above in detail. So, read the post carefully to understand the business in deep.

Final Words

We hope this guide will help you a lot to start a water plant business. If you have any queries regarding the topic let us know. We also shared a lot of business ideas and guides to starting the business on the blog. So, if you want to know more about more business visit the blog.

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