15 Best Ways To Earn Extra Money On Weekends

Modern time has become challenging for many individuals because things have become dependent on money more than before. There did not use to be so much depreciation in the currency’s value with increased inflation.

What used to be worth a single dollar has bumped up to double. Plus, we already know that doing jobs is crucial for a living, but after all that hard work and overloaded weeks, the salary at the end of the month is not enough to live a better and happy life. That is where you need to find ways to earn some extra for the betterment of your lifestyle. 

Earn On Your Weekends

If you are thinking about how to make extra money on weekends, then you are thinking right. With just a little bit more effort, you can earn extra, and that part can be spent on several things. Thinking about how to make money on weekends reflects an entrepreneurial mindset.

Entrepreneurs are the ones who try to cash in every single opportunity, no matter how small or big they are. And that is what you are doing without knowing if you are thinking about how to make money on the weekends.

Now enough talking, let’s see the options and ideas to earn extra on your weekends to improve your lifestyle. 

How Exactly Does Leveraging Your Weekends Would Help You?

If you get enough resources, you can live a better lifestyle. For instance, if you have enough money, you can enjoy good foods which would undoubtedly make you and your family healthier. Another example could be the education of your children. It is a sad reality that good schools charge you more than others. With some more in your pocket, you can spend them on the good education of your children. It can significantly impact their character, capabilities, and career. 

Besides those, there are many things for which there seems to be little money in your account to spend. That could be maintenance and repairs of your house or car. Maybe, you want to open a small startup, but you do not have enough investment. Or you may want to give someone a gift for his achievement or for some special occasion.

These things are something other than basic needs, and there could be any sudden time when you would need to spend on these. That is why you should consider earning some extra and think about how to make money on weekends. 

15 Ideas To Earn On Your Weekends

1. Deliver Food and Groceries

Food and grocery delivery is a brilliant idea for those who are thinking about how to make extra money on weekends. Now, why is it an excellent idea? That is because trends have changed, and people like to order food and groceries online because they are busy and cannot take time to drive to a restaurant or mall, purchase things, and return back to home.

That is why delivery options have become popular these days. You can deliver food and grocery on your weekends, and there is another good news. Since there will be a holiday for most people one weekend, chances are, you might get more delivery orders. That will maximize your earnings if you plan to make money on weekends.

Platforms to join and start earning:

  • Instacart – You can do a full or part-time job on weekends.
  • DoorDash – Pick the time and day on weekends and do the job when you want to work.

2. Sell Time-limited Food

sell limite time food

Selling food on weekends is a brilliant idea. It will make your food more demanding and special because it will be available for a limited time only. On top of that, you can change food items according to season because you do not have to sell the same item. How about selling a spicy and salty steak on the nippy nights of winter?

Or how about Nashville burgers with spicy sauces for a breezy day? The plus point is that you won’t have to go anywhere and you can make money on weekends while still staying with your family. Undoubtedly, it will be a tasty idea. 

3. Be A Driver

Driving people from one place to another is always a good option because not everyone owns a car, and you can make money on weekends with this idea. The attractive aspect is that you get to choose whether to pick a person or not. If you think he has to go too far, you are free not to pick him up.

Besides that, you can return to your home in case of any emergency or have lunch or dinner too. After that, you can resume your activity again. If there is a friend who is a full-time driver, you can use rideshare with him if he is willing to do so on weekends. It is a great idea for those who are thinking about how to make extra money on weekends.

4. Buy And Sell Things

Buy And Sell Things

Are you looking for how to make extra money on weekends? If yes, then consider buying and selling products. It is an excellent way to earn. If you can get into contact with a merchant from whom you can sell products, then you can sell them at higher prices later to others.

All you have to do is pick the stuff from the merchant and lower prices and sell them to other shop owners at a little higher price. If you purchase in bulk, you will get a significant discount too. This undoubtedly is a great way to make money on weekends.

5. Become A Fitness Instructor


If you love to maintain a healthy body and you want to make money on weekends, then consider helping others maintain a healthy body like yours. You can guide them and become their fitness coach.

You do not have to be there with them every day when they exercise. You can meet them on weekends at the gym, guide them on what to do and what not to do, devise a plan for them, guide them on their calorie intake, and meet them again the next weekend. It is a healthy way to earn, and you will make friends who are conscious about their health.

6. Teach On Weekends


How about a holistic side hustle for those who are looking for how to make money on the weekends? Teaching is a great profession because you educate the children who are the future of their families and the whole country.

Now, if you plan to make money on weekends, then you cannot join a school as a professor or lecturer. But you can become a tutor and can help out students on weekends. There always are ways if there is the will to do so.

You can help students in whatever subject you feel you know better. Do you know mathematics? How about teaching mathematics to students because that is one boring subject for a lot of students. 

7. Do Freelancing

Freelancing is a great option because you are the boss, and you take control of everything. There will be no work overload because you will take what you can handle. Now, to make money on weekends, you can opt for freelancing.

Although freelancing seems to take more working hours, it is only partially true. It depends on what you intend to do on a freelancing platform. If you intend to take orders for website creation, that would obviously take days.

But weekends are enough if you take projects like logo design, copywriting, content writing, banner designing or creation, emoji designing, etc. 

8. Virtual Assistant

how to start virtual assistant business in india

Virtual assistants are people who run and manage the eCommerce profiles of other sellers. Thousands of sellers on several eCommerce platforms are running online stores. However, not all of them need to have enough time to manage their store properly, create coupons, manage inventories, tag labels, etc.

You can provide your services as a virtual assistant to do all that work. Now do not worry. It is a manageable task, and you can easily work on your weekends. However, you cannot handle a large account because that would require too much time.

It would be great to bring this into the user’s knowledge that you will be working on weekends. That is a great chance to make money on weekends. 

9. Take Surveys

If you want to make money on weekends, then consider indulging yourself in surveys. Many organizations or institutions conduct studies, and they need participants. They might need to collect the answers from a large number of people to study something. That is where you can participate and earn money. Besides that, you will learn the findings of the study too. So, it is earning and learning simultaneously. 

10. Offer Your Skills

Offer Your Skills

Now that is very interesting. Have you ever wondered if you can offer your services for the skills you have? Do you know how to repair a laptop? Do you know how to repair an AC or a refrigerator? Are you a good plumber?

You can always offer your services on your weekends to earn some extra. Besides the fact that you will make money on weekends, people will get to know about your skills, and they might also recommend you to others. 

11. Take Photographs

Take Photographs

You are good to go if you are a skilled photographer and know how to take care of color, ambiance, camera quality, picture angle, and other stuff. You can make money on weekends by taking photographs. Now there are two options. You either take photographers of nature, animals, or products and sell them online. Or you can take pictures of people and get a fee. If you love photography, then it will be earning while doing what you love. 

12. Weekend Software Tester

Do you know how to develop a website or an app, or software? Testing, especially when we talk about software and apps, is crucial before releasing the product. You can use your knowledge and expertise by providing your services to test the software or app. You just need your laptop to do all the testing. Undoubtedly, it is a great option to make money on weekends. 

13. Speaker

Public speaking is an attractive skill; not everyone knows how to do it. It requires a careful selection of words, language, and tone. If you are a talented speaker, you should have speeches at events on weekends.

Is it not great to earn money by just talking to people? Whether you are a motivational speaker, a fitness coach, an engineer, or a doctor, you can do speeches in your domain. If someone gets help from your speeches, you should feel proud too. Consider this option if you are looking for how to make money on the weekends.

14. Be A Travel Guide

how to start a tour and travel business in india

Are you someone who loves to travel and knows a lot about good places to travel to? Do you know where someone can find the most delicious finger-licking food? The travel guide is a perfect money-earning idea for such individuals.

Besides that, you will also have the opportunity to travel without spending any money. Music to ears tight? So, be a travel guide during your holidays and make money on weekends.

15. Audio Transcription

Audio transcription refers to listening to audio and noting the words on a paper as it is. So, it is basically converting an audio to a text file. You can search for audio transcription projects online and convert them into a file.

It is an extremely easy task and does not need any technical skill. A laptop with a hands-free is all that you need. So, is it not great to make money on weekends by listening to audio? 


Utilizing your leisure time for something useful is a great approach. You can use your weekends to earn extra money to improve your lifestyle and health. You can bring many changes in your life with a little bit more effort. If you are thinking about how to make money on the weekends, then this article lists some practically viable and easy options. Have a look at them and pick the one that best suits you.

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