Top 14 Small Business ideas in Hyderabad with Low Investment

Young entrepreneurs this article is for you. If you are from Hyderabad and looking for small business ideas, or startup opportunities in Hyderabad so read this article carefully.

The city Hyderabad is an Islamic city, where most of the people follow the Muslim custom, and rituals, mostly the languages spoken and read by the people of Hyderabadi, is Urdu, Telugu, Hindi, and English.

The City of Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana. Hyderabad gives a contribution of high taxes, which is a third of the total amount.

business ideas in hyderabad

If we talk about the business ideas in Hyderabad, Hyderabad is a perfect city to set up your business and can help you to grow your business. Along with the already set up famous businesses of Hyderabad such as tech companies, educational centres, manufacturing and other industrial services.

So if you are planning to start a business first let’s check all the surroundings of your city, the market in which you are going to start your business, and the market demand relating to your product.

Well earning has various sources. As there is a huge list of business ideas which you can try with your investment, medium investment and high investment.

Read this article completely to become aware of these low investment business ideas in Hyderabad.

Here is The List of Top 14 Small Business Ideas in Hyderabad with Low Investment

1. Hyderabad Biryani Franchise

There is no match of Hyderabadi biryani all over the world as it is very famous, as the origin of this biryani is by Nizam of Hyderabad. This biryani is a combination of rice and meat in Mughal cuisine. Meat, spice, garlic, mint, Szafran and are loaded with flavours.

There are a lot of places in Hyderabad that sell Hyderabadi biryani which is very famous in India. This is a small scale business, which gives a good earning output as people from all over the Hyderabad crave the Hyderabadi biryani.

2. Event Management Business

Everyone is going with the trend and they want their special day to be memorable and beautiful as a dream tale. Although not everybody has the time to manage it and work for the dream decoration they want, along with going with the trend, and the latest sets as you want you to have to go for professionals, so you can become a professional event organizer, and you can earn a lot from them. Events are forever going and good profit giving.

3. Catering Service

Every event needs a caterer to cook and serve food to the guests. The need for caterers is so high in cities like Hyderabad, many companies’ headquarters are there and they organize the functions and meetings over there which need catering services.

4. Taxi Service

The city of Hyderabad is very huge, and the people who don’t have a vehicle have to face a lot of hassle while travelling from one place to another. Sometimes they get late to their office, school and other places and then have to face a lot of things.

Sometimes people have to wait a lot standing on the roadside to wait for public transport, so for helping those people and earning a good output for you, you can start a taxi service such that you can take a franchisee of OLA or your own. You can start this service remotely.

5. Courier Service

We always find the need to send gifts, and parcels to our loved ones and for that, we are always looking for courier services nearby us. For importing and exporting et also the need for courier services starting a courier service can cost you 7,00,000 lac and more.

6. Coffee Shop

Hyderabad is a digital state, most of the IT companies are set up in Hyderabad, and many more educational centres. People who are engaged in jobs or work with their laptops love to hang out at coffee shops so that they can hang out and work together and the students of coaching colleges mostly prefer coffee shops for spending time and chilling.

7. Manufacturing of Pharmacy Products

Pharmacy products are the basic need of every doctor and for first aid. In any medical emergency pharmacy products help to cure. Starting a business manufacturing pharmacy products can be a good business and can give you a high amount of profit.

8. Local Chips Manufacturing

Chips are like almost everyone’s favourite timepass snacks, or they love to have them while watching movies, hanging out, and many more. You can start your own factory of chip manufacturing and sell them into the market.

9. Fruit Cake Manufacturing

Fruits cake is loved by many children, and we can say, everyone. There are a lot of fruit varieties you can have in Hyderabad and some are imported from other states. Fruits such as cranberries, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, dragon fruit and many more. You can start making these fruit cakes and selling them to others and can earn a handsome amount.

10. Hyderabad Cuisine Local Food Truck

Every city has their own story and local cuisine which is loved by many, Hyderabad is basically an Islamic Indian city where most of the people follow Islamic culture. The variety of non-veg food is very high in Hyderabad along with there are many shops in Hyderabad which are world-famous for their non-veg cuisine.

Hyderabadi biryani, Hyderabadi khichdi, lukimi, marg, Irani chai, malai Paya, malai korma and many more famous cuisines. You can start your own local food truck in Hyderabad and cafe to serve these foods to non-veg lovers.

11. Hyderabadi Sweet Shop

Hyderabad is famous for its Islamic sweet shops which can’t be easily found anywhere else in India. Qubani ka Meetha. Jauzi Halwa, Shahi Tukda, Sheer Khurma, Mauz ka Mitha, Shahjahani MItha, Badam ki Jali, Semiya Payasam, ariselu, Akkaravadisal and many more. Most of the sweets are made from milk, so you can start a milk shop as well as a sweet shop and earn more.

12. Ceramic Brick Manufacturing

Ceramic is in high demand and so are ceramic bricks. Starting a business making ceramic bricks can lead your business to give a good output.

13. Mobile Protection Glass Manufacturing

Everyone owns mobile phones nowadays, and for their safety mobile protection glass is mandatory and everyone wants their phone to be safe. The business of mobile protection glass manufacturing is on high and demand for these glasses is also high in the market.

14. Gas Stove Manufacturing

Gas stoves are in demand in every house and sometimes in commercial places too. Starting a business in gas stove manufacturing can cost 6,00,000 lac and more because for that you have to start your factory of producing these stoves.

Final Words

Here are some cool ideas that one can easily start in Hyderabad, as per their budget, the budget which is given in the ideas can be adjusted as per your capital investment for the business idea. If you want to become financially independent and stand on your own, then you can find various ways, and clues nearby you to start any business. Some of the businesses are like local tourists, as Hyderabad city has a various rich heritage.

So, if you are from Hyderabad and perfectly know about your city then you can become a tourist guide, you can give your occupied land on rent, flat on rent, become a property dealer, broker, service providing business and many more.

If you are looking for a business idea you can easily try one of these and start earning on your own.

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