Best Items for an Etsy Dropshipping Business

If you want to stand out on Etsy, you must consider what you sell. Some items sell more quickly than others and are more easily procured. Many artists sell their handmade creations on Etsy, but there is always a risk with that.

Instead, you should sell on Etsy with print-on-demand dropshipping so you can focus more on creating unique items and not have to deal with shipping and customer orders.

With dropshipping, the seller doesn’t keep the inventory on hand – instead ordering it when a sale is made. Getting rid of inventory is a blessing while also minimizing the risks of not selling your items without losing anything.

Let’s see the best items for an Etsy dropshipping business!

➤ Custom T-Shirts

Many people come to Etsy to buy unique items crafted by artists to gift to their friends, family, lovers, or even themselves. If you want to sell on Etsy, you can’t go wrong with customized t-shirts.

Customized t-shirts are easy to transport. You can hop on copy-right free image websites to use their photos to customize your t-shirts, or you can use design software to create some unique artwork. 

Here, you can opt between imagery and text messages – or both. What matters is the message you want to convey and how appealing it is to your target audience. Since many people go to Etsy to browse for anniversary gifts or personalized gifts in general, think about what you would say to your loved one or friends that will catch their attention.

Look at love quotes and poems, or go with memes. Choose between screen printing or embroidery printing. All-over printing is also great with t-shirts, but you can combine screen with embroidery printing to create truly unique items.

➤ Custom Mugs

Customized mugs are also a popular item if you can make them right. Mugs are easy to customize, but you will need to consider your design carefully. Since the design is small, you have to make it count. Think about something original and get creative!

➤ Custom Hats

Many people like to wear hats, but more often than not, they can’t find the right hat. However, custom hats can change this. With a beautifully embroidered custom hat, you can easily sell it on Etsy.

Think about what people would like to wear that you can’t find anywhere else. There are also various types of hats out there, such as bucket hats – which are increasingly popular – baseball caps, visors, and more. Choose a dropshipping business that can provide you with a variety of items, and start creating!

Hats are lightweight and easy to transport, so you don’t need to worry about them getting damaged during transportation and receiving a bad review. With summer approaching, many people will be tempted to get their hats on and go to the beach.

Avoid dark colors when you customize your custom hats since they absorb more heat. You can also opt for a print-all-over design for your hat that your customers will enjoy. 

➤ Custom Swimwear

Today, you can customize all sorts of garments, including swimwear. If your provider has this option, you should promote your custom swimwear products on Etsy. Couples often like to dress alike, and since swimming season is drawing near, you might hit the nail on the head with custom swimwear products.

➤ Custom Sports Bras or Footwear

Summer isn’t just about swimming and getting a good tan. Many people like to do other kinds of outdoor activities when it’s warm outside. With this in mind, custom sports bras or footwear might go a long way on Etsy.

If you can design captivating artwork for these garments, you will have plenty of orders. The best part is you won’t have to deal with inventory since your provider will take care of this. Many women like to wear cute designs or something that makes them feel special or sexy. So keep that in mind when you design.

➤ Custom Hoodies

Another popular item that couples or individuals like to wear is hoodies. Custom hoodies are an excellent product to sell on Etsy because they are appealing to everyone. With the proper embroidery or screen printing design, you can become a big hit with custom hoodies. Find a provider that works with quality fabrics – your hoodies will sell easily.

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