14+ Best Small Business ideas Opportunities in Telangana

Telangana is also known as the gateway of the Krishna River and Godavari River in south India. It also gets the title of seed capital of India. Earlier it was a part of Hyderabad but later on, in the year 2014 Telangana become an individual state or the 29th state of India. Telangana is also full of beautiful places to visit.

If we talk about the Telangana market, it is full of markets such as fabric shops, supermarkets, accessories shops, and many more. It is a complete place to invest your money and earn a good output through it.

best business ideas in telangana

Well, there are a lot of mineral resources which can easily be found in Telangana and you can start your product business there. If you want to grow in your state with the minerals you can easily get into your state, and grow the productivity of your state. It will help the economy to grow in your state and a way for you to earn.

Before starting any business exploring your local market is a must thing which we should do before deciding which business you want to do.

Let’s explore some low investment business ideas in Telangana that you can easily start in Telangana.

Here is The List of 14+ Best Business ideas Opportunities in Telangana

1. Sell Local Cuisine

Sell Local Cuisine

Indians are fond of food and love to eat the famous dishes of the particular region. Telangana is a state where thousands of outsiders live. If you start the business of selling local cuisine it will be a very profitable business in Telangana for you.

Some of the famous dishes of Telangana are Sarva Pindi, Polelu, Thunti Koora, Hyderabad biryani, etc.

2. Banana Chips Manufacturing

Banana Chips Manufacturing

Banana production in south India is high, which can help you in starting your business of banana chip making. This business can start from home or factory depending on the price of your investment.

3. Mobile Protection Glass Manufacturing

Mobile Protection Glass Manufacturing

Due to the availability of feldspar in Telangana, you can start manufacturing mobile protection glass. While making glass feldspar act as one of the primary raw material. Nowadays everyone has smartphones and all need protection glass for their phones. The demand will be high always that is why it is a profitable business.

4. Hair Accessories Manufacturing

Hair Accessories Manufacturing

Women and girls like to decorate their hair with various types of hair accessories. And nowadays several types of hair accessories are available in the market like hairpins, bands, flowers, stones, rubber bands, beads, etc. The hair accessories are mostly created from plastic and steel which is highly available in Telangana.

5. Paper Straw Making

Straw Making

There are several cafes and juice bars in the city and straws are the basic needs of these places. Barytes plays a major role in producing plastic and is used to make straws. In Telangana, the availability of barytes and feldspar is very high so it will be a very good option for you to start straw making business.

6. Paper Bag Making

Paper Bag Making Business

Paper bag making is a small scale business that requires minimum investment to start your business. Due to the ban on plastic bags, there is a high demand for paper bags.

7. Manufacturer of Aloe vera Gel and Juice

Manufacturer of Aloe Vera Gel and Juice

Nowadays people are more conscious about their skin and health. Aloe Vera is considered one of the best ingredients that can make your skin glow and has several health benefits.

Aloe Vera juice is beneficial for a diabetic person as well as treats oral and digestion issues. People prefer natural things despite chemical products. Farming of Aloe Vera is very easy and you can easily manufacture Aloe Vera gel and juice.

8. Book Store

Book Shop

If you live in a location where most of the students reside then opening a book store is a good business idea for you. Nowadays many people have the hobby of reading books. They search for the best collection of books based on different genres. If you have a great collection of books depending on the needs of all age grouped people then owning a book store is best.

9. Start Your Printing Press

Start Your Printing Press

Now a day people are becoming more and more creative, and they are giving a good price for creativity. The printing press is needed to promote your business, as for promotion you can print your brand t-shirts and give them to your employees, print your business bag, and many things. Starting this small scale business can give you a lot of output in less input.

10. Automobile Services

Automobile Services

The automobile sector is rapidly growing and it will grow in future also. The need for automobiles is increasing day by day. Most families own automobiles these days, such as moped scooters, activa and many more.

Although these scooters need time to time services, so you can start an automobile service centre by which you can help the people by doing their automobile service. This small scale business needs skill and investment. If you don’t know about the servicing you can also hire people who have these skills.

11. Glass and Mirror Making

Glass and Mirror Making

Telangana is rich in quartz mineral which is highly used in manufacturing glass and mirror making. The process of making glass sheets requires silica that can be mined from the sand. Because of the high availability of sand and quartz in Telangana, you can open the business of glass and mirror manufacturing.

12. Door Manufacturing

Door Manufacturing

Door manufacturing is an easy business that can be started anywhere and the best part it is always in demand by the people. The state of Telangana is covered by 24% percent cent of forest area. So you can easily start the manufacturing business of Doors, these doors can be made from wood, metal, fibre and many more.

13. Helmet Manufacturing

Helmet Manufacturing

Nowadays government has imposed a rule of wearing helmets while driving two vehicles. So the demand is increasing for helmets. Helmets are made up of fibreglass which is used to produce limestone and sand. In Telangana, you will get a high amount of sand and limestone so you can easily start a helmet manufacturing business.

14. Thermocol Production

Thermocol Production

We are always in need of the use of thermocol while we transfer big things, such as mirror electronic things, delicate machines products, and many more. So we use thermocol while transporting it. Along with we also use it while transporting medicines from and here and there. As they help in keeping things safe. You can easily start this business by establishing its machinery plant.

15. Steel Production

Steel Products

As limestone is in high quantity in Telangana it helps us to produce, steel products, pipes, utensils, and many more things made from steel. Limestone also helps in water purification so if you want to start another business with the help of limestone you can start a business of water cleaning from limestone.

16. Cement Making

Cement Manufacturing

Construction is the fastest growing industry in India and it will remain so in the future. Construction requires cement in a heavy weightage. Though Telangana has limestone and laterite in bulk which is used to produce cement you can easily start a cement manufacturing business.

17. Engineers Material Manufacturing

Engineers Material Manufacturing

Telangana is fond of mineral laterite, which is mostly used for manufacturing road pavement products, by which you can make engineers material, along with it can also help in making other kinds of material which can help engineers. You can start a business manufacturing these materials. For more information about this business, you can Google the complete details.

Final words

Well the Telangana economy is mainly growing through the agriculture work, but starting this business can also lead you to the path of success, but all you need is higher dedication and market watch before going for it.

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