How To Start Gym Business in India (Step by Step Guide)

Gym Business is a one-time investment business and after one or two months you’ll start getting a huge profit from the business. Starting a Gym business is not easy because you must have each information about Gym equipment, the location of the Gym, and most importantly how to grow the business quickly. In the post, we will guide you step by step on start Gym business in India.

Start Gym Business in India

Nowadays everyone wants to start his own business because there is almost no money in the job. Starting a Gym business can be a great idea because here you don’t need to invest money every month and most probably you’ll start getting profit from the Gym in 1 – 2 months. Here is the complete guide on how to start a GYM business in India.

We understand everyone does not have a lot of money to start a professional Gym from the beginning. Maybe you also do not have so, we will also provide you some tips on how to start a Gym business on a very low budget and grow quickly.

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Why Gym Business?

Before starting any business a person always checks a lot of business ideas to start in his city. There is a lot of business that can be started in a city, every single business needs a lot of men’s power and money to manage. Below are the reasons why you should start a Gym business.

  • Almost one-time investment business plan.
  • Profit can be seen from 1 – 3 months if you started Gym properly.
  • Only 1 – 3 people can handle the whole business if the Gym business is small or medium size.
  • A gym business can be started at a low cost.
  • The gym business is growing very quickly because almost everyone focusing on his fitness.

Start Gym Business

Starting a profitable business is very hard and most people fail in the business. Here we will mention a few steps in detail to start a Gym business in your city or where you want. We strongly recommend you to do your own research also because you’ll learn a lot of things to manage this business.

Note: If you want to start a small Gym then you can ignore a few things from some steps that are mentioned below. We clearly mentioned which things you can ignore to start a gym in a few amount of money.

Step 1: Find a Location

Location is a very important thing for any business like Gym, mall, restaurant, shop, etc. If you selected the wrong location for the Gym business then most probably your Gym will be failed or you’ll not get a lot of profit. Most of the Gym business fails because of the wrong location selection. Below are a few points that will guide you to select a perfect location for your Gym business.

  • Select a location where a lot of people visit regularly.
  • The gym location should near the area where a lot of people live.
  • Open Gym near residential colonies or sectors.

Step 2: Work on Interiors

We all know that a lot of people attract to a thing if it looks amazing or attractive. This also applies to the Gym so, you should definitely work on interiors to give the gym a good look. Use some gym motivation posters and thoughts in the gym to motivate the people who are in Gym.

You can take some ideas about Gym Interiors design from the internet. Do not add a lot of things to the interior, keep it simple but attractive.

Note: If you are starting a small gym then do not spend a lot of money on gym interior design. You should also not ignore it because it attracts a lot of people and looks professional.

Step 3: Get Equipment

It is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about starting a gym. There are several things you should remember equipment technology, modern equipment, and timely equipment maintenance. We strongly recommend you do complete research about equipment.

Below are some common gym equipment, you must have these to start a gym or we can say these gym equipment are required in a gym.

  • Training bench
  • Dumbbell set
  • Barbell set
  • Fitness ball
  • Weight checker
  • Rowing machine
  • Kettlebell set
  • Pull up frame and bar
  • Treadmill
  • Stationary bicycle

Step 4: Hire a Professional Trainer

Hope you know that most of the people who do the gym are youngsters and most of the youngsters do not have knowledge on how to do any excises properly. In this case, a gym trainer will guide them and your gym’s popularity will increase. Only a professional gym trainer can guide what exercise you should do and what diet you should take.

After a good selection of gym locations, the rest of the business depends on the gym trainer. The monthly charge of a gym trainer starts from rs. 15,000 and the charge depends on his qualification and experience.

Step 5: Gym Maintainance

Gym and all the equipment maintenance is required timely. If the maintenance of the gym is not happening timely then most people can switch the gym. Also do not forget equipment maintenance because it can be harmful to anyone and safety should be your first priority.

Step 6: Gym Promotion

When your gym is new in an area then most probably most of the people in the area do not know about your gym. You can promote your gym business by offering several offers like discounts, free demos, etc. Advertising is one of the best and easy methods to grow your gym business.

You can promote your business using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. You can also use banners or posters to advertise your gym.


Is the gym business a profitable business?

Yes, the gym business is a profitable business and in this business, you don’t need to invest money timely.

The monthly cost of running a gym?

The monthly cost of running a gym depends upon its size, number & type of equipment, qualification & experience of the gym trainer, and location of the gym.

Final Words: We hope this post will help you a lot to start a gym business. In this post, we explained almost every piece of information you should know before starting a gym business. Let me know if you are struggling with any step or point explained in the post. Read the latest and updated article on business ideas on

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