How To Invest $10 Million Dollars: Know The Right Way

Planning to invest is quite an extensive decision. With so many options and risk profiles available, it is very difficult for individuals to select an investment plan that offers them a fair amount of profitability while minimizing the risk. Though this is not impossible but still when it comes to analyzing and finalizing, it is truly an extensive decision. 

Additionally, when you have a leave aum of money, say $10 million, the decision becomes even more difficult to make. But here we have offered you the major points that you should consider while making the investment plan. 

how to invest 10 million dollars

Additionally, if you are facing how to invest $10 million dollars, we have some great options listed down for you here. 

Points To Consider While Planning To Invest

Whether you are facing how to invest $10 million dollars or are just at the initial phase and planning to invest $1 million dollars, the points you should consider are the same. 

The top ones to focus on to ensure that you gain a positive outcome are mentioned below:

➦ Risk-return Profiling

The first thing to focus on is risk profiling. Risk profiling defines the amount of risk that an individual is ready to gain a return. It can be low, moderate, or high. Depending on the choice of risk-return profiling, you should select the investment options.

➦ Age Consideration

The second important consideration to focus on is the age of the investor. The investor can invest huge amounts for a lock-in period or in high-risk funds at an early age. As the investor grows old, there is a need to diversify more in the funds that offer liquidity and persistent returns.

➦ Goal Of Investment

Every investment is made with a goal. Whether the goal is short-term or long-term, one should ensure to align the investment plan with the ultimate goal to ensure the timely achievement of the goal, liquidity, and profitability.

➦ Time Horizon

You should also take the time for which an individual can invest the funds into consideration. Time horizon defines the need for funds in the future that be short-term needs or long-run needs. Diversifying funds as per time-based needs will ensure the timely fulfillment of demands with no lapses. 

➦ Income Needs

Once an individual leaves the job, there is a need to have a smooth and sure flow of income to fulfill the basic life needs. It means that the individual must access the income needs after retirement or, say 20 years down the line, to ensure that income needs are fulfilled.

➦ Liquidity Needs

Liquidity needs are linked to both short term and long term. Even when you plan to invest, divide your funds in such a manner that all your liquidity needs are also maintained. At the same time, ensure that you have enough liquidity in your hands to meet the query in case of an emergency.

➦ Surplus Estimates

Last but not least, before you plan to invest, make a thorough analysis of your surplus. Investing in haste and more than what you can have a negative effect on your lifestyle. Always ensure to check the surplus you have before you make the investment plan.

Top Investment Options For Invest $10 Million

Once you know the points to consider while investing, let us look at the top investment options you can choose. Here they are:

➦ Mutual Funds

Mutual funds assist investors in generating income from the dividends and interest generated on stocks and bonds in their portfolios. One of the most significant advantages of mutual funds is that they are professionally managed.

A number of brokerage businesses provide funds to investors who fulfill strict minimum standards. With a wide variety of funds that are both equity-based and debt-based as well as hybrid, investing in mutual funds is a great opportunity.

➦ Real Estate 

Real estate investing may be costly in general. If you wish to invest in real estate, you may do so in various properties ranging from houses to commercial buildings to flats and condominiums.

The requirement to be a landlord is one factor that deters individuals from investing in real estate. While this might be overwhelming, you can outsource these tasks to a real estate management firm.

Furthermore, some firms provide pooled real estate investing, which eliminates that component. Additionally, it offers you an opportunity to earn income in the form of rent in the long run. 

➦ Stocks and Other Market Funds

Usually confused to be similar to mutual funds, sticks are entirely different. These are a great option of investment for all the investors who consider them to be great risk-takers.

It means that you will directly invest in the market and, based on the market movement, will earn a return. There are chances of earning positive and negative returns, so it is important to analyze deeply before investing. 

➦ Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs) and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

ETNs can provide large profits if the borrower is dependable and the market cooperates. An ETN is a bond issued by a financial institution rather than an independent pool of assets.

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a form of investment that follows an index, sector, commodity, or other asset but may be bought and sold on a stock market in the same way that a regular stock can.

The returns of an ETN or ETF closely mirror the returns of a specified index, resulting in a predictable cash flow. As an ETN investor, you are not liable to the short-term capital gains taxes associated with such instruments’ frequent tax events. 

➦ Gold and Other Assets

Though this type of investment is not quite popular everywhere, it is truly one great opportunity to invest. It offers the investor the dual benefit of having liquidity when needed while ensuring that the returns are always positive. 

Whether you plan to invest for the long run or for short, it is important to know the different financial strategies that can help you to maximize your returns.


So, if you have $10 million dollars in your bank, you have a plethora of investment opportunities. Ensure a proper mix of investment options that will offer your return while ensuring you have a low risk. 

Also, to know about asset management and wealth management in a better manner that can help you define your goals and aims.


How much interest do 10 million dollars earn per year?

The interest that you can earn on the 10 million dollars per year is dependent on the type of funds in which they are invested. Say, if the funds are invested in secure funds that have fixed returns, that return might be 6%, while it will increase to 15% or more when invested in stocks or mutual funds.

Can you live off 10 million dollars?

Well, 10 million dollars is truly a lot of money that can offer you a comfortable life full of fun with all you wish for. But still, ensure to invest the funds as that will help you have a great return to live peacefully.

Is a 10 million net worth Rich?

10 million dollars is a lot of money. If you have a net worth of $10 million or more, you are in the top one percent of Americans. So, yes, this money will surely make you rich and when you invest it, even better.

Can you put 10 million dollars in the bank?

Yes, you can surely do that, but that will not yield the return you are looking for. So, it is better to invest 10 million dollars rather than just placing it in the bank. This way, you will create a positive corpus for yourself for the future.

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