How to Make Money with A Pickup Truck and Trailer (7+ Legit Ways)

You have decided to start a business with your pickup truck and trailer. Well, if that is what you planned, then you are halfway there. That is because planning, and especially good planning, is half of the accomplishment.

How To Make Money With A Pickup Truck And Trailer

You have already chosen the domain for your business. The other half of the plan would be how to use the means in that domain to earn money. Well, the second good news is that there are many good ways to earn money using a pickup truck and trailer. This article will be very helpful for you to get useful information regarding pickup truck and trailer jobs.

So, without wasting time, let’s see how you can make money with a truck and trailer.

Is A Pickup Truck Or Trailer Worth It For Business?

Yes, why not? Many things in daily life cannot be done using traditional small vehicles. It would help if you had special vehicles, trucks to be precise, to achieve the goal. Plus, only some people own a truck. That also creates room for you to use your trailer or pickup truck for entrepreneurial goals.

So, if you are wondering how to make money with a truck and trailer, do not worry. We will discuss viable and easy pickup truck and trailer jobs here to help you strategize for your future goals. 

What Are the Requirements in General?

You need proper understanding as you have decided to start earning via your pickup truck or trailer. It is common among people to forget about the requirement for any process. Not doing solid homework on the requirement will harm you and your potential business in the long run.

So, for you to start earning, the first obvious thing has a pickup truck or trailer at your doorstep. Before jumping right into the pickup truck and trailer jobs, another thing to double-check is the licenses and certificates. Ensure that you have all the licenses and certificates like driving license, vehicle fitness certificate, etc.

Another aspect is the time that you can give to the business. The biggest mistake people make is that they think they can work for longer hours, but they do not realize that body physics does not work like that. 

Your body needs energy, sleep, and rest for proper functioning. Else, you will feel fatigued and will experience boredom too. Plus, there could be any other urgent work that might occur all of a sudden.

So, before brainstorming on how to make money with a truck and trailer and what are some pickup truck and trailer jobs, devise a schedule first. Having these things sorted could prove to be a blessing in disguise. 

How Much Will You Be Paid On Average?

Quoting an exact figure is not accurate because the rates vary from job to job and even city to city. For instance, big and major cities have high costs associated with many truck services, while small ones have a little less than that. But, as an estimate, the average amount you get paid for pickup truck and trailer jobs is $47 per hour.

10 Viable Jobs to Earn Using Pickup Truck and Trailer

1. Yard Care Service

With great power comes greater opportunities and pay rates. The easiest of the pickup truck and trailer jobs is using them for yard care services. The equipment and machinery needed for servicing yards cannot fit into small vehicles. They need more room, and trailers or pickup trucks are the best options. 

Do not think anymore about how to make money with a truck and trailer. Start earning by helping others in their mulching, mowing, pruning, etc. Let people or yard care service providers use your truck for moving machinery and equipment like lawnmowers, tree limb clippers, rakes, trimmers, etc. With this business model, you can get around $200 daily. 

2. Hauling Services

If you ask someone how to make money with a truck and trailer, the first thing that comes out of his mouth would be hauling. That answer is always expected, and why would it not be? There are many businesses of both small and large scale that look for people to transport their goods from their warehouses to somewhere else or vice versa. 

Transporting goods in cars does not make sense and will cost too much. That is why they search for trailers and pickup trucks. Large companies even prefer larger trucks. Cash this opportunity by coordinating with businesses regarding hauling services. Solve their problem of transportation of goods and get paid to haul trailers. The rate would highly depend on the distance and what you are transporting, but it would be around $50 for 5 to 10 miles.

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3. Dumper Lorry

There are so many pickup truck and trailer jobs that won’t end, no matter what. One of those is the need for a dumper lorry. A dumper lorry can be used further for several reasons. For instance, they are used by waste management authorities to clean societies and towns. They transfer the waste from dump bins into those dumper lorries and throw them somewhere safe. 

Another example is a construction project. A normal car cannot transport debris, rocks, and soil. You can earn from $100 to $800 depending on the distance, type, and amount of debris. So, for those who are thinking about how to make money with a truck and trailer, this is a golden opportunity. 

4. Towing Service

In the list of viable and easy pickup truck and trailer jobs, towing is also a good option. Now, people make a huge mistake by considering that this job is to find cars on the road that cannot start for some reason and then transport them to a mechanic shop. Now, that is not entirely true. That is a minor subset of a bigger opportunity. 

How do you think new cars are transported to showrooms? You obviously need a trailer truck. You can also contact those companies and showrooms and offer them your services for towing. You can earn around $120 for a five to ten-mile trip. 

5. Snow Plow Service

Now there are two ways you can go for this option. The first one is to offer your pickup truck for snow plowing in winter. No man or car can move 2 feet of tall snow out of the way on a large scale. You need a heavy-duty truck in those teeth-chattering months to pave your way out. However, the best approach is to do whatever you can with your truck to earn money and offer your truck for snow plowing in limited hours too. 

These hours could be early in the morning when people and children go to the office and school. You will maximize your earnings by offering your truck multiple tasks. Earning $60 to $100 for a couple of hours doing a snow plow is not bad. Now you can understand why this option was listed in the pickup truck and trailer jobs.

6. Advertise Brands

You would think you were searching for how to make money with a truck and trailer, then why is this advertising job on the list? Well, you might have seen billboards on buildings on which companies run their ads. But the thing is, those billboards cannot move. Only the people passing by those billboards get to know about those ads.

That is why pickup truck and trailer jobs also allow you to display ads for those companies on your truck. You just need to contact businesses and offer them that you want to display their ads on your truck.

You can earn around $300 per month just by displaying their ads. This helps the company to target more audiences for their ads because your truck won’t be stationary and will move from place to place. 

7. Shipping Service

You cannot deny that shipping is the most crucial aspect of today’s life. Shipping will never die, and there always will be the need for it. Consider participating in a shipping program if you are looking for easy and quick pickup truck and trailer jobs.

If you think that shipping companies have their own trucks to deliver the goods, then it would surprise you that it is not the case. Yes, some trucks are owned by those companies, but not all. Thousands of individuals partner with such companies and offer their trucks for their use and get paid. For instance, FedEx does not own every truck you see on the road. Some of those are owned by other people. 

8. Food Delivery

Food delivery is also one of those pickup truck and trailer jobs that won’t die. That is because food is the primary energy source needed to survive, and there is always a need to transport food from place to place. You can earn well by offering your trailer or truck for food delivery to restaurants and bakeries. They usually need to deliver food items in bulk, which requires a large space. 

No car can fit all those slices of bread, eggs, jams, butter, beverages, creates, groceries, meals, etc., for them. It would cost them more trips. That is why they need pickup trucks and trailers, where you can cash your opportunity. How much you will earn depends on how many times you deliver per day, what you deliver, and the distance. But as an estimate, you can earn, on average, around $100 per hour. 

9. Transport Construction Material

It is said that construction opens doors to so many opportunities, which is why construction projects are crucial to judging how a country performs in growth and economy. Taking away all the debris and soil using a trailer truck is not the only thing involved in construction projects. They need construction materials, too, like bags of cement, drywall, bricks, sand, concrete blocks, etc. 

Those definitely need a truck for transportation. No matter the scale or size of construction projects, those materials are the primary need of every construction site. For those who are wondering how to make money with a truck and trailer, you just got the job idea. Transporting construction materials is one of the ever-going pickup truck and trailer jobs. 

10. Junk Removal

Removing junk materials like old couches, broken tables, chairs, rusted steel materials, etc., is common among real estate, small businesses, and even homeowners. People do tend to move small items using their cars, but they cannot move large-size items. A pickup truck or trailer would be more than enough for most cases.

Depending on the nature, you might also get the chance to sell those junk materials to scrap dealers. That would be a good bonus of the day. You can either provide junk removal service alone or affiliate yourself with a small business or real estate. Offering your heavy-duty vehicle is one of the viable pickup truck and trailer jobs. You can even earn $2000+ per week. 

Use These Apps for an Online Presence

All those pickup truck and trailer jobs can be hunted more efficiently if you can maintain an online presence. This is the age of the internet and smartphone. People tend to search for services and products on the internet first.

It would be a great step if you could make your online presence. People wanting services related to pickup trucks and trailers can see your online profile and details and then might contact you. This will definitely boost your chances of landing jobs. 

➥ GoShare

It is a great app that aims to connect small businesses and individuals to truck owners for on-demand deliveries and hauling services. You can become a part of a large network to maximize your earnings.

Download the app for iOS and Android

➥ LoadUP

LoadUP connects you with many small businesses that might require your pickup truck and trailer. Choose your own working hours and get paid even around $1500 for a week. Sign up to maximize your hunt for pickup truck and trailer jobs.

Download the app for iOS and Android

➥ DoorDash

It is an app for delivering food items to restaurants and stores. Anyone wanting to deliver in bulk will definitely need a pickup truck or trailer. Sign up and let people know you are also offering delivery services for your trailer or pickup truck.

Download the app for iOS and Android


Having a pickup truck or trailer can open doors to many opportunities to earn a good amount. The good news is that there always be the need for pickup trucks and trailers, and no other vehicle can substitute for their needs.

If you are looking for how to make money with a truck and trailer, then this article has everything you need to know. Besides pickup truck and trailer jobs, the article also mentioned some apps to create an online presence, which is a crucial step most people overlook.

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