13+ Best Small Business Ideas in Gujarat with Low Investment

Gujarat is the land of businessmen and businesswomen and the birthplace of very famous entrepreneurs, it also earned the title of Petrol-Capital of India, because it facilitates large refining in public and private sectors.

The city of Gujarat is a complete package of every citizen’s needs. Famous for its rich culture, energetic people, heritage, deserts, beaches, Arabian Sea, nature’s beauty and color full of tradition, famous cuisine, business-minded people, and a supportive government, what else do you need for peace?

business ideas in gujarat

You can say the hidden business gem of India lives in Gujarat, and the people of Gujarat are not only found in business but also they know all the smart technique to take their business to the next level. Very famous businessmen of India are from Gujarat like Adani, and Ambani. Gujarat is also known as the state of father Mahatma Gandhi.

Gujarat shares the 3rd largest GDP and 27% taxpayer state of India. Because of this Gujarat is also famous as a finances-friendly state all over the world.

Well, we now know much about Gujarat let’s discuss some of the best businesses in Gujarat with low investment.

Here is The List of 13+ Best Small Business Ideas Opportunities in Gujarat with Low Investment

1. Biscuit Making Business

Biscuit lovers have their union. Various brands in the market have been selling their biscuits for a long time. The famous biscuit brand of Parle-G is from Gujarat. If you love baking and cooking you can try making your biscuit brand by giving a twist to your biscuit.

2. Kite Making Business

The famous festival of Gujarat is Uttarayan in which people fly kites. This is the low investment business in Gujarat and you can start your production in Gujarat.

3. Handicraft and Sculpture

If you are from Gujarat you must know the traditional handicraft and sculpture-making of Gujarat with proper traditional touch. The demand for these products is very high in the market. The City Kutch is the home of these traditional Rogan paintings, soof embroidery, copper bells, and many more.

4. Dairy Business

Dairy product business

If you are from Gujarat you can start your own business of dairy products, in which you can serve Milk, Butter, Ghee, Curd, and many more. This business is a profitable business that can easily start this business on a small scale and large scale.

There is a lot of scope for this business in Gujarat. The famous AMUL brand is also of Gujrat and managed by the Gujarat Cooperative Milk market. If you own livestock you can also sell your products to them and earn a profit.

5. Thread making

Thread making

Thread-making business can be a good earning business in Gujarat and you can export it all over India. In Gujarat the need for Manjha is high. So you can earn a good profit with it.

6. Cool Drinks Packet

Cool drinks packet

In summer we all love packed flavor beverages. You can start your own packed flavor beverage production setup. Rasna is a very famous packaged beverage in Gujarat. This is a low investment high returns business in Gujarat.

7. Perfume Making

Perfume making

The business of perfume making is also touching heights in the market. If you are thinking of starting a business on a small scale you can start a perfume-making business in Gujarat, Ind can upgrade it to a large industry later. Wipro is one of the famous perfume-making companies in Gujarat. 

8. Ice Cream Making and Selling

Ice cream making and selling

As the temperature of Gujarat is high, in summers. Selling ice cream as a business can be a profitable business. You can also start your own ice cream factory as Vadilal did. Vadilal is a big cream brand from Gujarat.

9. Health Care Products

health care products

As people are taking health care products as part of their daily routine. You can start your own health care-making business like aloe vera juice, and amla juice and sell them into the market.

10. Production and Selling of Tobacco

Production and selling of tobacco

The production of tobacco is high in Gujarat. You can start your own tobacco selling product in Gujarat.

11. Peanut Butter Making

Peanut butter making

The production of peanuts in Gujarat is on the hike its most profitable business in Gujarat. And the demand for peanut butter is increasing day by day and the market for peanut butter is very growing.

12. Spices of Gujarat

Business of spices

The chili spices of Gujarat are world-famous. You can start your own spice-making business and export it to the whole of India.

13. Edible Oil Selling

Edible Oil Selling

Well, the famous billionaire of Gujarat Adani also works as a manufacturer of Edible oil. The business of making edible oil is on the hike.

Mostly in Gujarat, the production of cotton is high, so usually, people of Gujarat use Kapasia oil in their kitchens. So you can start making these edible oils and selling them in Gujarat. You can even export this to other states.

14. Detergent Powder Manufacturing

Cleansers and Detergent Manufacturing

The detergent powder-making business is a very popular business in Gujarat. In Gujarat, people are always in finding for new businesses in innovative ways. The famous detergent company Nirma is also a brand of Gujarat and exports its detergent powder all over the country.

There are a lot of profits in detergent-making companies.

15. Clock Making

Clock making

The famous Clock production Ajanta is from Gujarat. You can start your own clock-making company in Gujarat.

16. Stationery Store

how to start stationery business in india

Starting a business selling a stationery product can be a profitable business for the business owner. The famous DOMS stationery product company is from Gujarat.

17. Metal Jewellery

Jewellery Stores

The famous metal jewelry of Gujarat is the most demanded artificial jewelry among people all over India. You can start your own business selling and making this jewelry.

18. Beautiful Silk Fabric

Surat which comes under the state Gujarat is well known for its textile. The famous beautiful silk fabric is the most selling textile of surat all over the country.

19. Adhesive Making

Adhesive making

You can start your adhesive-making business. The famous adhesive making brand Pidilite which makes Fevi Kwik and Fevicol is from Gujarat. Similarly, you can start your own setup in this growing business.

20. Air Cooler Making and Selling

Air Cooler Making and Selling

In summers the temperature of Gujrat reaches its high up to 45° C. It is not easy for everyone to afford an Air conditioner for their houses, although in comparison to air conditioners coolers are more nature friendly. You can start your own Air cooler making and selling business in Gujarat.

Have you heard about the famous growing company of Air cooler Symphony? It is a Gujarat-based company that makes coolers and Air conditioners and currently ruling in Air conditioner-making companies all over India.

Final words

Here we have mentioned some business ideas which can easily be started in Gujarat. Although except these Gujarat people also earn from exporting cotton all over the world at least 60℅ of the cotton all over the world is supplied from Gujarat. Along with also earning from tourists as Gujarat is also a big attraction of tourists. One can easily start a large scale and a small scale business given in the article.

Hope you find this article helpful in opening your business in Gujarat.

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