Top 15 Business ideas in Bihar: Needs High & Low Capital Input

Bihar is a famous state in India. Although the state of Bihar was not so developed in earlier days, day by day this state is getting more involved in business and getting a good response to it.

The state of Bihar is famous for its productivity, of high-quality silk, sugar, jute, and many famous minerals not only in these it is getting more advanced in the education centre, infrastructure and many more.

However, there is a ton of business a one can start by living in Bihar.

If you wanna grow your business at any place, then before investing you must have knowledge about that place, the people who often visit there, the demands of that place and many more. As this is the key to starting your business.

business ideas for bihar

Secondly, choose the business type in which raw ingredients or minerals can easily be found in that area. So that you can easily utilise the benefit of living in that area.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss some business ideas which one can easily start in being Bihar on a high or low level as per their capital amount of investment.

Here’s a list of top 15 business ideas in Bihar Start with High & Low Capital Input

1. Computer Training Institute

Computer training centres are very high in demand right now, as most things are switching online nowadays and the people want to upgrade them in every field.

So computer training centres, computer learning centres or computer courses are very high in demand. Along with most the job, vacancies prefer computer knowledge.

Starting a computer training institute can help you to start a good earning business with a noble cause of developing computer education among the people.

2. Franchise Business

If you are thinking to start a business with a good capital amount, then starting a franchise business is a good choice all you have to choose is a good product franchise which is in demand by people and your area, tie-up with the company and purchase their franchise and start earning handsomely.

3. Papermaking

Paper is always in demand as this is the basic need of every office, area, school work or everywhere. Starting a paper-making factory or paper-selling business can help one to grow. This is a demanding business, which can start with a small investment.

4. Make-up Manufacturing from Mica mineral

Mica is a basic mineral which is a must component in makeup products which can easily get in-state bihar. So states like bihar can be a good manufacturers of make-up products. Stating a make-up manufacturing business in Bihar can be a good charm for your business.

5. Toothpaste Making

The ingredients which are needed to make toothpaste are easily available in the bihar state. So starting a toothpaste-making business in bihar can be a good option for those who are thinking to start a manufacturing business in their area with a favourable income.

6. Water filtration Making

Water quality is decreasing day by day and becoming a reason for various diseases. Water filtration is a must process for today’s polluted water. You can start a water filtration plant, or start manufacturing water filtration machines.

In an area like Bihar, there are various raw mineral found that helps in the filtration process. Starting this business in especially state bihar is an easy earning business.

7. Ceramic Making

Ceramics are mostly in demand for construction work or artists. These can also be easily found in the state bihar so stating the business of selling ceramic of manufacturing will easily start in bihar.

8. Paint Colour Manufacturing Factory

Paint colour is a basic thing which required by every person, to paint there houses, offices and place. The main chemical ingredients which are needed to make paint colours are easily available in Bihar state. So starting this paint colour manufacturing business in bihar will become a profit earning business.

9. Handloom Silk manufacturing

The city in the state bihar “Bhagalpur” is known as the silk city of bihar and is famous all over the world. As this city is serving their service of silk manufacturing for the last 200 years and many more years to go. Starting a silk shop or manufacturing silk textile there can be a good earning business.

10. Bihar’s Famous Woodwork

Bihar is one of the famous woodwork states in India. The famous wood Inlay and carving work can be seen in Bihar state. Patna is also very famous for the wood-cutting toy. You can start your wood cutting factory in bihar and take your business to heights.

11. Namkeen Manufacturing

Who doesn’t love snacks, bihar is so famous for its taste and namkeen manufacturing. You can start your namkeen manufacturing shop and selling shop. Namkeens are of various varieties and loved by everyone and are in high demand. You can start this manufacturing work and earn handsomely.

12. Tyre Store

Of course, we all need transport to travel here and there and all transport needs tyres to move. From truck to cycle, they all need tyres to move. And so tyres are in demand. You can start your own manufacturing company of tyres by doing great research for starting this business. Along with you can also start a distributor firm of these tyres in which you only have to purchase the tyre from the factory and can sell at your place.

13. Tea Bag Making

Tea bags are high in demand, most people prefer using tea bags tea, green tea, tulsi tea, immunity booster tea and many more. Tea bags are easy to carry from one place to another place and super hygienic.

So the culture of using tea bags for tea is raising high. You can start a business manufacturing these bags, they are easy and convenient to make and high in market demand.

Starting this business doesn’t cost a good capital you can start this business with a small investment, and earn well.

14. Juice Stalls

Juice are a must need to keep our body hydrated into summer the diet-conscious people prefer juice more to cold drinks. As juice is natural, loaded with vitamins, minerals and good things and give a good impact on the body and our health.

You can’t start your fruit juice centre and serve people this summer. You can also serve healthy juice to health-conscious people in the morning or evening times. You can start this juice stall near any gym or yoga centre in your area or as well as in a local marketplace for a satisfactory earning.

15. Tea stall

The connection bond between tea and people is unbreakable. People prefer tea in summer times too as they drink tea as their meditation on their stress, or headache or drink it to make their body feel refreshed.

You can start a tea stall or a coffee shop in any local area to attract customers to your shop. Along with you can also start this tea stall business into a commercial area, as like a place where a land of offices, shops are built. As here teas and coffee are high in demand.

Final words

Here In this article, we have written some easy ideas which one can easily start in being bihar state. Along with you can also start the business as per the climate area of bihar. There are various ways by which you can decide which business you want to start in bihar you can choose the ideas from the given article along with you can also modify those ideas according to you and your business demand.

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