How to Start Plant Nursery Business in India

Starting a nursery business is a great idea because, in this business, you don’t need to invest a lot of money. A good plant nursery business is a profitable business in many places, not all the places. In this post, we will guide you to start a nursery business in India.

How to Start Nursery Business in India

There is a fact that in this business you don’t need to invest a lot of money but you have to work super hard. If you work properly then I’m sure very soon you’ll be in profit. In the nursery business, you can expect profit in just 1 – 3 months of starting the business.

I’m very sure that you have seen a lot of business ideas. Here we share the information to start a nursery business in India like investment in the business, location or where to start the nursery, how to manage the business, and much more.

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Why Plant Nursery Business?

Why nursery business? There are hundreds of business ideas you can start but starting a plant nursery business can be a great business idea. It totally depends upon you which business you start or suitable for you. There are a few advantages of starting a nursery business in India.

  • Huge Profit
  • Easy to start
  • Low Investment
  • Low Competition
  • Huge Opportunity
  • Profit can be seen in 1 – 3 months

Types of Plant Nurseries

There are several types of plant nurseries, anyone can start a business with one or more plants. We strongly recommend you to start a business with one plant because you are new to the business and the rest depends on you. Below are the various types of plant nurseries.

  • Fruit Nurseries
  • Flower Nurseries
  • Vegetable Nurseries
  • Medicinal Nurseries

All the above nurseries are profitable and they are in huge demand. It all totally depends on you which plant nurseries you want to start or you can start. You can start all the plant nursery business if you have proper knowledge, manpower, and investment.

Start Plant Nursery Business In India

Above we mentioned a few important things you should know to start a nursery business in India. We have divided the procedure of starting the plant nursery business into a few steps and you have to follow them one by one.

Note: If you are interested in the business, we strongly recommend you do your own research about the business also. When you have knowledge about the business then most probably you can handle the business easily.

Step 1: Understand the Business

In the first step, you need to decide which plant nursery business is suitable for you and your budget. Collect all the information about the plant nursery like how much investment needs, how to care for the plant, the demand for the plant in your location, and much more.

If you don’t have any idea about the above things then visit the plant nurseries as much as possible and notice how they manage the business.

Step 2: Get a Land

The land is the first thing you need to start the plant nursery business. You don’t need huge land for the business but it also depends upon the size of the business and the plant nursery. If you don’t have your own land then you can take land on the rent.

You need good fertile land for your plant nursery business. The basic need for land for agriculture must be met like land’s moisture, nutrition, non-toxic, etc. Before selecting land for the plant nursery make sure the land is good for the plant.

Step 3: Get Agriculture Licence

Hope you know that plant nursery is a part of agriculture and you need a license to run the business. So, we strongly suggest you go to the government website and collect all the information about agriculture licenses by yourself.

Step 4: Seeds or Saplings

There are various types of plant nurseries like fruit nurseries, flower nurseries, vegetable nurseries, and medicinal nurseries. If you are growing any pants, you need their seeds or saplings. Get good quality seeds or saplings, as a result, the grown plant will be healthy.

Step 5: Manpower

One person can not handle the whole plant nursery because you need to care for each plant in case you want to see all your plant healthy. In short, you need to hire a few people who have knowledge about the plant nursery.

The number of people depends upon the land size and the type of plant nurseries.

Step 6: Get Tools and Equipment

You need some tools and equipment to manage and take care of saplings or the growing plant. The plant nursery needs timely maintenance and the tools & equipment make your maintenance work very easy.

There are some common tools and equipment you need i.e. hammer, scissors, shovel, etc.

Step 7: Marketing

Once you have completed all the steps properly and plants are grown then it’s time for marketing. With the help of marketing, you can grow your plant nursery business very quickly. For marketing, you can use Facebook, good ads, etc. Online marketing needs money and it helps to target the specific location and people.


How do I start a small Plant nursery business?

Above we mentioned almost everything about starting a nursery business like why nursery business, types of nursery plants, and how to start your own nursery business in India.

How do I start an indoor plant business?

You have to follow the above steps to start a nursery indoors but make sure the land is good for the plant and met basic agricultural needs, etc.

Is there GST on nursery plants?

No, there will be no GST on selling nursery plants because live trees and plants are exempted under GST under HSN 0601.

What are the types of nurseries?

There are various types of nurseries plants but below are the 4 popular plant nurseries.
1. Fruit Nurseries Plant
2. Vegetable Nurseries Plant
3. Flower Nurseries Plant
4. Medicinal Nurseries Plant

Final Words

In this post, we have almost every piece of information you need to start a nursery business in India. Now, it depends on you whether this business is suitable for you or not because if the business is not suitable for you and still you starting a business then I’m sure it will be hard for you to manage the business. On the blog Moviden we have shared a lot of ideas about business so go and find a suitable business for you.

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