Here Are The 29+ Quora Alternative Sites to Get Instant Answers

Do you have some questions in mind and wish to look for an appropriate answer? Are you looking for ideas to start your business or even complete some projects? Well, it won’t be wrong to say that Quora is one of the finest sites that can offer you solutions for all these questions. But again, knowing Quora alternatives can be beneficial as it would offer you a larger scope to find solutions and gain more insights.

You should know that these alternatives can be very useful because some of the below-shared alternatives are only for specific topics like programmers, health, dating, and many more.

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About Quora

Quora is a question-answer platform where anyone can ask any type of question and the people who know its answer will answer. Multiple people can answer the same question and people can also vote for the more accurate answer so, that other users can very easily get the more accurate answer to the particular question.

On the Quora, millions of people use the Quora regularly. If you have expertise in any field then you can also make money with Quora by creating a space (it is like a group). Once you have a large number of people in the group then you can very easily promote good products in your space.

Quora is a question-answer kind of platform. The basic purpose of this platform is to offer answers to user queries, which multiple users provide on the platform. The best thing about Quora is that you get insights from various people around the globe, which helps you make swift and informed decisions.


Below are some of the most used Quora features that make the platform very different and useful for everyone.

  • Ask and Answer: On the Quora platform you can ask any type of question and the experts will answer the question. In many cases, it becomes very hard to find answers. On the other side, you can also answer questions if you have good knowledge about the topic.
  • Create & Join Space: Qoura allows you to create space and join it. Space is nothing but a group about a specific topic, where people ask and share questions related to the Space topic or niche.
  • Private Message: The platform also allows you to message anyone directly. It can be helpful when you want to keep your conversation private.
  • Follow Users: You can follow any user, it is very helpful because you can follow those people of your mindset or the topic you want to learn. Ex. If you want to learn blogging then you can follow those people who share quality content related to blogging.
  • Quora AI ChatBot: On Quora, millions of questions are not answered or answered properly. In this case, you can use the Quora ChatBot to get detailed answers to any question.

Poe’s AI chatbot is developed by Quora. So, Poe can understand questions and answer them in a better way as Quora has a large database and years of experience.

Quora AI ChatBot

Note: Quara is the most advanced and popular platform for question answers and it has a lot of features too. But the below shared Quora Alternatives are not advanced, full of features, etc. So, using Quora is the best decision as Quora also launches more features with time.

29 Best Quora Alternatives

There are more than 29+ sites that are similar to the Quora. After a few years, hundreds of question-answer platforms launched but as of now only a few platforms are available and the rest are closed or anyone not using them.

So, if you want good alternatives to the platform then you should go with the platform that is in the top 10 in the below list. Some popular platforms are Reddit, ChatGPT, Google Gemini, Stack Overflow, Pinterest, wikiHow, Medium, Stack Exchange, and many more shared below.

1. Reddit

After Quora, the Reddit platform is very popular and well-known. After Quora Reddit is a very popular platform and it has almost all the features a good questioning and answering platform should have.

For me, the Reddit UI is slightly better than the Quora. While asking questions Reddit provides a lot of features to make the questions or posts more structured. You can link any text, make any text bold, italics, bullet points, add code, and many more features.

2. AI ChatBot (ChatGPT & Google Gemini)

Here I’m not talking about any specific AI platform because there are a lot of platforms that can answer any question or all the questions in very detail. Some AI tools can not give updated information or any answer related to recent updates.

AI platforms like Google Gemini, ChatGPT Pro, etc. platforms can answer your question with the latest and updated information. In case, you are not satisfied with the answer then you can regenerate the answer as well.

On platforms like Quora, Reddite, etc. you’ll get answers in some time which is not fixed. Also, the given answer can be inaccurate. But AI can give you a more accurate and instant answer to any question.

3. Stack Overflow (For Coders)

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow allows developers to learn, share, ask, answer, etc. The Platform is good and very useful for people who are learning any programming language. On this platform, you can ask about any problem related to any programming language.

On the platform, there are 4 membership plans and one is free which has some limits. The paid membership starts from US$6.50/month to US$13.5/month. There is also a plan where a lot of features it is for those people who are involved in any business, the plan doesn’t have any pricing so, you have to contact them for it.

4. Pinterest (Image Social Media)


Pinterest is a platform that is very different from other platforms like Quora, Reddit, etc. On the platform, you can share images, download them, save them to your account, etc.

If you are a Blogger or YouTuber then the platform can be very useful for you. Millions of bloggers and YouTubers from all over the world are driving traffic or views from Pinterest. As Pinterest allows you to share any image with the URL, once anyone likes the image then he can also visit the link.

Not only bloggers and YouTubers but there are also millions of people making money from Pinterest by sharing any product image with their affiliate link.

5. wikiHow


WikiHow is very similar to Medium and Wikipedia because the platform allows you to write articles, ask people to write about your desired topic, and also allows you to edit the posts as well.

So, if you want to learn something and don’t have good resources to learn then you can use WikiHow. Where someone will write a detailed article about the desired topic you want.

6. Medium


Medium is one of the top platforms where people do not ask and answer questions. On Medium anyone can create a free account and share or write posts about almost every topic like tech, gaming, coding, etc.

We are adding the platform to the list because it allows you to share your knowledge with the whole world. You can also make some money from the platform by writing unique content. To know more about making money you can visit Meium.

7. Stack Exchange

Another quickly expanding site like Quora is Stack Exchange, where users can find answers to queries on everything from cuisine and software programming to gaming and photography. Stack Exchange bills itself as a forum for programmers and researchers to exchange knowledge. In contrast to Quora, where more responses are permitted long after you receive the desired response, there is no need for additional responses once you have an answer. Stack Exchange keeps conversations brief and direct.

The good and most useful feature of the Stack Exchange that is the correct or accurate answer will be on the top. So, it becomes very easy to get the answer to any question quickly.

8. Brainly (For Students)

Brainly is another very powerful questioning and answering website that is specially made for students. On the website or platform, students can ask any question related to any subject like mathematics, physics, etc.

If you are a student and face problems while studying then you should use the website where someone will answer your question or give the solution to your problem in detail.

The answer or solution to any question or problem is shared by the teachers. The platform is basically for students who are in class 12th or below.

9. Wikipedia


Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites in the world, where you can get information in detail about almost all the topics. The good thing about the website is it provides updated information in many cases as anyone can edit any information on any Wikipedia page. But before the final changes, it should be reviewed d by many other people.

Note: Many topics, which is not searched regularly can contain old information. So, always cross-check the information as well.

10. Code Project


A perfect platform for all the programmers who are willing to learn something new or get answers to their queries, this is a great site like Quora. You can find articles on numerous subjects and coding languages, including web development, software development, C++, Java, and other subjects.

Once you create a user account on the website, you can start your journey. As you gain the reputation you will be able to access privileges like the capacity to store private files in the user’s account section, the availability of live hyperlinks in their profile biography, and more. Members can also create and contribute their own articles and source code.

11. Microsoft Community

Microsoft Community

Microsoft also known as Windows Forms a few years ago. As we know, there are a lot of products Microsoft has like Windows, Edge, Windows Server, Skype, Xbox, Gaming, Microsoft Teams, Bing, and many more.

For a new user, it can be very complex to solve any problem if stuck. The Microsoft community is made to provide solutions to any problem related to the products and services Microsoft provides.

The average response time for any question is nearly 2 hours and on the platform average of 6000 posts (problems its solutions) are done every day. So, if you also face any problem related to Microsoft products and services then you should use it.

12. Fixya


Fixya is a platform where you can ask questions related to cars, trucks, washing machines, cameras, television, the internet, cell phones, and many more.

In the above-shared gadgets or items are used widely in almost every house. So, if you face any problem with any gadget then you should try the Fixya platform. Where experts will answer or try to solve your problem.

Using the platform you can fix many types of issues at your home very easily. Indirectly you’ll save a lot of money too. So, everyone should bookmark and use the platform for minor problems.

13. GirlsAskGuys


The platform GirlsAskGuys is for young people who have a lot of questions about relationships, fashion, beauty, health, fitness, girl’s behavior, boy’s behavior, etc.

So, if you are one of those girls or boys who have a lot of questions about girls or boys then you can use the platform. On this platform girls asks questions and boys answer. On the other side boys also ask questions and girls answer them.

14. HealthcareMagic (Ask from Doctors)


We all have questions linked to medical conditions and it might be difficult to find the right answer. Well, in that case, this platform is just perfect for you. With a pool of 18,000+ doctors from over 80 specialties, this platform is perfect for easily answering all your questions linked to the medical field. Additionally, there are various articles that you can read on this platform to get an answer to your question in no time.

The good thing about the platform is you can directly contact a doctor through the platform to share your problem and get the solution. On the platform, there are many services and health tools available like BMI calculator, heart rate calculator, calorie calculator, and many more…

Note: You may have to pay some money to get the answer to your question.

15. Blurtit


Another excellent Quora alternative is Blurtit. It offers solutions to queries on various topics, including technology, science, education, and health. It is also simple to use. Once you’ve registered, you can post a question, leave feedback on other people’s responses, or search through questions across various topics.

The website is well-designed. You can do it on this platform whether it’s a pressing problem or you have many insightful solutions to provide. Millions of friends who are experts in various fields are available to you, and you have free, constant access to information.


A distinctive forum for the exchange of knowledge on the internet is Previously known as WikiAnswers, this is good as people of all ages may learn, research, and connect here. in a friendly and secure online forum.

Anyone who answers your question receives votes for their level of confidence, and a high confidence vote total assures you that the respondent is knowledgeable about the subject. Like on Quora, you don’t need an account to ask or respond to a community question.

17. Snippets

Snippets were created to let you produce and distribute clear material. Those who choose to respond must keep their answers to 50 words or fewer and can only answer in 20 or fewer words.

Snippets prefer shorter responses to keep things straightforward and encourage users to get to the point. Thanks to the voting system’s filtering for excellent responses, you can always know a user’s activity and reputation. Additionally, it’s simple to browse and skim through the questions and answers. This is one of the amazing sites like Quora

18. Expert Exchange

Experts Exchange

This platform differs from Quora because it mostly hosts experts. You can ask any technical question on Expert Exchange, and the experts will respond. You can be guaranteed to discover what you need because the community has many specialists who deal with more than 3.9 million tech-related issues. Databases, DevOps, computer programs, and other resources are all excellent places to go for solutions, but you’ll have to pay to get this degree of specificity.

19. Just Answer

Just Answer

Just Answer provides you with responses from subject-matter experts, such as lawyers, computer experts, doctors, mechanics, or home repair specialists. To support the query, you can write up your entire account and include every specific detail.

An expert is always available to evaluate your circumstances and provide you with the guidance they advise. The website uses a specialized and professional field approach that only permits verified and licensed specialists to respond to your inquiries.

20. Fluther


A jellyfish school chooses a Fluther name. General, Meta, Just for You, and Social are the four primary sections of the platform. Fluther ensures you receive clear replies from a real person rather than from any platform’s imprecise responses.

When you ask Fluther, they forward your inquiries to those they believe can provide you with useful information. There are two sections on the website. While the social area’s rules are more liberal and allow people to express opinions and their sense of humor, the general section has tight rules. It focuses on providing you with the information you need. This makes it a better Quora alternative. 


This older website allows users to find answers to their queries regardless of the question’s categorization. You may discover solutions to many different queries in many different areas. Like Quora, you must register to ask questions, search for topics of interest, or read questions and answers submitted by other users. You may receive your answer, ask amusing questions about memes, GIFs, and other topics, or your profession, relationships, or anything here.

22. Refind

It takes a bit of a different outlook than the other sites mentioned here. The platform is for curious minds who are always trying to learn something new and gain better and superior knowledge. The user or the subscriber will be shared with insightful newsletters based on the interest of the same. There is also a feature to ask questions, which is excellent. This platform helps you to understand various things seamlessly. 

23. is a question-and-answer website that approaches the concept differently. It’s more social and connects you with friends on current platforms so that you can ask them questions anonymously. You can utilize the platform to find solutions to more severe problems while still using it casually and enjoyably to get to know others better. While using this, you also have access to privacy and safety features that serve to protect you.

24. Digital Point

Digital Point

This Quora alternative is known for the quality of the discussions on this platform. From the general to the business, thousands of discussions happen over this platform which is insightful and can help the users understand various aspects. Every forum available on the platform has a subforum that the user can join based on the choice. You must sign up on the platform to share your input in the comments. 

25. Ask.MetaFilter

Ask MetaFilter

No matter what is on your mind or what questions you seek an answer to, this platform is ready to aid you. Simple to use and easy to navigate, this platform offers questions to a multitude of questions ranging from general topics to area-specific ones. Again, you would be required to create an account if you are looking forward to adding your insights or giving answers to what is asked on the platform. Also, there are Podcasts on this platform, which makes it unique.

26. Brilliant

Subjects like mathematics, science, biology, chemistry, physics, and computers have always been a bit difficult for many students. Finding answers to the solutions while keeping up with the learning pace is not that easy. But with Brilliant, a platform dedicated to offering solutions to your problems while offering some amazing courses as well. It’s interactive, which makes it a fun platform to learn.


A platform that is classic for all those who wish to get an answer to a multitude of questions, is for you. It is one of the sites like Quora that will offer you insights on various questions, fields, and categories. The platform has arranged all the content from the latest to the most famous, making it easy for the user to get answers to all their queries. Unlike most of the platforms, the navigation is quite simple and the interface is interactive. 

28. Answerbag


It’s an old website where you may receive your answer, ask amusing questions about memes, GIFs, and other things, or ask questions about your profession or relationships. You can obtain answers to various topics in many categories using our question-and-answer platform. To ask questions, browse topics of interest to you, or read questions and answers submitted by other users, you’ll need to register on Quora.

29. The AnswerBank

The AnswerBank

The AnswerBank is a perfect site like Quora that provides precise answers to your questions. You must sign up as a member before posting a question on the UK-based website, which provides a similar experience to the previous version of Yahoo! Answers.

As Quora offers, there are numerous categories, like crosswords, gaming, news, and travel. However, The AnswerBank includes a particular ChatterBank function similar to old-fashioned chat rooms where you may have more in-depth conversations with individuals about life and other topics.


So, here is a complete list of sites like Quora, which offer you great information and is loaded with excellent features. When looking for expert advice, try these Quora alternatives and get the information in no time. Explore the sections and categories and get all your answers seamlessly.

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