Guide To Earn Money BY Selling Emojis

Back in the old days, people could not express their feelings through text messages. To express feelings like happiness or angriness, they had to use special words in their sentences.

As time passed on, the whole experience of messaging changed with the invention of emojis. There is not a single person today who has not used emojis. Emojis make it incredibly easy to convey your feelings.

Earn Money BY Selling Emojis

For instance, if you feel sad, you have emojis for it. If you feel happy, angry, sick, sleepy, tired, confused, or something else, there is an emoji for it.

Almost every chat app today has a built-in emoji keyboard. Be it Whatsapp, FaceBook Messenger, Discord, or something else. You will see a keyboard for emojis there.

Now, if you have planned to create and sell emoji and want to know how to make money with emoji, you have to make a good decision. Emojis have become a part of our conversation because they deliver your feelings and expressions very efficiently.

So, if you are trying to get into this industry, you will fit yourself somewhere because of the extended use of emojis. To cut the story short, you will learn how to make money selling emoji in this article.

Let’s take a tour and learn how to sell emoji. 

Why Should You Create An Emoji App?

You should not be surprised to know that emojis are no longer used in messages and texts only. Instead, they have been heavily used by business brands too. Have you ever seen pizza brands using pizza emojis in their deals and social media posts?

Or maybe you have seen emojis for Starbucks items. No wonder there will come a time when you can order specific products online using emojis.

So, it is evident that everyone thinking about how to make money selling emoji should get into this industry and sell emoji. 

Tips For Selling Emojis To Make Money

1. Check Out Emojination

Emojination is an online platform where you can get approval from them for your emojis. It is an excellent idea if you are thinking about how to make money selling emoji because of obvious reasons.

Emojination is a team of professionals, and you can get professional advice from them as they know the dos and don’ts. You should join such platforms to learn and get some technical insights. Besides that, being a member of such platforms makes you a well-researched competitor, which will help you a lot. 

2. Sell Your Emojis

There are several platforms where you can sell emojis. This is great because you won’t have to bother with advertising and to market your emojis. Those platforms will do all the heavy lifting, and you get your money for your submissions.

Now how much you will be paid depends on the platforms and will vary from platform to platform. So, do not waste time thinking about how to make money with emoji and start selling your emojis to such platforms.

3. Create Emojis For Brands

As mentioned earlier, emojis have become famous in the brand industry too. One way to earn money by selling emoji is to create emojis for brands. This will allow brands to connect people with them emotionally.

So, there is a high chance that the brands will be interested in buying emojis from you. How about creating shoe emojis for a shoe brand? You can create emojis for regular sandals, toe-closed sandals, sneakers, joggers, boots, etc.

4. Create An App

In today’s world, almost every day, an app comes out. Apps make it easier for the user to use because they won’t have to use any web-based platform. You should also leverage this trend.

It would be easier for your target audience to just download and install an app and get started with creating emojis. If you are thinking about how to make money selling emoji, do consider creating an app where people can create and import theri favorite emojis.

5. Be Different

If you are thinking about how to make money selling emoji, then you need to think about making them different in the first place. Creating and modifying already existing emojis is not a great idea, and it would not give you anything significant.

Why would someone use your emoji if there is already one available, even if your emoji is a bit different in color, tone, or shape?

So, if you plan to sell emoji, be innovative and try out different emojis that have not been created yet. 

How Much Does It Cost To Create An App?

There are no exact figures to quote because the costs will vary from place to place and from time to time. Every country has a different economic situation, and the currency value decreases with inflation.

These factors depend a lot. Plus, the experience and working quality of the app development firm matter a lot. An experienced team of professionals would definitely charge a lot more than others.

However, if you are thinking about how to make money selling emoji and want to sell emoji but do not know the cost associated with it, here is an estimate.

There are several stages of app development. Here is a breakdown of each stage.

  • It might cost around $5000 for the prototyping and planning of the app development. 
  • For the actual design and programming, keep a figure from $25000 to $37000 in mind. This is a huge range, and the price would depend on the app’s complexity.
  • It is not over yet. You also need to test your app to find bugs. For testing, it might cost around $5500. 
  • Most of the cost will incur by the addition of features. If you opt for adding advanced features like emoji prediction, gesture typing, auto-correction feature, etc., then keep a figure around $150,000 in mind. 

It is a good idea first to get an idea of the hourly rate of developers and then take an estimate of the whole project from several development firms.

If you were thinking about how to make money selling emoji, you might have learned something useful by now. 

Checklist To Create Emoji App On Android/IOS

1. Research

If you have decided to sell emoji and are wondering about how to make money with emoji, this is the first step before creating an emoji app. Refrain from getting straight into anything. Always do your market research first and try to answer the following questions.

  • Who will be your target audience? Meaning who will be using your app. This will help you plan and create emojis accordingly. 
  • Is there room in any domain where you can use emojis? For instance, how about creating emojis for Football, like a stadium, trophy, gold medals, etc. Football fans would definitely love it. 
  • Is there any emoji for greetings? Maybe there are, but you can make them even better with different wordings. 

Besides these, you can find drawbacks by installing several emoji-creating apps on your smartphone and thoroughly inspecting them. You can work on those drawbacks or limitations to outperform them. 

2. Requirements

After good research, the second step to selling emoji is brainstorming on the requirement. This means seeing what type of User Interface (UI) you should use. What should be the type of app? Would it be web-based, mobile-based, or hybrid? Would it be compatible with both Android and IOS? 

Having a clear view of your requirements will help you a lot in creating the most successful app. It would be an excellent idea to spend some time listing all your requirements and documenting them. 

3. Features

The last step is to list the features you would be incorporating into your app. Now the obvious question that might arise is how do you know what features to add? Well, for that, there is a workaround. Go through all the emoji apps in the app store or play store and read their review. You will get plenty of knowledge from there. Besides those, the following are some good considerations as well. 

  • Gesture typing
  • 3D emojis
  • Customizable or personalized emojis
  • Connectivity to the cloud
  • Easy to download and import

Where To Find Good Developers?

Well, it depends on your choice. You might be thinking that going to a development firm is the only option where you tell them your requirements, and they work on them.

However, with the availability of the internet, many things have gone online. You can also find a team of good developers on freelancing platforms. Those freelancers will keep you updated on the platform. 

However, the best approach would be to visit your town or area to find development firms. After that, you should compare the experience, development time, and total cost. Go to whom all factors fit the best. But keep in mind that professionals will always charge you more than others.

Now, whether you need an expert or not depends on the scope and complexity of the app. Once you have the app or emojis, you can start selling emojis. 

Platforms For Designing Emoji For Free

1. Canva


Canva is an excellent platform where you can design your emojis without paying any money. The platform provides many features for the free plan. Yes, the number of features would be limited, but that depends on whether you need them or not.

You can also import free elements from other sites like Pixabay to use in your designs. If you find the platform good enough, you can buy their subscriptions and create and sell emoji. Give this platform a try if you are thinking about how to make money selling emoji. 

2. Emoji Maker

Emoji Maker is a simple software for creating emojis. However, it is limited to creating only face emojis. There is much more advanced software for creating more complex and compelling emojis.

Such examples of professional tools include Corel draw, Adobe Illustrator, etc. However, going with professional tools does provide more options and features, but they cost you too.

So, if you seek to sell emoji that are unique and require special editing tools, go for the advanced professional-level tools.

3. Flaticon

There are thousands of icons available on this platform, and you can use them for your emojis. Just think of an icon, and chances are you will be able to find those ones on this platform.

Flaticon also provides the ability for you to change the color of the icon, add shapes to it, change the size of the icon, etc. You can also use the elements from Flaticon and use them in Canva too.

For those who are thinking about how to make money selling emoji, this is a great platform because it contains millions of icons in its exhaustive collection. 

Sell Emojis On Online Marketplaces

1. Flaticon Contributor

It is one of the biggest platforms for icons and emojis. What is amazing about this platform is that you can upload your sell emoji by uploading on this platform for sale. People will buy if they like, and you will get your share. However, since it is an online marketplace, your emojis have to be up to the mark.

2. Line Market

In a true sense, Line is a messaging app that got famous for its emojis. If you want to sell emoji, they have a feature known as Line Market. This is the place where people can upload their emojis for sale.

After your emojis get approval from their team, you can start earning. Another thing is that Line Market also provides software to create emojis to sell on their platform. 


There are several ways to earn money online, but the best ones are those which will are trendy and will stay around longer than others. Emojis are a great way to express emotions and feelings and have entered into businesses too. Some restaurants and brands are using emojis now.

If you are thinking about how to make money selling emoji and plan to sell emoji, you will find valuable information in this guide. From estimated costs and tips to the online marketplace, you will learn something useful here.

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