Reddit Vs Quora Vs Medium: Explore The Details Here

Very often, we search for our doubts and questions on Google. Searching queries on Google instead of books and literature is easy and quick. Also, you might have noticed that mostly your desired questions are already asked on some websites. It may be a scientific, academic, or general knowledge question; it was already being asked. 

The websites or platforms where people ask and answer questions are often called forums. Forums are one of the finest ways to learn and share knowledge with like-minded people. The most popular forums are StackOverflow, quora, and Reddit. Usually, explanations of your answers are found on blogging platforms like Medium and these forums. 

It may seem that all these platforms are the same, but they are not. There are some differences, and this article is going to discuss those differences.

Let’s see how Reddit vs quora vs Medium differs without wasting time.

About Quora

Let’s start with Quora in our Reddit vs quora vs medium discussion. Quora started in 2009 but became public in 2010. Quora, developed by a FaceBook employee, was created as a question-answer platform. People can post their questions on the platform, and other quora users answer the questions asked. 

Posters and other readers are also allowed to vote for the answer they think is the best. The most voted answer comes at the top by upvoting the best answer. This makes it even easier for new readers to quickly get the answer.

For further ease of explanation and understanding, Quora came up with the option of embedding video in the answers and questions in 2011.

This step was taken because it is far easier to learn with graphics when compared to textual data. Not only do video-containing answers stand out from other answers, but it is also SEO friendly. 

As for what can be asked on Quora, Quora is an open platform to discuss anything. It could be some mathematical question, a scientific topic, an academic question, and so on. Quora has a huge archive of old answers that is completely searchable. You can search for whatever was asked in previous years.

It is also recommended that you first search the archive before asking the question. There are chances that you will find the answer but make sure to double check as there are many which might not be right. 

About Reddit

Reddit is another entity in our Reddit vs quora vs medium list. It is a different platform compared to Quora in the sense that Reddit is a content aggregator platform. In simple terms, Reddit has content that is gathered from different platforms. The aggregated content could be news, conversations, blogs, social media posts, trends, etc. It is more like a place or community that encapsulates in miniature something much larger. This means it has put together various platforms to develop a super platform. 

With millions of monthly visitors, Reddit allows you to post questions, images, videos, links, and textual data. Users often buy Reddit votes to generate more audience. One thing that confuses people is sub-reddits. Reddit has different categories of topics that are in thousands. Each topic or category has a different sub-forum, referred to as subreddits. Each subreddit has its own set of rules and regulations. You cannot simply promote your product or service in any random subreddit. You would have to find out that particular subreddit’s spoken and unspoken rules first. 

Reddit has a unique feature known as Ask Me Anything (AMA). In AMA, experts and celebrities offer themselves to other Redditors for questioning. For instance, your company’s CEO can offer himself for questioning to tell other users about the company and services. However, this does not mean that all you should do on Reddit is sell. They can smell your sales activity from miles away and eventually block you. 

About Medium

Medium is the last platform in our Reddit vs quora vs medium list. Launched in 2012, Medium is more like an online publishing platform. Medium is free to use for everyone and features a diverse array of blogs, ideas, and stories. It’s not a platform for posting queries and questions. Rather, Medium gives you a platform to show your knowledge through articles and blog posts. 

In Medium, you get an editor to write your content the same as in WordPress. However, the editor is not as advanced as WordPress. Medium’s editor and design are very minimalist and offer very limited features. The only good thing is that Medium is free and does not require any vetting process to publish articles. New bloggers and content writers often use Medium. As Medium is free for publishing, it is a great way to show their writing skills. 

Furthermore, like Instagram, Medium allows users to follow their favorite writers. On top of that, you can create publications, allowing you to create multiple stories from different writers under a single brand. One thing to note is that not every story is free to read. In a single month, you can read only three locked stories. To read more, you would have to pay a subscription fee. 

Reddit vs Quora vs Medium: Main Differences

Now that we know what these three platforms are let’s see their key differences. 

  • When we talk about Reddit, it should be pointed out that Reddit is an aggregator platform. People also use Reddit to share funny jokes, images, and videos, making it more entertainment-oriented. In contrast, this is not the case with Quora and Medium.
  • Quora is more like an educational platform where most questions are academic and science-related. 
  • In Reddit, the upvoter is always anonymous. But Quora allows you to see the upvoters.
  • Since Quora is an educational platform where education-related queries are posted, the answers are often lengthy and descriptive. This is not the case on Reddit and Medium.
  • There is no editor in Quora and Reddit as there is in Medium. This means that Medium is the right platform for publishing articles. 
  • There is a lot of trolling on Reddit, and it is completely allowed, but this activity is highly discouraged on Quora and Medium.


There are many question-answer forums and online publishing platforms. Out of those, a few selective became very popular, including Quora, Reddit, and Medium.

To effectively use the platform to get the maximum benefit out of them, it is necessary to know what they are for. For instance, Quora is more suitable for educational questions. Looking for information on educational questions on Medium and Reddit might not give you a descriptive answer.

Keeping this necessity in mind, this article gives a detailed comparison of Reddit vs Quora vs Medium.

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