Top 12 Small Scale Business Ideas Opportunities In Bangalore

Bangalore or Bengaluru is the official capital of Karnataka. Which is located on the Deccan plateau, it also gets the title of the megacity because of the population as it is the third most populous city. It gets various titles such as silicon city of India, and the world-famous IT hub. There are a lot of MNCs established in Banglore, IT companies, and an IT hub.

business ideas in bangalore

Well, the city Bengaluru is very famous for its qualities as it serves best to its citizens, quality and standard of living, safe city for women, clean, full of hygiene, fewer crime reports, and high literacy rate. Many of the people who are living in Bengaluru come from different states of India, as it is the biggest IT hub in India.

Most youngster lives in Bengaluru so, here we are writing some of the best low-investment business ideas in Bangalore that one can easily start and which fits with the market demand of Bengaluru.

Let’s discuss this.

Here’s The List of 12 Small Scale Business Ideas Opportunities In Bangalore

1. Tiffin Centre

Start a Tiffin Centre

Bangalore is a city in India where students from around the country come for further studies for pursuing their degrees and some of them are working in different companies. Most people don’t get time to prepare food for themselves and seek tiffin centres which can provide good quality food like their home. Starting a tiffin centre will be a great business idea for household women.

2. Door to Door Home Tutor

door to door home tutor

Children studying in school get very tired when returning home which is why most parents are looking for home tutors. Very less tutors there give home tuition as many tutors run their coaching centres. But parents want that their child gets special attention.

If you have good teaching skills and are highly educated then you can start giving door-to-door tuition or you can also get contacts with other tutors who can give home tuition and send them to the location and provide door-to-door tutors.

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3. Flower Shop

Floating Flower Business

Flowers are always in demand as nowadays people love to decorate their homes or event halls using different kinds of flowers. Whether it is a housewarming party, special pooja, ring ceremony, wedding ceremony or any kind of special occasion, people want flower decoration.

Bangalore is a city where people celebrate each occasion happily and with more joy that is why starting a flower shop business is a great small investment business in Bangalore.

4. Cloud Kitchen

cloud kitchen business in india

We Indians always have cravings for food but due to our very busy schedules, we don’t have enough time to prepare delicious food for ourselves. Cloud kitchen is a boon for many people who wants to have different food cuisines.

If you commence a cloud kitchen and start delivering famous dishes of Bangalore such as Idli Sambar, Bisi Bele Bath, Bun Nippat Masala, etc. you will receive great benefits at a lower investment.

5. Chocolate

Raw Production of Chocolate

Chocolate is loved by every age group whether a small child or an adult. If you start the business of manufacturing chocolate then you will earn great profit. South India is famous for producing dark chocolates.

If you want to start your chocolate business in India then you should get some licenses like GST registration, Trade license, firm registration, etc.

6. Silk Saree

Cotton Traditional Saree

The Silk Saree of Bangalore is famous around the world. Bangalore is known for producing high-quality silk saree. Women all around the country love to wear silk saree. It looks beautiful and elegant on the person who wears it.

So, opening a silk saree shop would be a great idea to start a business in Bangalore. You can also start online selling silk saree.

7. Sandalwood Products Manufacturing

Things from Sandalwood

Sandalwood is highly produced in Karnataka and most of the Sandalwood powder is available in southern states. It is one of the most demanding beauty products.

You can start manufacturing sandalwood products like soap, face wash, cream and other lotions then they will be highly in demand.

8. Sweetshop of Mysore Pak and Famous Peda

Sweet Shop

Bangalore Mysore Pak and Peda are world-famous. These are mouth-watering sweets and are loved by Indians. Many people,  residents of other cities and states reside in Bangalore so if you sell Mysore Pak or Peda this will be a great delight for them.

Opening a sweet shop will never fail and provides you with long-term profit as we Indians celebrate our everyday and sweet plays an important role in that.

If you already own a shop then the investment is much lower but if you have to buy or get a shop on the lease it will lead to some extra investment.

9. South Masala (Spices)

South Masala (Spices)

South India has its flavours and different taste from the other regions of the country. South India is known for producing a large number of spices. Bangalore is famous for producing spices like nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper.

The south masala has its goodness and taste. Indians love spices and when making idli sambhar, rasam and other south Indian dishes it is necessary to have an authentic south masala taste to get the feeling of south India.

That is why starting the south masala business will be a great option. As you can deliver the south masala to other parts of the country via the online business.

10. Grocery at Your Doorstep

Grocery Retail Business

People of Bangalore don’t have enough time to go out for purchasing groceries. It will be a great relief for them if groceries can come to their doorstep. So, if you want to start your business in Bangalore, you can start a Grocery at your Doorstep Business. It will be greatly profitable for you.

You can either develop an app and create contacts with the other grocery shopkeepers and deliver their products to the customers or open your grocery store and start online delivery services.

11. Mini Hostel

Mini Hostel

Bangalore is a centre of attraction for many students. Many courses and good colleges are available in Bangalore and that is why a huge number of students come to study. They look for a hostel where they can live like their homes and get food and other facilities.

If you have enough space and management skills then you can open your mini hostel. Apart from the students, these hostels can also be open to tourists. Bangalore has various tourist places and that is why a large number of tourists visit the place.

The business is low-level if you already owned property and convert it into a mini hostel. Otherwise, you need to purchase a property.

12. Car Washing Services

Car washing centre

Bangalore is a silicon valley of India and fills with rich people. Most people owe their vehicle. Due to the rise in the automotive sector, the demand for cars always increases shortly so starting car washing services will offer you great profit.

Due to their busy schedules, people prefer to send their cars to a car washing service for regular cleaning despite cleaning themselves.


What businesses are most profitable in Bangalore?

The most profitable businesses in Bangalore is Grocery Store, Hostels, Cloud Kitchen, Car washing, and tiffin service.

What business can I start with 50000 in Bangalore?

Under 50,000 you can start multiple businesses like tiffin service, tea stall, tutoring, and pickle business.

Final words

The City of Bengaluru is not only high-tech but filled with greenery near it. At the time of the new year, a glimpse of a new year can see in its plants, trees, and natural areas. And there are various places to visit in Bengaluru, you can earn extra by becoming a tourist guide or by starting online e-commerce applications around the city, or woo-commerce platform applications, there is a lot to go.

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