20 Best Business Ideas In Karachi with Low Investment

Pakistan comes in a list of the largest countries in Asia and is the capital of Pakistan Province of Sindh. The main capital of Pakistan is Islamabad.

Karachi is located on the coast of the Arabian Sea, and northwest of the Indus River Delta. Karachi is the financial centre of Pakistan and gives a great tribute to Pakistan’s GDP as it is very developed, and also serves Afghanistan with its services.

Karachi gets the title of 12th largest city worldwide, and the largest city in Pakistan. If we talk about the GDP of Pakistan, Karachi contributes approx 20% and more to Pakistan’s GDP. Karachi is also a business-friendly city in Pakistan.

best business ideas in karachi

The city of Karachi is very beautiful, and covered by nature, beauty, beaches, history and so on. Starting a business in Karachi is very easy, all you need is high dedication, effort and the right path to take your business to heights.

Here in this article, we are going to explore some of the common business ideas in karachi with low investment which one can start in Karachi without any hassle.

So let’s cover small scale, medium scale, and large scale businesses.

Here is the List of 20 Best Business Ideas Opportunities In Karachi with Low Investment

1. Bike Cover and Seat Cover

Bike Cover and Seat Cover

In the city of Karachi, everyone covers their seat on their bikes. You can see every bike seat of Pakistanis is covered with white, bright, and colourful textile, which makes the bike look more attractive. You can start selling these seat covers and bike cover businesses and earn vast amounts of money.

2. Biryani Centre

Biryani Centre

The origin of the dish biryani is done by Muslims. It is also known as the king of south Asian cuisine, Biryani. There are a lot of varieties that can be found in Biryani in Karachi. Starting this business in karachi can give you a good height and can help you to become financially independent.

3. Decorative Buses and other Material

Decorative Buses and other Material

In Pakistan, people are very fond of decoration. From local buses to camels and their houses everything is too decorated, with a Pakistani twist. You can start your own decoration business. And a shop selling these decorative products.

4. Battery Scooters

Battery Scooters

In Pakistan, most people use scooters that run from solar energy or batteries. So they are very high in demand. You can start your business selling these scooters.

5. Street Food of Karachi

Street Food of Karachi

Starting a stall or a food truck business of local food can be a good grace business. You can start a small scale business selling local food in Karachi, in restaurants and cafes or as roadside stalls.

You can serve famous dishes of Karachi such as Anda Paratha, Chola, Spicy chicken, Mutton Sajji, halwa puri, ban kabab, and many more.

6. Karachi Sweets

Karachi Sweets

There is a list of mouth-watering sweets of Karachi by which you can also earn well. Starting a sweet shop can help you in earning goods. Sweets such as Shahi Tukray, Sewaiyan, Sagudhana kheer, Sheer korma, Karachi halwa, and many more.

8. Careem Taxi Service

Careem Taxi Service

Like Uber and Ola, the famous Taxi service in Pakistan is Careem. So you can start investing in this business. Or can make your car invest in Careem and earn a handsome amount.

9. Steel Products

Steel Products

Steel production is high in the city of Karachi. So starting a business or a factory or making steel production can be an earning business that can make you a millionaire in Pakistan.

10. Cement Making

Cement Manufacturing

Karachi is famous for its cement business. As the production of cement is high in Karachi. Starting this medium scale business in Karachi can be a growing business for you.

11. Karachi Textile

Karachi Textile

There are a lot of huge textile mills in Karachi. The most sold textile in Karachi Pakistan is cotton. You can start a mill in Karachi. Or you can also start a shop selling these textiles in the city of Karachi.

12. Book Shop

Book Shop

Of course, the people of Pakistan are very devoted to their religion. So you can start a business selling books related to Pakistani culture or storybooks, novel books and many more.

13. Shalwar Kameez

Shalwar Kameez

The famous Libaz of Pakistani ladies is Salwar Kameez along with Pakistan the man also wears Pathani. Starting a business of making these Shalwar Kameez can be a good earning business, with a twist of fashion.

14. Leather Products

Leather Products

The leather of Karachi is very famous and pure. You can start a business making products of these leather and sell them into the local market of Karachi or export it to other countries.

15. Pakistani Handicraft

Pakistani Handicraft

Pakistani handicrafts are famous in the whole world, because of their texture, elegance, and beauty. They are very colourful in their appearance. You can start the small business in Karachi of manufacturing these handicrafts or a reselling shop.

Handicrafts such as Glazed tiles, khussa, Camel lamps, Carpets, earthen pots and many more. And most of the embroidery in Pakistan is very famous.

16. Carpets (Rugs)

Carpets (Rugs)

Pakistani Carpets or they also spelt it Rugs, are very famous among the people from the Mughal periods. These are not only famous in Pakistan but also the whole world. The demand for these carpets is so high that they are mostly exported from Pakistan to other countries. Starting a business manufacturing or reselling these Rugs can give you a good output in your business.

17. Marble, Onyx

Marble, Onyx

The production of Marble is high in Karachi, or you can say they are leading in this profession, you can also start a business selling and manufacturing things from these marbles. Along with the very famous Onyx which can only be found within Pakistan or Pak-Afghan or Pak-Iran borders. This Onyx is a green and elegant gemstone that can be found there.

18. Men’s Jinnah hat

Men’s Jinnah hat

The famous Jinnah hat or Pakistani hat is usually spelt as Karakul, these are the special hats that are made from wool, and fur. These caps are highly sold at a good cost, depending on the skin of the lamb which is used in making these caps. Usually, the single cost of these Jinnah caps is 900, to 2400 PKR.

19. Pakistan Chaunsa

Pakistan Chaunsa

The famous fruit of mango is Pakistan Chaunsa which is mango, a tasty mango, which is likely the people of Karachi and nationwide. You can start a small scale business selling and exporting these mangoes, along with starting a juice shop of these mangoes.

20. Karachi Fruit Biscuit

Karachi Fruit Biscuit

The most famous biscuit of Karachi which is loved by everyone, you can s bakery selling them. You can also purchase the franchise of these bakeries. Karachi fruit biscotti, almond biscotti, cashew cherry biscotti, dil khush, plum cake, and blueberry cookie. It Is the most famous biscuit from the city of Karachi. Well, the origin of these biscuits is from Hyderabad, India.

Final words

Here is a list of some business ideas in karachi with low investment, which we take out by checking the needs of people in Pakistan, and the resources which can be easily available in Pakistan. By checking the given ideas, You can start your own small or large scale business in Karachi and become financially independent. There is no limit to earning in business, so you can start your own business and grow. Thank you.

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