Becoming an Instagram Influencer Using Spectrum Internet

In an era of digital marketing, Instagram influencers have paved the way for a new type of advertising tactic. Gone are the days when billboards reigned supreme and it’s all thanks to the majority’s disillusionment with traditional marketing tactics. People were no longer impressed when a magazine or a commercial glorified a product and instead, started to trust an individual’s review. 

Becoming an Instagram Influencer Using Spectrum Internet

It was this mindset that gave rise to influencer marketing and no other platform performed as well as Instagram. With millions of influencers performing on Instagram, it has quickly turned into the most effective form of marketing – so much so, that in 2022, the average spending for influencer marketing on Instagram alone totaled $2.23 billion! You’ll probably be shocked by this number and we wouldn’t blame you. People genuinely have built careers via this and everyone wants a slice! 

So, if you’re serious about becoming an Instagram influencer, here’s what you need to do. 

First – Get the Right Internet 

A lot of people don’t really consider the importance of having a good internet connection, and by extension, a reliable service provider. With various options to consider within the U.S., it can be tricky to pick just one so we have the perfect option for you and it is Spectrum! 

As one of the biggest ISPs in America, Spectrum provides service to millions of people and is widely available in 41+ states. With the purchase of an internet plan, customers are entitled to a free modem along with state-of-the-art antivirus software. There are tons of other benefits as well and Spectrum’s internet is among the fastest the market has to offer! 

This is what makes the ISP such an ideal fit for you if you want to start creating your own content. Since you’ll be actively uploading and creating content, you’ll need a higher-tier internet plan that will be able to support your online demands. This means that you cannot settle for an internet plan that an average user would subscribe to. Here are all of Spectrum’s plans so that you can better see and compare for yourself. 

Internet PlansPricesSpeedsFeatures
Spectrum Internet Standard$49.99/month (for 12 months)This plan provides 300 Mbps which is more than enough for households with 4 to 5 devices. Comes with a free internet modem, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and gives you free access to Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots.  
Spectrum Internet Ultra$69.99/month (for 12 months)This plan provides 500 Mbps and it has a major boost from the prior tier, and this is perfect for households with 6 to 8 devices. Comes with a free internet modem, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and gives you free access to Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots. This is ideal for streaming and uploading across multiple devices. 
Spectrum Internet Gig$89.99/month (for 12 months)This plan provides 1000 Mbps and is especially ideal for larger households with 10 devices. Comes with a free internet modem and a 30-day money-back guarantee policy, along with free access to Wi-Fi hotspots.

The ‘Spectrum Internet Gig’ plan would be the perfect fit if you want a flawless connection with minimal to zero lags. This will also help you to upload content faster so that you can get back to thinking about your next creative project. 

Next – Select A Preferred Niche and Stick to It

Now that the technical stuff is out of the way, let’s move on to the step where you discover your preferred niche. Since everyone has an interest, selecting this should be fairly easy but the hardest part is sticking to it. Some people tend to do a lot since they’re interested in covering a broader spectrum, but this often doesn’t work in their favor. 

Such startup influencers end up doing too much and the audience is confused by it. If you cover fitness, food, lifestyle, fashion, and business strategies all on your blog, then you’re definitely doing way too much! Try to tone it down to at least 1 or 2 interests, and then you’ll be able to move back and forth between them easily.

This will be more consistent and your target audience will find you quickly. 

Last but Not Least – Take Advantage of Your Phone Camera 

There is a common misconception that the more expensive your camera or phone is, the better quality it will provide. 

This is not only untrue but also highly demotivating for people that want to start creating online content, but feel that their current camera or phone is insufficient. Most phones nowadays come equipped with quality cameras that take great pictures and videos, along with features like stabilization, color correction, and HD video! 

You just need any camera or phone to begin your blog with, and almost any will do! There is no reason to invest or overspend on expensive equipment before you’ve even gotten your blog off the ground. 

In Conclusion – Good Luck! 

And with that, our tips for becoming an Instagram influencer come to an end and we wish you all the best on your journey online. Don’t forget that having the right kind of internet plan and a reliable service provider can go a long way! If you’re interested to learn more about Spectrum, simply click here!

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