Top 3 Landline Alternatives You Should Consider Today

The days of sharing a landline with the other members of your household are over for most people. The advent of high-speed internet has made other voice communications options readily available in much of the country, and the options can seem overwhelming.

Which of the home phone alternatives is truly the best?


1. Voice Over Internet Protocol

Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP, is a great choice for the best landline alternative for a number of reasons. First, VoIP is probably the option that mimics a landline the best, so if you’re used to a landline, this is a fairly seamless switch.

Many companies offer this service, including several nationwide cable providers. Usually, your VoIP company will provide you with an attachment similar to a small cable box or modem to start your phone service.

Your voice will provide the data, and the data gets transmitted over the internet so that the other party can hear you. VoIP is a cheaper option than some other landline alternatives.                                                                                                                

2. Internet-Based Voice Communication

There are several options available that utilize the internet without the addition of any boxes. In many cases, these services are free, but they each have their own pros and cons, as well.

One huge benefit of internet-based voice communication is that in most cases, long-distance calls are free or very inexpensive, especially compared to the pricey overseas calls of yesterday.

Additionally, some of these services will allow you to make video calls, which are an excellent way for family and friends to maintain communication with you. 

3. Cellular Phones

Out of each of the landline alternatives, using a cellular phone as your only means of making phone calls is probably the easiest, as a cellular phone is probably something that you already have.

If you have reliable service, the possibilities are endless. Not only can you make voice calls, but you can also text message, make video calls, and screen callers. There are countless different plans from assorted providers. 

The number one con of all three of these methods of communication is that they require a high-speed internet connection, so ensure that yours is reliable and quick.

The disappearance of traditional landline phones continues to evolve, and over time, there is likely to be an even greater number of landline alternatives.

Eventually, the copper wires used for telephone service are likely to become obsolete, so finding an option that works for you and your family is important so that you can be prepared.

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