Earn Money Online In UAE With These 15 Ideas

Getting a well-paid job is the wish of so many people. It is a bitter reality that you need money to fulfill your needs. Besides basic needs like food, clothes, and shelter, there are many things for which you need a whole lot of money.

These include education fees for your children, paying your house rent, buying fuel for your car, etc. If you are doing a job already, there still is a chance to earn some extra. If you have decided to earn extra in your leisure time and are wondering how to earn money online in UAE, then you have just picked the right path.


Earning online these days is a magnificent idea, and it reflects that you are a hard worker who is trying to cash in every possible opportunity for a better lifestyle. What is enticing about earning online is that you are the boss, and you decide what to do and when to do it.

If you want to take a break for a week or two, that is entirely fine. There won’t be any deductions like the ones you get in a traditional office-based salary. Now, without wasting any time,

let’s explore the endless opportunities for earning money online in UAE. 

Will It Matter?

Yes, why not? It will not hurt if you make extra money by leveraging your leisure time. It would not cost you anything for most online jobs because you are not going anywhere.

There are no travel charges, and since you would not be going out of your house, you won’t be eating from outside, and your pocket is also safe from that perspective. Besides that, there are several things that legitimize earning online. For instance, with some extra money in your account, you can spend some extra on yourself and your loved ones. 

This will directly make your lifestyle and health better. Since you will be the boss and you will be deciding when to work, there will be no pressure too. One thing that is alluring about online jobs is that you do not have to be an expert to get clients. If you can solve the issues of the people, then you are good to go.

So, earning online and taking this path as a side hustle is an excellent idea. If you are looking for how to earn money online in UAE, then you will learn a lot today.

Let’s see how to make money online in UAE and start earning money online in UAE now. 

15 Ways To Earn Money Online In UAE

1. Photography

Take photograph

Photography is an art that takes a considerable time to master as you have to keep color tones, ambient light, angle of photography, etc., in mind. These little things can either make your photographs mind-blowing or a total failure depending on how well you use these techniques.

You can cash the skill if you are a keen photographer and know how to click a mind-blowing and head-turning picture. This could be great if you are considering earning money online in UAE because you have the chance now to sell your photographs online. There are several platforms where you can sell your astonishing pictures, like iStockphoto, Shutterstock, etc. 

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2. Travel Agent

how to start a tour and travel business in india

If you are someone who knows a lot about places, then you do not have to worry about how to make money online in UAE. There are thousands of people who get bored sitting in their houses, and they like to travel. You can become their travel guide, and you can help them plan their adventures.

For instance, you can tell them where they can find delicious and mouth-watering food. Or you could tell them about museums if they like to watch historic and ancient stuff. You can also guide them on which hotel they should consider in terms of costs. Undoubtedly, a person like that will be valuable for those who love to travel around. Start earning money online in UAE by becoming a travel agent. 

3. Digital Marketing

In this modern technological world, businesses have gone online. Yes, there are so many businesses around you, but there is a plethora of ones that went online too. The thing with online businesses is that they need proper marketing and advertising.

They hire dedicated digital marketers who can advertise their brands using all possible channels. If you are familiar with the nitty gritty of digital marketing, which is not a daunting task, you can start earning money online in UAE.

This is a lucrative side hustle because you do not have to invest anything, and it does not certainly take hours of work per day. 

4. Chat Assistant

Have you ever visited a brand’s or company’s Facebook page or website? You might have noticed something common, and that is a feature to chat with an assistant. Chat assistants are meant to welcome visitors on board and help them with finding the best product or service on the website.

A chat assistant can guide them on how the process is conducted. You might see many websites with Artificial intelligence-based chat assistants, but not everyone uses AI-based chat assistants. Do not look further for how to make money online in UAE, and try out this idea.

5. Retail Business

If you are trying to find an answer on how to earn money online in UAE, then why not try to open an online retail business? This is an excellent idea; you can manage your store entirely through a laptop with an internet connection. You can find merchants by whom you can buy products in bulk at lower prices.

After that, you can sell those products online at increased prices. All you have to do is when someone places an order for a product; you just have to deliver it to his place. If you deliver yourself, then you can still make some money out of those delivery charges,

6. Freelancing

The best approach to start earning money online in UAE or anywhere else is to hop on to the freelance market. Freelancing has great potential, and there are many students as well who have got themselves into this giant industry.

It is an amazing fact that in freelancing, you can provide a lot of services. Whether you are a good website developer, graphic designer, programmer, or accountant, you can find jobs related to your domain. The best part is you can start earning money online in UAE in dollars which will double or triple in your local currency. Undoubtedly, freelancing is a fruitful option to leverage your free time. 

7. Online Tutoring

Are you looking for how to make money online in UAE? If yes, then online tutoring is a holistic approach and idea. Thousands of students around the globe are looking for talented tutors who can help them learn and excel in prospering in the future.

They struggle with complex subjects, and a good and cooperative guide in the form of a tutor would be a blessing in disguise. If you know any domain, you can start online tutoring.

You can teach students English, chemistry, biology, programming, mathematics, and much more. You can start earning money online in UAE with a laptop, webcam, and WiFi connection. 

8. Create Courses

Another way to start earning money online in UAE is by creating educational courses and uploading them on various platforms for selling. People around the globe would love to learn what you know and would like to become an expert like you.

All they need is a proper platform with educational resources that they can use to learn and increase their skillset and knowledge. You can help those people who are in the tens of thousands by creating digital courses.

The beauty of this option lies in that after creating one course, you can start another course without being worried about the first course. 

9. Vlogging on YouTube


YouTube is an excellent way to start earning money online in UAE or in any country of the world. The beauty of YouTube lies in its reach. YouTube has a global reach where everyone from every corner of the world can see your content. Another major advantage is that people usually tend to search for content on Google, which leads to YouTube mostly or YouTube.

Try to come up with a good niche to create a YouTube channel. If you are an expert in fitness, academia, programming, motivational speeches, etc., then wait no more and create your YouTube channel now. 

10. eBooks

eBooks are a great source of learning for many people. There is a big difference between videos and eBooks. In eBooks, readers won’t have to note down the things as they would have to in videos. Plus, eBooks can be edited, annotated, highlighted, and you can add comments to specific words or paragraphs.

These all make them unique and appealing to those who prefer literature as a source of information. Now do not worry if you are not an expert in something big. To start earning money online in UAE, you can create eBooks even on small standalone topics. For instance, you can create eBooks on some mathematics theorems. 

11. Graphics Designing

If you are a talented graphics designer and can design logos, designs for T-shirts, and wireframes for a website, then you can start earning money online in UAE. A good graphics designer is always appreciated and admired. 

12. Online Accounting

Accounting is a crucial part of every business regardless of the scale of the business. As an accountant, you can check if the financial records of the company are accurate or not. You can do audits, check and verify bank statements, do estimates on costs and revenues, calculate taxes, etc.

If you feel that you can do these things, then wait no more and start earning money online in UAE by becoming an online accountant. You can do all these basic things calmly in your free time to earn some extra. 

13. Affiliate Marketing

doing affiliate marketing

For all those who are looking for how to earn money online in UAE, they should consider affiliate marketing. It is super easy and does not require you to invest any money. As an affiliate marketer, you would have to boost sales of someone else’s products using social media campaigns and blogs. Every time you make a sale, you get a commission out of it. 

14. Virtual Assistant

how to start virtual assistant business in india

Virtual assistants are very popular around the world. Thousands of thousands of people open online stores, and they do it as a business. They buy things from one place and sell them online. Running an online store requires labeling products, creating coupons and campaigns, managing inventory, etc.

For all these things, people usually hire virtual assistants either because they do not have the time or they do not want to do the heavy lifting. Either way, you can help them manage their online stores by providing your services as a virtual assistant. Obviously, you would need a basic knowledge of how the platform works. 

15. CV Builder

CV is the first impression of yourself when you apply for a job. A badly written CV could be the last impression too because it would be rejected straight away. Creating a CV requires you to write things precisely and minimally.

The CV pattern should be easy for readers so they can get maximum information about the applicant as quickly as possible. If you know how to land such a perfect CV, start earning money online in UAE by helping people create a mind-blowing CV and resume. If you are looking for how to make money online in UAE, then this is a great option to consider. 


If you have decided to leverage your spare time to earn some extra money, then you are on the right track. To make it easy for you, we have created a list of 15 online side hustles that are easy to do and have the potential to make good side money.

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