Top 12+ Business Ideas Opportunities In Gurgaon 2024

Before starting any setup of business in Gurgaon we have to go through all the details and demands of the local market of that location. Although if we talk about the Haryana state, so by many entrepreneurs it is declared as the best state within the country where a business can easily be set up and gives a good return of output.

The famous city of Harayana Gurgaon or Gurgaon owns the official title of hitch city or cyber city of Haryana. A hub of various international brands, and technical offices, which are growing at a rapid speed helps in increasing the worth of Gurgoan City.

business ideas in gurgaon

Although this is right that the market of technology is vast in Gurgaon, there are various other things which can easily get into the markets of Gurgaon along with there are various things which the people of Gurgaon find as mandatory in their market, so you can visit the Gurgaon city, their demands, needs and various things before starting any business there.

Although starting a business needs to be pre-planned always and everything should be sorted to avoid the hassle which business owners could face in the future, so become knowledgeable before starting a business, and know all its complete process.

Let’s discuss some low investment business opportunities in Gurgaon.

Here is the List of 12+ Business Ideas Opportunities In Gurgaon

1. Furniture Shop

Furniture is the most needed thing in our house without furniture no house can be constructed. Being the wealthiest city, the people of Gurgaon invest their money in purchasing unique design furniture items to decorate their homes. Gurgaon is a developing city and that is why the construction of homes, offices, and apartments is increasing and it will increase in the future as well. That means there is always a high demand for furniture.

2. Real Estate Business

If you have good communication skills and convincing power then the real estate business can be very profitable for you. To start your business as a real estate you must have proper knowledge related to properties available and have a nice client base.

3. Water Plant

The need for R.O water is raising day by day, people are becoming more health-conscious and they want the best for themselves. Along with water plant is a good earning business with medium investment amount, and fewer efforts, high demand.

This business can easily start within the amount of Rs 15 lakhs and more as it needs huge machinery to setup this business but once it’s done, it can give you a great output or a great earning resource.

4. Security Guard Service

Nowadays, people are much more concerned about security and that is why a rapid increment has been seen in the security agency business. The demand for security guards is rising in whether for guarding buildings, apartments, banks, hospitals, ATMs, malls, hotels, etc.

You can recruit those people who have good crowd managing skills and got training as security guards from any institute.

5. Surgical Shop

As it is home to the largest medical tourism industry many surgeries are performed in Gurgaon on regular basis. This is why opening a surgical products shop is a great business idea as the demands for surgical products are consistently high in the city. 

6. Car Fruit Bar

As people are becoming more and more health-conscious. They are always looking for fresh fruits, but always want to get rid of the whole process of peeling and cutting. So you can start a business of car fruit bar, with a small investment and can earn well.

7. Medical Shop

Gurgaon is also known for medical tourism in India and that is why there is a high demand for medical shops as many people also from abroad come for their treatments in Gurgaon. If you hold a B. Pharma or M. Pharma then you can open your medical shop. Get a pharmacy license and retail drug license to open your medical store.

8. Meditation Center

In this busy life, more health problems and stress are becoming a part of a person’s life. And that is why to calm themselves they prefer a meditation center. You can start your meditation center and attract customers by providing them with additional facilities. You can provide them with a mediation and yoga teacher. Or you can provide them with a space where they can meditate themselves without any trainer.

9. Broadband Service (Internet service provider)

Of course, we all are aware of the title of Gurgaon city, the cyber city and cyber city are always in need of broadband services so that they can easily operate internet facilities, and take advantage of it.

10. Water Tank Cleaning Business

Water tanks are the basic thing we use in our houses, working areas, hospitals, malls, schools, etc. We use water tanks to store water and use it for cleaning, bathing, drinking, cooking, and other purposes. But with the time it also requires maintenance as bacteria, algae, and other harmful things get accumulated at the walls and the bottom of the tank.

That is why we need to use a water tank cleaning service. So, you can open your water tank business and provide this facility in your city.

11. Hardware Store

Gurgaon is one of the wealthy cities in India and that is why the construction industry is rising there. If you start your hardware shop then it will great profitable for you. You can sell hardware items like locks, wires, building materials, nuts, screws, electrical supplies, machine parts, etc.

12. Electronics Shop

If you are desiring to start your own business in Gurgaon then opening an electronic shop can be a profitable business idea for you. Electronic items are daily requirements of the people. And the demand for electronic items is always high.

13. Water Park

People of Gurgaon live a busy life as all of them are busy with their work. So, they often choose water parks to spend quality time with their friends and families. Enjoying water rides is preferred by almost all age groups.

So, you can choose the water park business in Gurgaon and you can attract lot more visitors by providing them with additional facilities. You can start either an indoor or outdoor water park depending on your budget.

14. Interior Designer

If you have certain skills in art and home decorating and have pursued an interior designing course then starting a business as an interior designer can be the best option for you. In Gurgaon wealthier and more sophisticated people reside and want an interior designer who can make their homes and workplace attractive and functional at the same time.

15. Antique Shop

Having your antique shop can be a great business idea in Gurgaon. As it is considered the wealthiest city, people are ready to spend their money buying antiques for decorating their homes or workplaces. You can either open your shop or sell antiques online.

If you open a shop then you must make it look attractive to attract more and more customers.

16. Taxi Service

Gurgaon is a dense city in terms of population and that is why there is always a demand for taxi services. You can start a business providing taxi services in Gurgaon.

This is a small business that can be started with a minimum investment. Initially, you can start with one car, and then when your business rises open your own company. Apart from this, you can also be a part of Ola cabs or Uber which offers service as a driver.

Final Words

A business can be easily grown if it follows the complete market demand. Or it is a completely new thing for the market so enforce going for any of the business checks it’s market demand, twist by which you can grow the business, or you can choose those things also which are new for the local people. Along with we have listed some cool business ideas which you can easily start in Gurgaon City, and this business would give you a good output of earning.

So must try these ideas if you are in looking for business ideas in Gurgaon.

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