16 Best Business ideas and Opportunities in Jharkhand in [2024]

In India, Jharkhand gets the title of state of the forest as it is covered with forests nearby it. The state shares its border with the other state of India and lies nearby Bihar.

If we talk about the economic level of Jharkand it is known as the second poorest state in India. Most of the people of Jharkhand go to other states for earning their livelihood.

Not only it is economically poor, but also the condition of Jharkhand state as compared to other states of India is very down, the literary rate is below the average, no infrastructure development, you can consider it a backward state of India.

business ideas in jharkhand

Although the productivity of things is low in Jharkhand, it is highly rich in mineral resources, it is also known as the richest state in minerals like coal, iron ore, copper, uranium, mica, bauxite, granite, limestone, silver, graphite, dolomite, and many more.

As the state individual owns 29% of the productivity from mineral resources and wood products. The people of Jharkhand, live in rural areas, and they are illiterate and don’t know how to utilise and make productivity.

So most of the people from other states, come and establish industries there and make productivity from the mineral resources. So people of there can learn and utilise their own states mineral and start producing things from it.

Let’s discuss some startup business ideas that you can in Jharkhand.

Here’s A List of 16 Business ideas and Opportunities in Jharkhand

1. Export Business of Granite and Marbles

Marble and Granite Business

As we already have discussed above Jharkhand is a mineral-rich city in India. So, you can also startup the business of exporting granite and marble. In Jharkhand, there is high-quality granite available. Granite is highly used in the most essential items like kitchen tops, shelves, bathrooms, basins, etc.

In India granite is not available in many states so you can export granite and marbles to other cities and states. It is a large scale business as you also require several registrations to start a business.

2. Makeup Products Manufacturing

Makeup Products Manufacturing

As makeup production needs the natural resource mica in it. And you can have mica in a huge quantity in Jharkand as Jharkhand is rich in Mica. Lip gloss, mascara, moisturising lotion, eye shadow blusher, and many more.

3. Ceramic Making Business

Ceramic Industry

People love to decorate their homes and offices with ceramic items. Also, nowadays ceramic tiles are much in demand. People are using tiles to beautify kitchens, bathrooms, and floors. If you have the skills to create beautiful ceramic pots and other decorating items then starting your ceramic making business would be more profitable.

4. Pencil Making

Pencil making business

The lead pencil is made from Graphite and Jharkhand is the Indian state which is the second-largest producer of graphite. So, if you want to earn a handsome amount from a business then pencil making is the wise decision. You need machinery and raw materials to produce pencils.

5. Wire Manufacturing Business

Steel Wires

As Jharkhand is rich in Iron and wire production needs iron in it. Most of the metals are formed in Jharkhand and that is why the wire manufacturing business can be the best business option.

To produce wire we need different metals like iron, steel, brass, copper, aluminum, etc. And most of the metals are based in Jharkhand so you can easily develop a wire manufacturing business.

6. Start a Business of Making Blouse Hook

Making Blouse Hook

The main raw material requires in making a blouse hook is wire, and these wires are made from iron. The hook can also be used in other clothing items like salwar suits, sherwani, kurtas, etc.

It is a profitable business and is a small scale business. You need to invest money to purchase machines and raw materials like steel for making hooks.

7. Safety Pin Manufacturing Business

Safety Pin Manufacturing

The safety pin is made up of steel and as we know that Jharkhand is the best in the production of steel. The safety pin is a product that is widely and frequently used product in households. And most women who used to wear saree depends pin plays an important role as their fashion item. This is a small scale business that requires a machine, a small space, and raw materials to produce safety pins.

8. Steel Utensils Manufacturing Business

Steel Products

Jharkhand is the number one state which produces steel in a large amount. Indian families mostly use steel utensils for cooking and eating purposes. So, manufacturing steel utensils will be a great opportunity to grow your business higher.

9. Coal Supply Business

Coal Supply Business

Jharkhand is the second largest state which produces a large amount of coal. So, starting a coal supplying business would be a great option to earn higher profit for your business. Now, Government doesn’t impose strict rules on the local person regarding the supply of coal. To start the business you need to get the license mining leases or composite license.

10. Charcoal Products Manufacturing

Charcoal Products Manufacturing

Nowadays, charcoal products are highly in demand. Many businesses have started manufacturing charcoal face packs, teeth whitening powder, and soap. Jharkhand is popular for the production of coal in the country. So, manufacturing charcoal products can be the best business idea for you.

11. Manufacturing of Batteries

Manufacturing of Batteries

If you want to start a medium to high scale business in Jharkhand then starting a battery manufacturing factory business is a good earning business for you.

As we earlier wrote about the minerals that can be easily found in Jharkhand as Jharkhand is rich in graphite and battery manufacturing needs graphite. As it is the main raw material of battery making.

12. Steel Products

Steel Products

As Jharkhand is rich in iron ore and magnetite which helps in making utensils, things, storage boxes of steel, and many more, steel products. Steel products are mainly used in infrastructure like making Bridges, railings, railways, etc.

And also in vehicles like cars, trucks, cycles, etc. Steel products are always high in demand. So, manufacturing steel products will be the best business idea for you.

13. Glassmaking Business

Wine Glassmaking business

Jharkhand is the mineral riched state where you also found dolomite in high quantity. If you wish you can also start glass making business in Jharkhand. Glass is made up of different minerals including limestone, dolomite, silica, and soda.

Nowadays, glass is very much in trend people use glass items for decorating their homes and also use glass gates to beautify their residing area.

14. Brick Making Business

Brick Making Business

Brick needs the mineral Dolomite in production which is very high in Jharkhand. So you can take the advantage of it and start a brick-making business, it is a low to high investment business.

15. Cement Making Business

Cement Manufacturing

Cement production needs, bauxite mineral which can easily get in the Jharkhand state, and which is in high demand while making houses, offices, and things. So starting a cement-making business can give you good output.

16. Making Ornaments from The Sliver


Jharkhand is rich in metals production so it will be a great idea to make ornaments from silver. Indian women prefer to wear silver jewelry like anklets, rings, toe rings, etc. On every occasion like Diwali, Karwachauth, or any special pooja jewelry love to decorate themselves with jewelry. You can start making designer ornaments from silver and start your business.

Final Words

These are some business ideas that one can easily start in Jharkhand by using the minerals and start producing with the benefit of minerals.

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