20 Best (Highly Profitable) Small Business ideas in Illinois

Illinois, Chicago is known as the third largest city in the state of America. It is the home of many famous companies around the world.

If you are an entrepreneur and looking to start your own business in Illinois then this article is for you.

Here we have given 20 best business ideas in Illinois that one can easily start.

1. Coffee shop


Coffee shops are a must which is required by most people, including people who work mostly out of their houses throughout the day, people who want to chill, meet, or people who are facing stress from their jobs. A complete place that fully fulfills all the requirements of the people.

2. Photo Studio

Who doesn’t like to collect and save their memories, well,  it is impossible to keep soft copy data every time with you forever?  People trust hard copies as compared to soft copies more, as hard copies are for a long time and you can keep them forever.

Photo studios help you to get your clicked memories into your hand in the form of a photo.

3. Bakery shop

start bakery business

If you have a good knowledge of bakery items, or you are a good baker then this business is only for you. Bakery products are so demanding and loved by everyone. From cupcakes to chocolate truffle cakes everyone loves to eat these sweet mouth-watering dishes.

You can start your bakery you can also connect it to the cloud kitchen so that you can earn online from selling bakery products.

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4. Bar

Open Bar

Weekend plans are incomplete without dance fun and alcohol and friends too. A bar is a place where you can have these four altogether and enjoy. You can start your own bar and start organizing a party there to gather the crowd and make their memories.

5. Event Organizer

A grand event needs grand preparation and for the grand preparation, it is mandatory to have an innovative team or a person with beautiful imagination skills and a piece of knowledge to contrast everything.

Event organizers work the same to the event. Even if you hire an event organizer for your party you need not work on all the arrangements and can enjoy it without any stress.

6. Event Planner

Event planners are like a refreshing bell for those people who are always stuck in their busy life and office work. Event planners try to make all your upcoming boring events into fun, and all the upcoming events into memorable moments with your loved ones and family.

7. Furniture shop

Furniture is the beauty of your home. Furniture helps your home to look beautiful, provides you comfort, and makes your house become organized.

The need for furniture is everywhere to make that place useful and organized all the time. You can start your furniture shop and make innovative furniture as per the need of customers.

8. Hardware repair shop

Technology needs regular repair for long life or needs repair when they get damaged. Hardware repair shops help to make your product robust or repair to get their life again. The need for hardware shops is everywhere.

9. Tourist guide

how to start a tour and travel business in india

Many tourists come to Illinois every year to see the large malls, buildings, its beauty, wonderful architecture, its historical places, and many more. Although for outsider visitors need a tourist guide to understand the place.

10. Florist studio

In events, decorating shops, hotels, and homes people prefer fresh flowers and for that need for florist shops and studios occurs. You can start a florist shop and studio and sell beautiful flowers like the state flower of Illinois violet and many more.

11. Senior care homes

People after retirement or at an age started feeling lonely and helpless. At this stage, they require people who can talk with them, can take care of them, and be with them, for that the concept of senior care homes occurs.

Senior care homes or senior caretakers you can start the business of both.

12. Become a Nurse

Like senior care, the requirement of nurses for seniors is so high. As people start being ill, diseases start covering them from all around, so for taking care of these people look for nurses or for the agencies who provide these nurse facilities.

13. Become a Tax Consultant

tax consultant

Tax is a basic thing that is paid by every citizen to the government in exchange for the facilities which are provided by the government. Although there are various types of tax imposed on various products for complete knowledge of it, we have to visit the tax calculator.

14. Lawn Caretaker

The lawn needs proper care, as per the seasons but it is impossible for the house owner to look for everything, that is why they hire a law caretaker, a lawn caretaker should have good knowledge about plants and their health.

15. Boat Manufacturing

Illinois has so many beaches, rivers, and water areas that need boats to travel, there are various famous companies in Illinois that manufacture boats and sell them at a good cost.

16. Rent Your Property

Rent Your Property

People migrate from one place to another in the search of better future opportunities, jobs, work, and many more for a short period. So they can’t purchase their property at that place.

So they look for a rented property and are ready to pay a good amount for that. You can also become a broker, in which you can search for the people who want to rent out their property or the people who require the property and connect them for the exchange of money.

17. Handmade Products Business

Handmade products are so adorable and attractive that people love to buy them more as compared to. machine products, whether a costume or any other handmade, both are trendy. You can start making these products and selling them. The

18. Mobile Salon

Start a Mobile Salon

The salon is a basic requirement in our day-to-day life. But because of the busy schedule, it is quite impossible to go to the salon, but these salon mobile facilities will help you to solve customers’ problems.

Salon mobile facilities help people to reach the client and the place they want whenever they want.

19. Security Agency

From celebrities to famous people, malls, shops, organizations, and crowded places for security agencies are rising day by day. You can start a security agency company.

20. Taxi Services


Taxi services are a basic need for every person in their day-to-day life. As taxi services help people to travel from one place to another, and make their day-to-day life more convenient. From office people to tourists, it is a basic need for everyone.

For starting a taxi service you need to purchase and hire cars. You can also start a B2B type platform in which you can ask the car owner to give their cars into your business and you will give shares to them.

Final Words

Here are some steady business ideas which one can easily start in Illinois or the state of America. 

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