10 Best Business ideas in Mumbai: Start with Low Investment

Hey folks! Looking for business ideas in Mumbai? Well, Mumbai is a dream place for many. These dreams that one can watch and fulfill with their open eyes. The city of Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and the second most populated city in India. The city of Mumbai is covered with oceans and water near it.

Earlier Mumbai was the home of the Marathi people. The city of Mumbai lies on the Konkan coast which is situated on the West coast of India.

There is a lot to explore in Mumbai as Mumbai is so huge, famous, and populated. And the city which never sleeps works at both times. From a footpath person to a rich billionaire Mukesh Ambani lives in a city like Mumbai.

Many big cricket players, and film stars, and Mumbai is also known as a film city. There is a lot to explore about Mumbai from history to modern fashion a lot to explore. That was a whole about Mumbai in short.

Now let’s discuss the business idea in Mumbai.

business ideas in mumbai

Well, it is quite difficult to start a business in Mumbai. But everything is possible when you want to do it. The city of Mumbai is expensive and there every house member earns their living.

So it is already covered with varieties of businesses and they are also in very demand. People like to purchase from them and take their services as they are trusty for them.

Well, no need to lose hope if you use different ways and innovative ideas surely your business will touch its height.

Here is The List of 10 Best Business ideas in Mumbai in 2023

1. Juice Shop

As the people of Mumbai are very active and take good care of their health. Go to gyms, do morning, and evening walks, and take healthy diets. This means they engage themselves and follow a healthy lifestyle.

So if you are from Mumbai and looking for a business that can start in low capital you can surely go for it.

You can start selling juices such as Amla juice, aloe vera juice, Haldi, mulethi, vegetable, and fruit juice nearby parks and jogging points. By starting this business you can not only earn money but by serving these things you can also do Nobel jobs by keeping people healthy.

The best places to start this business in Mumbai are joggers park Andheri, Nirvana park, five gardens, Shivaji park, Marine drive, and many more famous gardens. As these places cover a good crowd your business can easily grow there.

2. Day Care Center

In places such as Mumbai, everyone is engaged in earning livelihood for them. Going to the office and taking care of their child is quite difficult for them sometimes. So they trust daycare and childcare centers for their babies’ care in their absence.

So if you are in Mumbai and living near the posh area you can earn a good, with low investment by opening a daycare or childcare center.

For opening these kinds of centers you need property, some child stuff, and 2-3 helpers after your business is grown up. This business can be started by both low-level investment and high-level investment.

3. Pet Grooming Service

Everyone is loving animals now. And they love to keep these animals as pets. Not only do they like pets but also they treat their pets like their family members and keep good care of them.

They take their pets for grooming too. So you start a grooming center for your pet as this business is new and trendy so you can start this business as the competition rate of this business is low right now.

If you don’t fear animals this business can be a good start for your earnings with low investment.

4. Door to Door Delivery Service

Doorstep Delivery Business

The people of Mumbai are very busy with their jobs and work. The buildings in which they live are very elevated, and the markets are very far.

In these conditions they want someone to deliver things to their doorstep. So in this modern era of technology, you can also take advantage of it and can start an online door to food delivery service. People can order online and by call and they can have the things like vegetables, fruits, food from the local market, bakery products, daily need products, and many more.

This service can make their life easy and hassle-free. The investment amount for this business is a little higher as this business can’t be started and done by a single person. At least 5-10 people need to start this business so that one can take orders and the other can deliver.

5. Bottled Water Supplier

As many of the people who live in Mumbai come from different cities, for setting their life and business there or for their jobs. So it is quite irritating for them to store and keep water for their drinking or installing RO is not a good option for them. So in that condition, they find that cane water is a good option for them.

So you can start a business delivering water cans to people’s places. This business doesn’t need a high investment. You can just set up a water plant and a vehicle to deliver these cans.

6. Start a Drama School

If you are on a good budget then acting school works wonders in Mumbai. As I earlier said, Mumbai is the city of dreams and many people come here to be actors and actresses and become famous for their talent. And many parents enrolled their children in drama school and acting academies from their childhood. So you can start your acting academy for them.

Well, starting this business needs a good budget if you don’t know anything about acting you have to hire a tutor for the students.

7. Photography Studio

Many models, web series actors, actresses, and many people who want to become famous built their portfolios to be prepared for auditions for movies, web series, and many more places where photos are needed.

Along with photography studio also provides the capability of video editing, video making, model shooting, portfolio, and many more.

For opening a photo studio one should have a camera and a place where he can place their computer printer and click professional photos. This a low capital business it can easily open in 1 to 10 lakh in which you can also purchase cameras too.

8. Car Washing Center

In Mumbai, lots of people travel by car as I earlier mentioned there are a lot of rich people living in Mumbai. Or in today’s time, everyone maintains a car for their safety and security. Of course, if cars run on the road they will get dirty and need cleaning. So car washing can also be a good business idea in Mumbai.

9. House Cleaning Service

In Mumbai, busy society people are always in the look for servants, nurses, housekeepers, and many more servants who can take care of their old parents In their absence, or can take things they want from the market, play with their children, cook, helping servants and many more.

One can search the slum area people or the people who are looking for work and can connect those people to those who are in need of these services by opening a business house cleaning service.

This business doesn’t need a lot of budget to open but needs a lot of effort and a mind to connect the people. For the opening, of this business one can start their office and hire a Telecaller who can call and ask the people.

10. Band Company (Event Management Company)

One can also start a band company in Mumbai. As in Mumbai the Ganesh Chaturthi and other festivals are celebrated on their high with a complete entertainment package.

Opening a band company as a business can cost you a little as high as 15-20 lakh. As in it, you have to hire various people to play the instrument and instruments.

Final words

Here in this, we have shared some unique business ideas which you can start in Mumbai. As the competition ratio of these businesses is also not that high. One can easily grow in it. We hope you found this article helpful.

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  1. Hello, Rajendra I’m from Mumbai and these business ideas for Mumbai are good Can also update some new business for women who can do from home in Mumbai?

  2. In Mumbai, I saw many Juice shops or you can say Juice Wala!!!
    I heard that business many people suggesting to start. but the problem is to manage the next 6 months’ rental cost for the shop and from the beginning, you’ll not earn that much money to pay the bills for electricity, the rent of the shop and the workers.
    Do you have any suggestions for me? please let me know. I’m afraid before starting it.


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