Top 10 Money Earning Games in India Earn While Having Fun

Do you love to play games in your free time? Yes, it is one of the refreshing and fun activities that help you relax and release stress. With a wide range of games, right from simple arcades to puzzles, there are a plethora of options that suit the taste of different players.

But what if you get the opportunity of trying money earning games that pays you real cash to play? Fascinating, right! There are various games available online that offer the players an opportunity to earn money by winning. 

So, let us have a look at the top money earning games in India that are only fun to play but are also ones that can help you earn some free bucks.

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Top 10 Money Earning Games

When you use social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you must have come across various advertisements that offer you the opportunity to play games and earn money. While some of them are legit, others are not.

Before we move ahead with the list of the real money games in India, it is important to check a few points to ensure that the game you are playing is not a scam.

The main points are:

  • Ensure to check the entire terms and conditions of the game.
  • Try to play games that do not ask for the registration fee or signup amount until a credible market is available.
  • Analyze your chances of winning and losing simultaneously.

So, once you are through, then you can start with the below list of the top money earning games in India:

1. Roz Dhan


rozdhan money earning app

If you are looking for a game that can help you earn between 15K to 1Lakh per month, then Rozdhan is a great choice. This offers multiple choices to the users to earn money by following some simple steps.

Inviting friends, logging in daily, reading articles, and seeing push notifications are some basic ways to earn and some other games. The minimum withdrawal is INR 200, and 250 coins are INR 1 in this app.

2. Dream11


earn money by playing dream11

One of the quite well-known money earning games, Dream11 is a fantasy esports platform that offers players to build a team and play games. It is kind of a pool game where the winning team gets all the stake in the contest.

This game demands a little investment, a minimum of INR 100, so starting this game with low stakes is better.

3. Ace2Three


earn money by playing a23 in india

A card game loved by many people, it is one played by over 8 million people. It has 9 variants of Rummy which allows the player to compete with various other players in the card game and earn money. One of the finest real money games India, this also offers a bonus and is a great game to play. 



A multiplayer game, this is one of the best money earning games in India. This game invites players to participate in the quizzes every day. The player is required to answer 10 multiple-choice questions without being eliminated. Additionally, there are various other games on the platform that you can play. The points earned on the game can be either encashed or used to pay the utility bills.

5. PayTm First Games


paytm first games

This game makes the PayTm cash earning app and is also one that is quite simple and fantastic to use. This platform is not just a payment platform but is loaded with an amazing collection of games like Tic Tac Toe, Jumps, Ludo, Cut the Rope, Badland, and some 300 more. But while using this, the user will be required to pay taxes over wins, and also, one can withdraw not all cash or points.

6. Junglee Rummy


earn money from junglee rummy

Junglee Rummy is a game that can be played by 2 to 6 people at a table and has over 2.5 crore participants on board. It hosts a variety of tournaments, ranging from free to VIP. Aside from participating for free, players may pay as little as INR 5 to enter the event. One of the best money earning games, this is truly fun and easy.

7. Mobile Premier League


earn money from mpl app

One of India’s most popular gaming applications is MPL. It has more than 50 fascinating Paytm cash earning app. It’s a new trivia game that includes Bloxmash, Chess, Rummy, Fantasy Sports, Quiz, Rogue Heist, Fruit Chop, and more. MPL is a one-stop shop for fun, rewards, and information.

8. Carrom Clash


carrom clash earn money

A 100% safe and legal game, it is one that you can play with your friends and earn enormous amounts of money. One of the real money games India offers the facility of easy withdrawal. The only basic requirement of the game is to complete the registration and skill of playing carrom to win.

9. Rummy Circle


The largest online rummy game in India is Rummy Circle, a 13-card and one of the best money earning games. The app is free to download and play with a minimum deposit of Rs. 25.

After picking from the closed or open deck and discarding undesirable cards, sort the cards rapidly to make a minimum of two sequences and sets. The one who can rapidly put together the ideal sequence wins.

10. Ludo Circle


ludo circle earning app

Ludo, a game that all used to play in childhood, gained quite a name and fame during the pandemic. This is quite a simple ludo game that a maximum of four players can play with that in mind. The game has small signup with no additional fee for the game. The player can use 100% of the entry fee and win double the amount in the game.

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After a hectic workday, all you need is some time to relax and reboot yourself. In such a situation, there is no better option than spending time playing games. With these top money earning games in India, you can have fun and earn some money while playing the fun games of your choice. Indeed, one of the best ways to kill time is using money earning games.


Which game is best for earning money?

The best game for earning money depends on your choice of game and skills. If you are still looking for the top picks, then Roz Dhan and Dream11 are truly great.

Is there any game to earn real money in India?

Yes, various real money games in India allow you to win a good amount. The notable ones are Dream11, PayTm First Games, and Junglee Rummy.

Which is the No 1 earning App in India?

Paytm First Games is indeed the no1 earning app in India that offers various options to earn money daily.

Which earning app is best?

If you are looking for a simple earning app that is fun and friendly, then LOCO is a great choice.

Which is the best daily earning app?

Roz Dhan is a perfect application to earn daily that offers you multiple options to earn.

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