13 Best Profitable Business ideas Opportunities in Punjab

Punjab is well known for its rich culture and heritage with its history the people of Punjab are very open-hearted and stay happy and keep the people happy. The economic rate of Punjab is also growing day by day and become the sixteen largest economic state in India.

small business ideas in punjab

The state of Punjab is well developed and full of facilities. Famous for various historic things, their tradition, textile, liquor, agricultural good, best quality grains, and food. Here in this article, we have listed small scale and large scale businesses that a young entrepreneur can start easily in Punjab.

Here’s The List of 13 Best Profitable Business ideas Opportunities in Punjab

1. Phulkari Suits Manufacturing

The ladies of Punjab wear phulkari suits as it is in their culture. The phulkari suit is a famous dress in Punjab. And mostly loved by the ladies of Punjab the beauty of the phulkari suit is not only persuading the lady of Punjab but the ladies from all over India or the craze of phulkari can be seen out of the country.

Phulkari is a thread that is used on the fabric to make designs with it. In phulkari usually, colorful threads are used by the people. The phulkari design can only be made by hand as it is handmade.

If you want to start a business in Punjab of phulkari Chunni and suit. All you need to explore a new and attractive design for your phulkari business. This is a low investment business if you start your own you can hire people for the phulkari work.

2. Lassi Shop

The temperature of Punjab in summers reaches its high of around 41° – 45° C. Which led the people to feel so hot on summer days. We all know about Punjab’s famous drink Lassi. So you can also start serving of cold beverage business. By which people can feel calm in summers and you can earn profit with it.

Not only lassi you can sell various beverages in summer like juice of fresh fruits, milkshakes, and many more.

3. Dairy Product Business

Dairy product business

In Punjab, people are mostly engaged in diary work and agricultural work. In Punjab, the most productive of things are milk or dairy products. Punjabis are very fond of dairy products like paneer, chase, buttermilk, curd, and meat.

Although it is not limited to Punjab, they supply these dairy products all over India.

The business of dairy products is demanded. If you are thinking of starting a business in Punjab which will give you a good output, you can start a dairy business, the investment amount of this business is you can upgrade it in the future.

4. Seed Items

Seed items

In Punjab the main occupation of people is agriculture. For agriculture, the seed quality should be best as it is the root of the plant. Bad quality food can destroy your seed. So you can start a seed shop in Punjab so that the farmer can purchase the seed to do farming.

5. Flour Mill (Aata Chakki)

As I said earlier, most people of Punjab engaged in occupations such as agriculture and farming. The best wheat one can get from Punjab is from Bhatinda, mukhtar, fazilka.

So if you are thinking of starting a low investment business in punjab you can purchase the wheat from the farmers and start your flour selling business. You can start your atta chakki or the factory. The investment amount for starting an atta chakki business is around 2-3 lac and you have to purchase the machine and raw wheat from the farmers if you are planning for a high investment you can start a factory of flour making.

6. English Coaching Classes

investment into Coaching Centres

Coaching centre is the best business in punjab with low investment, many people dream to go abroad or to Canada and want to settle their life in abord. So if you are good at English you can start your own English classes for the students. As English is the international language.

7. Business of Spices

Business of spices

Punjabis are very fond of food. People love spices and spicy food. Punjabi Tadka is very famous in Indian recipes. The very famous gram masala of Punjab is the favorite spice of the people.

You can start a wholesome business selling spices in Punjab. This business doesn’t need a lot of investment you can start this business with a medium investment.

8. Opening Your Gym

how to start my own personal training business

The people of Punjab consume very oily spicy loaded with ghee and dairy products which makes the person fatty kind of food. So you can start your gym to make people healthy and earn some handsome money.

9. Chemical for Fertilizer

Fertilizer Retail Business

The land of Punjab is very fertile and the people of Punjab use this land for agriculture for earning their living.

The state of Punjab is also known as the home of five rivers so there is no lack of water for agriculture. Although agriculture seeds, tools to work in the field, fueling and energy, fertilizer, manure, and many more.

Sometimes using this fertilizer alone can’t help you in growing a good kind of crop sometimes these fertilizers are infected by the worm infestation so to save the fertilizer the farmer uses some kind of chemicals which save their crop from being damaged.

You can start a business selling this chemical for fertilizer. Even you have to take license for export these.

10. Bike Garage

Bike garage

Punjabi love to travel and buy new automobiles. The most famous automobile used by Punjabi is the bullet. The love of bullets for Punjabi’s Never-ending.

Although every vehicle must be serviced. As it is, it’s a daily routine, people take care of the health of their things, to keep their engine healthy. It is always a working business as it is always in demand of people.

Opening a bike garage in Punjab can give your business a good profit. The investment for this business is medium in which you have to rent or take a place for opening the garage and some machines and helpers.

11. Earn From Your Land

Earn from your land

In Punjab, most of the people live in Canada or out of the country. Or people who own a lot of land for agriculture but don’t have time to work on it, so in this condition, people can give their land for rent and can earn a good rent from the land.

They can also agree that they don’t want the rent, they will take the product or crop at some ratio which is produced on the land. This business doesn’t need a lot of investment, only your land. Although if you want to purchase the land the minimum cost for starting this business after purchasing land.

12. Fabric Work

Fabric work

Punjab is very famous for its rich culture. The most found fabric of Punjab is this along with the city Amritsar is famous for its Pashmina Shawls.

People of Punjab are very fond of different fabrics so that they can make their pug with rich fabric. Very famous textile companies are from Punjab sucks like Monte-Carlo Oswal and Vardhaman. The fabric of Punjab is well known all over India.

So if you have good knowledge about the fabric you can start your textile shop or manufacturing in Punjab. The business is a medium investment business in which if you are only starting a shop as a mediator.

13. Wine Glass Making business

Wine Glassmaking business

We all are aware of the love of Punjab with liquor. Patiala peg Punjab people take these alcohol drinks as a stress buster, main role of the party, reason to party and so on. Punjab is also listed in the top three states who consume liquor. Punjab also shares its border with the military and military people consume liquor to keep them safe in winters, or for enjoyment at parties.

Try these liquor into fancy glasses. Champagne glass, martini, shot glass, vodka glass, cocktail glass, wine glass and there are a lot of varieties in the glass.

You can start a factory of glass making which needs a high investment.

Final words

Here in this article, we have mentioned some low investment business ideas in punjab.

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