Home Based Business for Women (10 Ideas)

The quality of homemade things is really good. There are a lot of women who are working as a housewife and many of them want to involve in business without leaving the home. Here we are going to share some home based business ideas for women. In short, you can start your small business from your home with low investment.

The Business ideas we are going to share are easy to start with very low investment. Hope you noticed lakhs of people always look for handmade things because of their great quality, durability, uniqueness, and much more.

Homemade Business Ideas for Women

We will not only share home based business ideas for women, but we will also share how to expand your business, where and how to sell homemade items, how to do marketing at almost zero cost, and much more.

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Opportunities for Home Based Business

There is a huge opportunity in the home-based business because the demand for homemade items is very high but the supply is very low. The competition in the business is also very low because not everyone knows how to grow the business and the right steps to start a homemade business.

People go for homemade items because most probably these items are fresh, can be used for a long time, are good quality homemade items, and much more.

Hope you also noticed that it is hard to get homemade items in most cities. In a few words, this is a good opportunity for you to start your own homemade items business from home with low investment.

Benefits of Home-Based Business

There are several benefits of a home-based business. In this post, we are sharing business ideas for women so, we will share the benefits of this type of business only for them.

  • Low Investment: Below we have shared many business ideas for women, many of them can be started with under 2000 rupees.
  • No need to leave home: The women who are housewife does not prefer to do any business out of the home because they have to take care of the home and many things.
  • Income: You can make an income source without leaving the home. You can make yourself financially strong.

Things Required to Start a Home-Based Business

Below we will mention the things that you need consider to start a home-based business. We are mentioning an important things which is the base of the business and required to start.

  • Investment: The first thing you need is an investment, you don’t need a lot of investment because you have to start the business with less quantity of the product. Every woman knows that homemade things don’t need a lot of money to make it.
  • Knowledge: You must have complete knowledge about the product, you want to sell. In case, you started a business from home with that product you don’t have complete knowledge then most probably your business will be down. Don’t worry we will share a lot of home-based business ideas for women.
  • Knowledge about the Internet: To expand your business, we will use online advertising, social media, etc. because they will help you a lot to expand your business very quickly. If don’t have knowledge no problem but a member of your family must have knowledge.
  • Enough Space: If you are thinking to start a business in your home then there should enough space to make products, for product storage, etc.

Home Based Business Ideas for Women

Above we have shared some basic pieces of information about home-based businesses e.g. who can start the business, opportunities in the business, things required to start, and much more you should know before involving in this.

Below we sharing some home based business Ideas for women. You can choose one of them in which you are interested and have knowledge in detail to make products. We also explained each business idea for better understanding.

Note: We strongly recommend you do your own research about the each business ideas that you want to start. We only shared home based business ideas for women to give them ideas about businesses.

Here is The List of Top 10 Home Based Business Ideas for Women in India

1. Homemade Pickles

The Pickles are very famous in India and other countries too. As you know that in almost every house you’ll find pickles. Generally, everyone prefers to use fresh pickles but it is hard to get fresh pickles online. People also search for homemade pickles because they are made at home with the right procedures and fresh products.

There are various types of homemade pickles you can make at your home if you know the procedure to make them. Below are some types of pickles that are very popular among people.

  • Mango Pickle
  • Mixed Pickle
  • Red Chilli Pickle
  • Lemon Pickle
  • Green Chilli Pickle
  • Ginger Pickle
  • Sweet Lime Pickle
  • Garlic Pickle
  • Jackfruit Pickle
  • and much more…

Where to sell items: You can sell items online on amazon and other platforms.

2. Home Decor Items

Everyone wants to make their house beautiful by using various items. Home Decor items are very popular among those items and everyone uses them. If you are creative and you can create awesome home decor items then you should start the business.

It’s will be hard for one person to make home decor items because it takes some time. In that case, you can take the help of your friends or family member to make a lot of items.

In-Home decor items, there are various types of items e.g. decor temple, decor hall, decor bedroom, and much more.

Where to sell items: You can sell items on amazon and other platforms.

3. Food & Tiffen Business

If your home is where a lot of people go for jobs or students’ lives then you can start a food business. In food shops, the food is not good because their motive is to make a huge profit, not good food. As a result, people prefer to eat food where women make food.

You can start the food business when your home is near the places where a lot of students live on rent or in hostels. You can also start a food shop by locating this type of area.

If you don’t want to leave your house then you can start Tiffen service. If you start Tiffen service you can save some extra money on the business.

4. Beauty Parlor

Beauty Parlor is a great business idea for a woman, beauty parlor can also be started in the house if have enough space. In the beauty parlor business, the investment is low because it totally depends on knowledge and experience.

If you have great knowledge and experience, then you should start a beauty parlor business and show your creativity on social media to get more customers. On social media, anyone can be very popular in one night if she or he shared something very new.

5. Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards are also very popular and almost everyone chooses to give a greeting card at any function or event like a birthday, marriage, marriage anniversary, etc. From the name of greeting cards, people think of simple cards but here you are wrong because I’m talking about personalized greeting cards.

If you are creative and have unique ideas for designing anything, You can try on greeting cards. There are thousands of examples available on the internet, you can take some ideas from them but avoid copying any idea.

The Greeting Card business is very easy to start and most importantly this business doesn’t need a lot of investment and manpower. In short, this is a great business idea when you don’t have a budget or a very low budget.

Marketing Pro Tip: You can share your creations on social media to attract a lot of people too. If you are really creative then I’m sure you’ll see an awesome result in a few weeks or months.

6. Painting


In the decoration of the home, painting helps a lot. Painting is very popular among people and almost everyone prefers to use it in their home, office, rooms, etc. For the painting business, you should be creative.

The painting business is also a low investment business, as a result, it is easy to start and the painting business doesn’t need a lot of space. In short, this is a good business idea where you are very creative and have deep knowledge of colors.

Note: Here I’m not talking only about handmade paintings. You can also create a unique design on a computer or laptop and later print it on paper. There are plenty of examples available on amazon and Flipkart, just search for the painting.

Marketing Pro Tip: You can attract a lot of people on social media by sharing some painting photos and how to create a painting. You can also get some buyers from social media too.

7. Blogging

In Blogging, there is a huge opportunity because there are lakhs of topics available to create a blog. You can start blogging in any language e.g. Hindi, English, etc. Blogging is a little bit hard as of now because of the high competition but there are also several niches (topics) available where competition is very low.

You need several things to start blogging that it domain, hosting, internet, and laptop or pc. The domain and hosting price is not very high and there are also several hosting providers who provide hostings at a very low cost.

Before starting your blogging journey you need to remember several things:-

  • Low competition niche: Start blogging with only a low competition niche because it is easy to rank.
  • Intrest-based niche: In bogging, choose only that niche in which you have great knowledge and you can write content for a long time.
  • Don’t invest in Tools: At the start of your blogging journey, don’t invest too much money on tools because free tools are also available.
  • Gain Knowledge: There are a lot of YouTube channels and blogs that create knowledgeable content for those people who are new to blogging. So, make sure to follow them.

8. Teaching

Teaching is a great idea for any woman. If you have good knowledge of education and you can teach then definitely you should start teaching. If you are not able to teach students who are studying in 10th standard or more then start teaching children.

In teaching, you have to invest very little money only one time. There is also huge money in teaching.

9. YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube channel on the topic you have knowledge about. Hope you noticed that it is hard to get reach on YouTube but it’s not the complete truth, you’ll get reach when you’ll keep uploading videos regularly.

There is a great feature is on YouTube, you can create short videos. In short videos, you don’t need to edit a lot because the maximum size of the short video is 1 minute i.e. 0 seconds only.

For short video uploaders, Youtube gives them some extra funding to continue their work but there are several rules you have to follow.

10. Handmade Bags

Handmade items always look very different in the market because of their quality and durability. In the handmade bag business, you should have creative ideas because no one prefers to buy a non-stylish bag.

From time to time new trends come and people blindly follow the trend. So, make your handmade bags by considering the trend. You can check social media to know the trends and don’t forget to check Instagram also.

In handmade Bags, you don’t need to invest a lot of money. In the starting, you can start with very few items.

Marketing Pro Tip: Show you handmade bag signs on all social media platforms to get the attention of people. You can also get some buyers from social media.

Where to sell: You can sell your bags on shops, eCommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

How to Grow the Business

Starting a business is easy when you have some investment and knowledge but it is hard to grow the business. Below we will share a few tips to grow your business by spending almost zero money.

Tip 1: Create an account on each popular social media platform and share your creative design to attract people.

Tip 2: Create YouTube shorts and Instagram reel videos, I have seen a lot of accounts that use the YouTube shorts and Instagram reel platform for marketing and they are getting awesome results.

Tip 3: Create a website for your business and use the website to show your all-creative design collection.

Tip 4: Use the website and videos for online advertising to get buyers. In advertising, you have to spend some money and the amount of money depends on the business and location or area your want to target.


What type of business is best for ladies?

Above we have shared some business ideas and these businesses can be started with low investment and from home. You can choose a business based on your interest and knowledge.what is the best business for ladies

What is the easiest business to start?

There are several easiest businesses anyone can start i.e. blogging, painting, home decor items, etc. Check more business ideas in the post.

Which business is best for housewives?

The business ideas we mentioned above are for housewives. Check them in the post.

Final Words

Hope you’ll love the post where we have shared home based business Ideas for women. In this post, we only mentioned only those business ideas which need low investment to start and can be started at home. Before selecting any business ideas don’t forget to do your own research also about the business. Check more business ideas in your state and city on moviden.com.

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