Top 10+ Business Ideas in Prayagraj (Low Budget)

Nowadays everyone wants to start at least own small business because in business there is a huge amount of money. A lot of people don’t have the knowledge on how to start a business with less money and most importantly where they should start the business. In this post, we will share some business ideas in Prayagraj and also guide you on where to start the business.

Business Ideas in Prayagraj

Mostly all the people who are thinking to start their own business don’t have a lot of money to invest in it. The business ideas we are going to share don’t need a lot of money and anyone can start these businesses. Before starting a business you must have an idea about the city or place in detail.

The business ideas we are going to share look small, as a result, you may face some force from your relatives or families. This is the biggest problem in the country and they only think about starting a company, shopping mall, restaurant, etc are only business.

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About Prayagraj

You must have some ideas about the city in which you are going to start a business. We have collected some major information about the city from the internet and friends that are living in the city currently. This collected information can be a little bit different so we strongly recommend you to collect information by yourself.

The current population of Prayagraj is around 59,54,390 in 2022. In the city, there are around 5 universities and 125 colleges which is very high, hope you know that there are lakhs of students who prepare for competitive exams in the city. In short, there are millions of students in the city and our business ideas are completely based on the students.

Here’s The List of Top 10+ Business Ideas in Prayagraj

1. Tourist Places in Prayagraj

There are many popular tourist places in Prayagraj where thousands of new people visit. Having or starting a business near a popular tourist place grows very rapidly. Below we only mentioned only a few popular tourist places.

  • Triveni Sangam
  • All Saints Cathedral
  • Allahabad Museum
  • Khusro Bagh
  • Anand Bhawan
  • Kumbh Mela
  • Sangam

2. Start a Tiffin Center

As we mentioned above that there are lakhs of students who study in the city. Around 60% – 70% of students cook food by themself but the rest of the students orders tiffin or go to the shop to eat.

Tiffin business is a small business and anyone can start it very easily. In this business, you don’t need a lot of money to invest because in the starting days of your business you can take the help of the family to cook food if you don’t know how to cook tasty food.

When you notice that you are in profit and this business can grow. So, hire a few people to cook food, distribute food who is eating in your shop, and find a delivery guy to deliver tiffin.

Location: The location of the tiffin center should be near the students’ lodge or where students live. If you don’t such a place then go and explore by yourself and I recommend you to go in the evening.

3. Juice Corner

Juice Corner is another popular small business in the city and this business is super easy to start with some money. In the Tiffin Center business, you need to hire a few people to cook food and deliver tiffin but you can start the Juice Corner business by yourself.

To start a juice corner you must have knowledge about the area where

Location: The location of juice corner should be in the middle of the market, near the students’ lodge, near the gym, and near colleges and universities.

4. Start GYM

These days everyone is focusing on his health and body and most are students and youngsters. You can start a GYM business, in a GYM business, you need to invest only one time. Your revenue will be based upon the number of people coming to your gym and the number of people will depend upon the GYM location.

Before starting a GYM, you need to find a location where a lot of people live. If you are starting a GYM where students live so charges should be less because it will be hard for students where GYM charges are high. You need to hire a gym trainer to train people who don’t know much more about the GYM.

Location: The GYM location should be in the market or near the market or where a lot of students live (hostel or lodge).

5. Book Shop

The demand for books is very high because a lot of students are preparing for govt exams in Prayagraj. In Prayagraj, Katara is a very popular place for books, most of the students visit the place when they need a book.

The competition of booksellers in Katara is very high because thousands of students visit to buy books. So, we recommend you to locate a place near a market where a lot of students live and open your shop. I’m very sure this small business is very profitable.

Location: Near collages, Hostels, Lodges, etc.

6. Jan Seva Kendra

Jan Seva Kendra is the most popular name in Uttar Pradesh. If you have good knowledge of the internet and know how to fill out the online forms, money transfers, Aadhar card pan card correction, online ticket booking, etc. We strongly recommend you open your own Jan Seva Kendra.

In opening a Jan Seva Kendra, you do not need a lot of money you only need a good laptop, a high-speed internet connection, and a perfect location for your to shop. Nowadays everyone has a laptop, if you don’t have one you can buy a good laptop for under 30,000 rupees.

Location: Near or in the market, near colleges or universities. You can also open Jan Seva Kendra in your hometown if there is no.

7. Start Clothing Business

Do not scare just by hearing the name because this business is also very easy to start and even you can start it in your home. Hope you noticed in local shops while buying clothes like T-shirts, lowers, shirts, etc that they are selling non-brands but the stickers of brands on clothes.

There are thousands of people that are doing the business. In this business, you need more money because need to import and export clothes. The investment in the business is a little bit high but the return is also very high.

Location: You can start it at your home.

8. Tea Stall

Tea Stall is one of the most profitable businesses with very very low investment. Only one person or two people can handle the stall. The average investment in the business is 5000 to 10,000 depending on the size of the Tea Stall.

A Tea Stall only can be successful when your Tea Stall is in a high crowded location. So, it’s important to find a good location before investing in the business.

Location: Near railway station, bus stop, near colleges or universities, etc.

9. Fast Food Shop

In fast food shops, there is a huge opportunity because it is affordable for anyone. Hope you understand that most of the students eat fast food when they have no time to cook food or go for any work like studying in hurry.

This small business is also very easy to start and manage. You don’t need to invest a lot of money and you have to do only two things to open a successful Fast Food shop i.e.

  • Good knowledge of fast food making
  • A location where a lot of people visit or cross

Location: Near bus stop, near bus stand, near students hostel, near colleges and universities.

10. Photocopy Shop

Hope you know that there is a lot of books shoes price are very high. So, students photocopy the whole book because it is cheap. If you visit Prayagraj or any other place where a lot of students live mostly who are preparing for competitive exams, there will be a lot of Photocopy shops also.

In the business, you need to invest one time one Photocopy machine and later small investing on INK and A4 sheet. The average price of the photocopy machine is around 50,000 and it also depends upon the brand and type of machine.

Location: The location should be near the college or university and the student’s hostel or lodge.

11. Become A Room Dealer

It is very – very difficult to find a good and budget room in Prayagrraj because it is a large area and anyone can not search all the area. In Prayagraj, Salori, Chhota Baghara, Bada Baghara, etc. are places where a lot of student lodges or hostels are available.

You need to visit physically all the lodges and contact the lodge owner and collect all the information like the range of the room, what type of room are, the budget and most important which lodge the rooms are available.

You can make some money from both parties. I know this is very hard to do but this is one of the most profitable businesses without investing a single rupee.

Design a post like contacting me for any type of room, flats, etc., and also mention your contact number. After printing the posters hire some people to distribute them everywhere.

Note: Do not charge more money because it will be hard for students to arrange. As a result, he will search the room himself.


Which is the best business to start in UP?

It depends upon your budget, if you have a low budget you can start the above business.

What business I can start with rs. 1000?

You can start a tea stall with 1000, it is very safe to start and this is the most profitable business when your location is good.

Which business is most profitable in a small city?

It depends upon the city’s people’s needs. First, find out the need of the city and then collect all the information about the need before investing money in it.

Final Words

If you want to start a business in Prayagraj city with a very low budget, I’m sure this post will help you a lot. In this post, we shared 10+ Small Business Ideas in Prayagraj. If we forget to mention any business in the post, please let us know. Know business ideas of your city on

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