What Is A Certified Kingdom Advisor (CKA)? Find All Answered Here!

When it comes to investing, the decisions of every individual vary. While some plan on investing with the single aim of generating lucrative profits, others invest in assuring stability in the long run.

But there are again a few people who plan their investment merged with their belief. Yes, that is correct, and it is one of the fastest-growing fields. Planning the investment while focusing on the Christian faith can connect with CKA or Certified Kingdom Advisors.

So, if you plan to align your financial strategies with your Christian spiritual beliefs, it is essential to consult the CKA financial advisor. But what is a Certified Kingdom Advisor (CKA)? So, let us look at the fundamental questions linked to CKA.

What Is A Certified Kingdom Advisor (CKA)? 

The CKA training and certification procedure was developed and is managed by Kingdom Advisors, founded in 1997. Initially, it was known as Christian Financial Professionals Network. 

what is a certified kingdom advisor

It provides advocacy, education, and networking opportunities for financial professionals. Its mission is to assist Certified Kingdom Advisors in providing ‘biblically sensible’ counsel to their customers while promoting a solid, mutually reinforcing link between religious teaching and money.

The CKA is a credential for professionals that serve Christian customers and adopt a values-based approach to financial problems. It entails a term of study that combines biblical concepts with fundamental financial advice instruction. 

A Certified Kingdom Advisor, in essence, positions their financial knowledge within a worldview that is compatible with Christian principles. CKAs are certain that the financial advice given to Christian clients must be following God’s Word. 

Clients rely on Kingdom Financial Advisors based on integrity standards as they are also believers in Jesus Christ and uphold Christ-like values and ethics.

A CKA includes biblical ideas into their advice to customers, regardless of the kind. They are very involved in their church and are well-liked by their pastor and fellow Christians.

Even when an individual is a flourished CKA, it is important to have detailed information about various financial strategies to make better and verified decisions. Since financial strategies are broadly classified into four different categories, knowing about each is crucial.

Know The CKA Requirements

CKA is one of the unique courses for Christian financial advisors. Increasing demand for advisors who blend financial advice with religion can help people build trust and plan better finances accordingly. 

Unlike any other financial course, the basic requirements that one should fulfill to become the Certified Kingdom Advisor are as follows:

  • Three letters of reference, of which one should be from the church leader.
  • Should sign a personal stewardship statement that shows their commitment to biblical stewardship and Christian values.
  • Should pass the CKA exam with a minimum score of 80%.
  • Approved degrees or certifications-such as CFP, ChFC, CPA, CPA/PFS, EA, CFA, CIMA, AAMS, CLU, FIC, JD.


  • Should have a minimum of 10 years of work experience in a discipline like insurance, investments, accounting, law, and financial planning.

Knowing the basic requirements to become a CKA financial expert is not enough. To qualify, the individual also needs to complete the course hours, video lesions, and various other sessions.

Apart from knowing all topics covered in the CKA program, it is equally important to be aware of the difference between asset management and wealth management. Whether the kingdom financial advisors work for the business or guide the individual, knowing the right way to manage assets and wealth will ensure profitable returns.

What Does CKA Educational Program Cover?

When you have decided to be the CKA and complete this elite program, it is vital to know the basic concepts covered in the course.

The course mainly targets the working professionals and so is designed in a flexible way to allow them to have sufficient time to work and learn at the same time. Kingdom Advisors worked with another Christian group, the Ron Blue Institute, to develop and deliver the curriculum.

The course of offered online by the Indiana Wesleyan University and Liberty University since 2018, and the prominent inclusions of the Certified Kingdom Advisor course are as follows:

  • 95 short video lessons
  • 212 scripture verses on money
  • 19 cause study assignments 
  • 20 practice quizzes

The course is around 60 hours of study and is completed in 6 months. One can also get the optional CKA Educational Program Resource Guide for $75 that will be added assistance. 

As far as the fee for the CKA course is considered, it is $999 for a limited period. The fee rises to $1159 for those planning to bundle the CKA membership with the CKA educational program. There is also an additional examination fee of $199 for all those who complete the course.

Certified Kingdom Advisors must retain membership with Kingdom Advisors and complete ten hours of continuing education each year after they are certified.

Key Traits To Be Certified As Certified Kingdom Advisor

Certified Kingdom Advisor is a prestigious designation that the Kingdom Advisors grant. The particular traits apart from the course listed above that are a must to be displayed by the individuals are as follows:

  • The individual should be able to apply for the biblical principles in their financial advice.
  • The applicant should know the financial content as well as technicalities.  
  • Since it is linked to religion, one should be adamant about keeping ethical values at the top.
  • The individual should agree to submit themselves to annual accountability.
  • The individual should disclose and confirm practising biblical stewardship in their personal and professional lives to give monetary assistance.

So, if you are a Christian with a plan to invest a bulk of $10 million, then the CKA financial can offer you great assistance. Additionally, if you are willing to look at some ideas to invest in before meeting the expert, we have listed down some of the greatest here for you.


Through various financial courses are available in the market, this particular one will help you create your unique image and stand out from the crowd. The CKA helps you plan financial management while focusing on your religious and spiritual side.

Kingdom Advisors designed the certification intending to tie with the Christian value framework. Considered a thriving sector, Kingdom Financial Advisors accreditation hopes to bring together experts and clients in a mutually beneficial manner.


What does CKA mean in finance?

In 2016, Kingdom Advisors introduced the CKA certification. The CKA is a credential for professionals that serve Christian customers and adopt a values-based approach to financial problems.

What is a CKA designation?

Being a professional designation, CKA offers the knowledge of financial management linked with Christian teachings. The prominent designations linked to CKA are accountant, attorney, financial planner, insurance professional, and investment professional.

What are the different types of advisors?

The most common types of advisors are strategy, managerial, financial, marketing, business, legal, tax, operations, and a few other types of advisors.

What does the advisor do?

An Advisor takes responsibility for staying updated about the organization’s operations and advising officers on policies and actions’ propriety and general benefits. The prominent role is that of a mentor or guide.

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