Top 11+ Business ideas in Kolkata with Low Investment [2024]

Starting a business in Kolkata can be easy, a growing way to earn money. West Bengal is also listed as the poor state of India as the poverty ratio of west Bengal is high. The city Kolkata is also known as the city of joy, the people of Kolkata always remain happy. 75% of people of Kolkata come in below the poverty line.

If we talk about peace, Kolkata is the place where you can have peace at Hooghly river, Howrah bridge, and the water boats of Kolkata. You can start a small business thereby selling street food, street things, fish, and flowers there.

business ideas in kolkata

It is impossible to explore Kolkata in a small paragraph as it comes in the biggest state by area and by population too. The city of Kolkata is connected with the history in today’s time by the famous Indian coffee house, Chariot ride at Victoria memorial, and there are many more to explore.

Here in this article let’s discuss some low-investment businesses in Kolkata.

Top 11+ Business Ideas in Kolkata With Low Investment

1. Food Stall (Sell Bengali Biryani)

Bengali biryani has a different taste from all the biryani of India. People are very fond of Bengali biryani. These biryani are specially made with aloo inside it with non-veg.

This is the best business to start in Kolkata. You can start selling this Bengali biryani at food stalls and earn a handsome amount within a low capital of 50k to 1 lac.

2. Earthenware Pots Business

Kolkata is still connected with the Indian Sanskriti and the very famous dishes of Kolkata are still made in clay pots.

These earthenware pots are a very famous thing in Kolkata for decorating houses and making food in them.

One can start a business by selling and making these earthenware pots and utensils.

The investment amount for starting this business is very low. You can easily start this business in only 50k to 1 lac.

3. Jewellery of Kolkata

Jewellery of Kolkata is the first choice of women as they come with a very unique and traditional design. This jewellery mostly comes in gold. Although it is not affordable for everyone. So you can start an artificial jewellery business with a Kolkata touch.

4. Start a Food Truck

Food Truck Business

The trend of street food is everywhere all over India. You can start a food truck loaded with the famous street food of Kolkata are Puchka, Churmur, Ghugni chaat, Jhalmuri, Keemar doi bora, Kathi rolls.

You can start selling these street foods with a twist and on food trucks at famous places or markets such as Chinatown of Kolkata so that you can gather a lot of customers.

5. Handicrafts Sculpture Designing

Kolkata is famous for its culture and Durga maa. There are various famous handicraft sculptures that one can only buy from Kolkata. These handicrafts are so attractive and can add stars to the beauty of the house. The artistic creativity of Kolkata is well known all over India.

6. Dairy Products

Dairy product business

The business of sweets earns a lot in Kolkata although these sweets need dairy products in making. So you can start your dairy product shop and collaborate with sweets shops to earn handsome money.

7. Agarbatti Production

how to start agarbatti business

People of Kolkata are engaged in devotional activities. Kolkata is very famous for Kaali Maa and Durga Maa. Durga puja of Kolkata is famous all over the world. You can start an Agarbatti production factory or shop as the demand for these is very high in Kolkata. this business can be started from your home.

8. Book Shop

Book Shop

The literacy rate of Kolkata is around 80℅ and many famous social reformers are from Kolkata. The famous Ravindra Nath Tagore who wrote the national anthem of India and Bangladesh is from Kolkata.

The biggest Library in India is situated in Kolkata National Library of India. Along with there is the world’s second-largest second-hand book market in Kolkata. So you can start your own book shop or second-hand book shop in Kolkata. As the sale of books is high in Kolkata.

9. Makeup Academy or Beauty Parlour

The beauty of Kolkata ladies is very famous in India. People found these Kolkata girls very attractive as they are very beautiful and mesmerizing. And for keeping their beauty forever every woman needs a beauty parlour. So starting a beauty parlour with a lot of attractive facilities can be a good earning business idea.

Although the beauty parlour doesn’t need a fixed investment. You can start this business on a large scale and a small scale.

10. Art Academy

The love of art and the people of Kolkata is very old. The people of Kolkata are famous all over the world for their art. And there are various famous art academies in Kolkata. If you are from Kolkata and know some art. You can start your art academy. You can also hire some artists and teach the students art.

11. Musical Instrument Selling

Musical Instrument Shop

There are very famous singers from Kolkata. Like Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghosal. Not only did the people of Kolkata think that their first passion should be art. And they are more connected with the art things. You can start a business selling musical instruments like guitar, saxophone, mic, and many more.

12. Tempered Glass Manufacturing Business

The business of tempered glass is very high in current times. The use of mobile phones has become a basic need. And the use of tempered glass over mobile phones is very important for its safety. You can start the business of making tempered glass and earn a handsome profit from it.

13. Kolkata Saree

Kolkata has its own traditional culture. The saree which is worn by Kolkata ladies is very famous. Laal par saree which is made of silk, and designed with a red border comes with various beautiful designs. You can start an exporting business or this saree all over India.

14. Bengali Sweets

In every part of India, there is no comparison of Bengal sweets. A very sweet dish originated in Kolkata. Deserts are the main part of Bengali plates. There is a list of Bengal mouth-watering sweets such as Misti Doi, Roshogulla and Rajbhog, Shondesh, malpua, Rasmilai, Payesh, pantua, ameiti, Chomchom, sarbaja, Kala jam Kolar bora and many more.

These dishes are not only famous in Kolkata but people from various states love these and come to Kolkata only to have these. If you are thinking of starting a business in Kolkata, starting a sweet shop would be the best option for you.

15. Tea from Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a city in West Bengal. The tea of Darjeeling is very famous in India and outside of India. These tea supplies are all over India from Darjeeling. So you can also start the selling and export business of tea. You can also start the production of the tea.

16. Jute Production

Products from Jute

Kolkata is the world’s largest jute producer. You can make various things from jute.

House interior, bags, gifts, handicrafts, textile, wall decor, and many more.

There are a lot of jute factories in Kolkata. You can start a jute product selling shop or jute production business in Kolkata as per your investment amount.

17. Football Making Business

Kolkata is also called the football capital. The people of Kolkata love football. The craze for football comes from the Bengal people as the father of football is from Bengal named Nagendranath Sarbadhikary. The passion for football is in the veins of the Bengal people.

For playing football people need the best quality football. So this can be a good idea for your business. You can start a football selling shop or manufacturing business in Kolkata.

Final words

Here in this article, we have written about the most common and output-giving businesses that one can easily start in Kolkata. We have mentioned both small-level and high-level-scale businesses.

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