Top 11+ Low Investment Business Opportunities in Uttar Pradesh

If you look around the world there is so much to explore. If you are looking for business ideas there are a lot of ways to learn through. You can start any of the businesses from the low level and take it to the heights.

The world is full of creative ideas and so businesses as we humans are always in need of things, creativity and upgrades.

Although before getting into the business line, double-check your list of things and be a little professional. Check the locality demand in which you are going to start your business. Check your skills, raw materials which you can easily get, and dye your hand into those things which you can do with interest.

Your only motive should not be to earn money but should also be to fulfill the customer’s need as customer satisfaction is the thing which can he’ll you take the heights.

If you are looking for business ideas in Uttar Pradesh go and check out the business demand of their local markets. Along with you can also try our given ideas and add them with your twist.

Here is The List of Top 11+ Low Investment Business Ideas Opportunities in Uttar Pradesh

1. Agra Inlay Pots

Agra Inlay Pots

The marble production of Agra is very high. The vase of the Agra is so famous all over India. The stone craftwork of Agra is very old. This craft vase is made for enhancing the beauty of the houses, workplaces, and so on.

Agra produces these vases in a high ratio. The craftwork done in this vase is antique, colorful, and in very high demand.

2. Agra Sweets

Agra Sweets

Agra ka Petha is a world-famous sweet that one can only get in Agra with a mouth-watering taste. Starting this business can take you to heights. You can also start importing and exporting this mouth-watering sweet to other cities in India. This is a medium scale business but you can upgrade it and take it to the large.

3. Glass Making

Disposable Glass making can be the best option to start your business in Uttar Pradesh. As plastic glasses are banned by the government of India, producing disposable glass can be the most profitable business for you due to the rise in demand for disposable glass.

You can start glass making business on both a small scale and a large scale. And the Government of India offers various types of loans to help you start your own business.

4. Carpet Making

Carpets (Rugs)

Carpet making is a profitable business for you as the number of customers buying carpets is higher in the city. Most of the people whether required for household purposes or business purposes like using carpets in offices, hotels, theatre halls, exhibitions, etc. are the targeted customers.

5. Terracotta

Terracotta Clay

Gorakhpur, one of the cities of Uttar Pradesh is widely famous for the production of Terracotta. Using terracotta you can create flower pots. It is a kind of ceramic pottery that can also be used to create bricks and sculptures.

Products made up of terracotta such as pitchers, earthen pots, clay sculptures, and terracotta bells are highly in demand by Indian families. These items are used for decorating purposes.

6. Jewellery and Ornaments

Jewellery and Ornaments

Precious Jewellery and Antiques are always the centres of attraction for many women. If you start the business of selling ornaments then it will be very profitable for you. To start your jewellery business you must give a brand name to your jewellery, create a website and legalize your company.

7. Hindu Rituals Things shop

Hindu Rituals Things shop

Uttar Pradesh has a large community of Hindus. The daily worship their Gods and use ritual things like pooja items, Hawan Samagri, Pooja Garlands, Diyas, Kumkum, Chandan, Joss Sticks, Brass Pooja Ghanti, etc. Also when any special pooja for childbirth or other special occasions Hindu families have a huge list of pooja items.

8. Holy Book Shops

Holy Book Shops

Holy book shops can be the best business idea for you if you wisely take the decision of selling holy books of the largest community residing in your city. If the largest community is Islam then selling holy books such as Quran, The Torah, The Gospel, The Psalms, and The Scrolls.

Along with you can also sell Hindus holy books as there are a lot of Hindu pilgrims in Uttar Pradesh

9. Flower Shop

Flower Shop

We Indians have a special love for flowers whether for decorating purposes or showing our love toward others we use flowers. Opening a flower shop would be the best business idea as the demand for flowers is not seasonal. It is always in demand whether it is an occasion like a wedding, naming ceremony, special events, ring ceremony, home decorations, and other events.

10. Antique shop

Antique shop

Antiques are always loved by people and they need antique items to decorate their homes. People have different connections with the antiques. These antiques can be art pieces, ornaments, mirrors, home décor items, furniture, etc.

If you want to open a huge antique shop then the investment would be high as you have to purchase the antiques and also display them to customers in order to attract them.

11. Different Kinds of Pickles

how to start a pickle business in india

Mango, Amla, and Lemon pickle are very famous in Uttar Pradesh, you can also have non-vegetarian pickles in Uttar Pradesh. The demand for pickles is high in the city. So, you can also start selling different kinds of pickles. The business can be started as a home business or manufacturing business.

The business requires minimal equipment and space. And it is the best business for women entrepreneurs.

12. Halwai Shop

Halwai Shop

Opening a halwai shop in your city would be the best business idea. Every human being loves to eat sweets whether Children or Adults. Balushahi, Chenna, barfi, ghevar are some of the traditional sweets of Uttar Pradesh.

You can start your own halwai shop by investing a minimum amount. It is a medium scale business as you need to purchase land or shop and other materials to commence business. Also, the investment depends on the size of your business.

13. Manufacturing of Mustard oil

Manufacturing of Mustard oil

Mustard production is higher in Uttar Pradesh so you can start manufacturing mustard oil. Mustard oil has its own benefits such as for health and hair. The demand for mustard oil in Indian households is higher.

This is a medium scale business as it requires land, machinery, equipment, raw materials, labours and other expenses.

14. Jaggery Production from Sugarcane

Jaggery Production from Sugarcane

Uttar Pradesh comes in the first position in the production of sugarcane. It will be the most profitable business for you as the demand for high quality jaggery is constantly rising in the market.

It is a large-scale business as it requires land, machinery, raw materials, workers, etc.

15. Embroidery Suits from Lucknow

Embroidery Suits from Lucknow

Lucknow is known for its high quality clothes and amazing ‘kadhai’ works. The chikankari kurta and lucknowi suits are famous in the whole country. So, you can open a suit shop or also start selling Lucknowi kurtas online.

The Chikan embroidery is liked by many people and the clothes are available for women, men and also for children.

16. Banarasi Saree Exporting

Banarsi Saree Exporting

Banarsi saree is world famous and most women prefer to wear Banarsi saree as it looks elegant on them. People around the country look for the best quality banarasi saree. So, if you start exporting the world-famous banarasi saree then it will be a great profitable business for you.

17. Brass and Metal Utensils

Brass and Metal Utensils

Varanasi is known for producing Benares brass which is of high quality. Making brass and metal utensils in Uttar Pradesh can never be the wrong business idea. These metals and brass have Ayurveda importance and if you intake water, food, or cook food in these vessels it will be good for your health.

Nowadays people are very curious about their health so starting this business would be the best choice.

Final Words

Uttar Pradesh ranks first in agricultural productivity. As it is highly diversified, so if you are looking for a famous business in Uttar Pradesh you can start farming on your land, you can also take land on lease for farming.

Uttar Pradesh also earns from tourists as there are a lot of Hindu pilgrims into Uttar Pradesh, it is high in alcohol consumption. Starting a business is not a cup of tea, as it needs money and high dedication towards our work.

So best of luck with your business journey.

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