Top 5+ Ways to Earn Money Online in India for Students

There are millions of students who want to earn money online to manage their expenses. On the internet, there are a lot of ways to make money but most of them are not for students and also many ways are totally fake. In this post, we will share some ways to earn money online for students.

how to earn money online in india for students

The ways to make money online for students are working and very profitable in long term. We are sharing only ways where you don’t need a lot of investment because not all the students can afford this. There are also a few ways in which you can make your career.

As we mentioned above that we will only share those ways to earn money where students don’t need a lot of investment. In case, you have more money to invest then you can check our website where we have shared a lot of business ideas for your city.

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Benefits of Earning Money Online

There are several benefits of earning money online, I’m sure that you know only one benefit that is money. So, let us open your mind and show you the many benefits you’ll get. I’m very sure that you’ll be surprised by checking these benefits. Below we mentioned only major benefits only.

  • Financially Strong: When you’ll start earning money online by given any method or other method, you can be financially strong. Later, you can invest money in stock or business.
  • Huge Knowledge: When anyone starts earning online he or she also looks for other legit ways to make more money. As a result, he or she gets more knowledge about the internet and money.
  • Expenses: You can handle your own expense and support your family too.
  • Other Earning Source: You can also make other earning sources by investing earned money in stock, creating new business, etc.

Things Required to Make Money Online

As you know that you need many things to start your journey to earning money online. We will also share approx investment in each thing too. The investment depends on which way your choose to earn money online.

  • Internet Connection: A good internet connection is required in all the ways or methods to make money online for students.
  • Laptop or Computer: You need a laptop or computer to do and manage your work very easily. As a way to earn money online, you can use a mobile phone also.
  • Investment: You need some investment to start to make a way to earn money online.
  • Knowledge: As we mentioned above that we will share several ways to earn money online. So, go with only that way in which you have good knowledge.
  • Hard Work: Not everyone can not do the hard work, so do not choose the way in which you can not do the hard work.

How to Earn Money Online in India for Students

Above we have shared some information you should know before involved in ways to earn money online for students. The ways we are going to share 100% working and we will also provide some executable ideas to grow very quickly.

We will discuss each way to make money online for students in detail. It means we will also share some major and important information about each way. This post will be lengthy because it contains a lot of information. So, read when you are free from work.

Note: We strongly recommend you choose a way in which you have the knowledge and attitude to learn more about the field of the topic.

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best options for students to make money online. Blogging is an easy way to make money online but you have to work very hard in this field. In blogging, you don’t need to invest a lot of money and we will share approx the investment amount in brief below.

In Blogging, you have to create a blog by buying a domain and hosting. On the blog, you have to write content about any topic you know in detail. Most newbie bloggers choose a high competition niche when they start their first blog.

It is very hard to rank a post or article on your blog is new and you are also new to blogging. As a result, a lot of newbie bloggers leave blogging in a few months because of the selection of the wrong niche.

Pro Tip: Select a very low competition niche for your blog, with a low competition niche you can rank your blog and posts very quickly. There is also huge money in low competition niche also.


You have to invest in a domain and hosting only. The domain price depends on which extension you choose e.g. .com, .in, .co, etc. There are many platforms to get the domain and hosting i.e. GoDaddy, Hostinger, Namecheap, etc.

I would suggest you use Namecheap because it is cheap and provides very great service. Personally, I’m using Namecheap hosting on many blogs.

2. YouTube Channel

Nowadays everyone has a YouTube channel but not everyone is successful in this field. Because they start a YouTube channel with no knowledge and patience. A lot of people think after creating a YouTube channel and uploading their first video they will get huge views.

As you know there is huge money on YouTube and below we will share some tips you should know and follow to create a successful YouTube channel. We recommend you note down all the tips in a notebook.

  • Regular Video Uploads: Always upload videos regularly and don’t think much about views. Keep uploading videos no matter whether you are getting views or not.
  • Upload Quality Content: Always upload regularly quality content only, when you upload useless content then there is very less chance of getting views.
  • One Topic: Upload content on your YouTube channel only on one topic. So, the viewer of the topic can subscribe to your channel because they are getting the latest content at the same place.
  • Topic: Upload videos only on that topic in which you have great knowledge and you can explain it in a better way. If you want to start a comedy-type channel then you can ignore the above two points.

Note: You can also start a YouTube Shorts Channel, nowadays shorts channels are getting tons of views. Hope you know that you don’t need any subscribers to grow your shorts YT channel. Once, you have enough subscribers then you can start uploading normal videos.

Quickly Grow Tip: You can get a lot of videos even when your YouTube channel is new by promoting your videos. You can use Google Ads and Facebook Ads for promoting your videos or channel.

3. Content Writing

Content Writing can be the best way to earn money online for students because it doesn’t need any investments. Content writing is only for those students who have great knowledge about any field with good writing skills. No matter whether you write in English or Hindi, if you write in English you’ll get more money than a Hindi content writer.

To start your content writing journey you have to find one more blog to write content. As you are new so it will be difficult for you to get a content writing job. Follow the below steps to get a content writing job when you are new to the field.

  • Step 1: Write down the topics in which you have great knowledge and you can write content on the topics.
  • Step 2: Search for the blogs related to the topics and write down all the blogs.
  • Step 3: Contact all the blogs owner through their contact us page or email and share that you want to write content on their blog for money.
  • Step 4: In the starting write a few content on some blogs for free to share your work with blog owners to get the content writing job.
  • Step 5: The content writer charge of writing each word, do not ask high price in the starting.

4. Become an Online Tutor

This idea is for those students who have great knowledge about any subject like mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer, etc. In this idea, you have to answer questions correctly to get some money.

Eligibility: Not all the students are eligible for this because here you need a college degree, you can also upload your graduation degree too.

There are several websites that pay for answering questions. I strongly recommend you Chegg India because I’m using it and this website is the most popular among all websites like this.

Chegg India is very trustable, you have to create an account on this website by sharing some documents like a PAN card, graduation or above certificate, etc. You’ll also get to choose a subject and its level. So, choose the subject in which you have great knowledge.

Now, they will give you some questions related to the subject and you have to answer all the questions correctly because these questions are for to test your mind. Once they found all the answers given to you are correct, they will activate your Chegg account and you are ready to earn money online.

In math subjects, they give approx rs. 90 for answering each question. If you don’t know the answer to any question you can skip the question.

Tips: They will give most of the questions in the morning. So, wake up in the morning to get some questions. Also, share the answer in detail.

Note: If you answer some questions wrong very frequently. As a result, your account will be banned. So, do not answer the question, you don’t know.

5. Trading

Trading is a very risky way to earn money online for students. In trading, you also have to invest money for trading and learning too. Below I’ll share a few tips and tricks to make money from trading and I’m using the same strategy to make money from trading.

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Rating: 9.8/10

Rating: 9.1/10

Rating: 8.5/10

Rating: 8.6/10

  • Tip No. 1: Learn technical analysis from YouTube. Don’t need to invest money in buying the course.
  • Tip No. 2: Make notes of everything you are learning in trading.
  • Tip No. 3: Search for a trading strategy on a YouTube channel and backtest the strategy to know if this strategy is good for you or not.

On YouTube there is a popular Intraday Trading strategy called Inside bar Trading Strategy, you can make money from the strategy. Below we have embedded a video of the result of the strategy.

After getting a trading strategy, backtest the strategy and note down all the points very clearly. Just by getting a strategy, you can make money in the short term but you’ll lose the money very soon because of psychology. So, watch the below videos for psychology in trading and the stock market.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing comes last on our list because it is a little bit hard but gives a lot of money in a very low time. When anyone says affiliate marketing, we think about amazon and Flipkart but I have more for everyone.

Mazon and Flipkart pay share less money when someone buys products from your link. There are also several products that pay up to 50% of the commission when someone buys the product from your link. Below are the names of the products with the commission they pay.

Product NameCommission
Weebly30 Percent
WP Engine35 Percent
Hostinger60 Percent
HubSpot15 Percent
ConvertKit30 Percent
GetResponse33 Percent
SEMrush$200 for a new subscription sale
Fiverr$15 to $150
Canva25% to 80%

You can promote these types o high commission products through your YouTube channel and website. There are also various products that offer a lot of commission e.g. all VPNs.

If you don’t have a website then you can promote the product through social media, websites like quora, medium, etc. Most of the products do not give commission when you use advertising like Facebook ads, Google ads, etc. Check their website to get all the information in detail.


How can I earn 1000 rupees online?

We shared a few ways to earn money online for students. Using these ways you can earn more than rs. 1000 if you work very properly.

In which app a student can earn money?

If you want to earn money from the App then I recommend only 2 apps from Google which are Task Mate and Google Opinion Reward. Both apps are available on the Google Play store and are easy to use.

How can I earn money daily?

Above shared methods do not give money very quickly, if you want to earn money quickly on the daily basis then do a part-time job in any shop, mall, etc.

Final Words

Here we have shared some methods to earn money online for students. In some methods, you don’t need to spend or invest a single rupee. These methods to make money online are not only for students, these methods are valid for everyone. Check business ideas and more ways to earn money online on

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