Signature Global Share Price Target 2024, 2025, and 2026

Signature Global IPO was launched and listed in 2023. After listing in the NSE and BSE the Signature Global stock has given a 200% return from its listing price As of 13 Feb 2024, the Signature Global stock is looking very bullish based on technical analysis. Let’s check the Signature Global share price target for 2024, 2025, and 2026.

Signature Global India Limited’s IPO issue size was approximately Rs. 730 Crores. The Signature Global IPO price band was Rs. 366 to Rs. 385 per share. The IPO was listed in NSE and BSE on 27 September 2023 at Rs. 444.40.

Signature Global India Ltd. prefers to do business only in a few locations like Delhi NCR, Gurugram, and NCE. In Delhi, the company is one of the most popular and has a high market share in the real estate development business in Delhi, Gurugram, etc.

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About Signature Global

Signature Global India Limited is an Indian company that is involved in the business of real estate development. The company was founded in 2000 and as of now, its managing director is Mr. Ravi Agarwal.

Signature Global is Involved in the business of real estate development (retail, residential, and commercial) in locations near Delhi. In the residential, they focus on affordable group housing, premium independent floors, and residential plots.

In the commercial real estate departments they develop society shops, malls, and SCO.

In locations like Delhi, NCR, Gurugram, etc. they have a strong market share and are one of the leading companies in the specific location. At each location, they have a different market share i.e. in Gurugram they have approx 50% market share which is very high.

They have a lot of projects on which they are working or developing. You can check all the ongoing projects and developed projects on their official website with the latest and updated information.

Company Fundamentals

From the fundamentals, you can know about the company in detail like the strength of the company, the right value of the company, the position of the company among all companies of the same sector, financial statements, growth of the company, and many more.

Most probably you are a retail investor, it is highly recommended to do a fundamental analysis by yourself of the stocks in which you are investing or already invested. In case, you know how to do a fundamental analysis of companies you can learn it from the Internet.

Note: The fundamentals of Signature Global India Limited were last updated on 13 Feb 2024. Check the latest data on any broker website or screener.

Net Profit & Loss (Yearly)

YearProfit & Loss (In Crore)
March 2019NA
March 2020-₹56.57
March 2021-₹86.28
March 2022-₹116
March 2023-₹63.72

Net Profit & Loss (Quarterly)

QuarterProfit & Loss (In Crore)
Sep 2022-₹59.25
Mar 2023₹7.65
Jun 2023-₹7.18
Sep 2023-₹19.93
Dec 2023₹2.18

Company Fundamentals

Market Cap₹18,435CrROE-10.96%
P/E Ratio (TTM)0.00EPS (TTM)-1.24
P/B Ratio31.33Div Yield0.00%
Industry P/E49.12Book Value41.88
Debt to Equity1.93Face Value1

Shareholding Pattern

Held ByHolding %
Other Holders0.00

Key Points

  • Signature Global (India) Ltd. has given poor profit growth and revenue growth over the last 3 years.
  • ROE and ROCE have also been poor over the last 3 years. This is a very negative point for the company.
  • The Signature Global (India) Limited company there is a Debt of Rs. 593.93 Crore and the company has cash of Rs. 172.02 Crore as of now.
  • In the last quarter, FIIs and DIIs increased their holdings slightly in the company.

Quarterly Results

In the Dec 2023 quarter, the company showed a net profit of Rs. 2.18 Crore while in the previous quarters, the compnay has shown some losses. It shows in the upcoming quarters the company’s profit will grow.

Investing Rules

Investment rules play a major role in the life of an Investor to invest in the right stock, book profit at the right time, buy at the right time, sell at the right time, and many more… In a few words, it plays a major role in reducing risk in the stock market and maximizing profit.

These rules apply to the maximum sectors’ stocks. If you are new in the market or don’t have enough knowledge you should follow the rules to make your self psychology strong.

  • Rule 1: Do not invest in penny stocks, if investing make sure most of the money is invested in the large-cap stock, large-cap mutual funds, etc. Penny stocks are hazardous, especially for retail investors.
  • Rule 2: Invest for the long term, at least 5 to 6 years. Investing for the long term reduces a lot of risk. It is confirmed that the market will go up in the long term.
  • Rule 3: Do not invest in a lot of stocks, It will become very hard to analyze all the stocks regularly. So, invest in a limited number of stocks like 15 – 18 stocks only.
  • Rule 4: Only invest in 1 – 2 stocks of a specific sector. In case, the stock faces any problem in the future your maximum investments will be safe.
  • Rule 5: Investing in SIP mode will keep averaging your buying price with time and the return will be maximized as well.
  • Rule 6: Invest only 5% to 6% in a single stock. In penny stocks, you should only invest in the 3% to 4%.
  • Rule 7: You should have all the information about the stocks you invested like the company, company products & services, business model, company fundamentals, etc.
  • Rule 8: Only invest or SIP in stocks only when available at a very high discount of 10% to 15% at least.
  • Rule 9: When a stock you want to invest in is near its all-time high and has the potential to go up, you should invest in the stock in SIP mode.
  • Rule 10: Do not invest in stocks that are in trouble and have problems in the company fundaments especially in penny stocks.

Signature Global Share Price Target

Signature Global is a good compnay company in the small-cap category. As the compnay is a small-cap compnay still the stock has given a massive return after listing on the NSE and BSE.

The signature global compnay belongs to the realty sector and the industry is Construction. As we already mentioned above the compnay is working only in a few locations and still, it is one of the top compnay in the industry.

The financials of the Signature Global India Limited company are very weak as it is a small-cap compnay. Usually, the financials of the small-cap companies are very poor. So, it can be very difficult to analyze the compnay for newbie investors.

Disclaimer: We are not SEBI registered. The post is only for educational purposes not for any investing advice. Do your analysis or ask your financial advisor before investing. We will not be responsible for any loss or profit.

Signature Global India Share Price Target 2024

As of 13 Feb 2024, Signature Global stock has given a massive return in 2023 and 2024 after the listing in the stock market. Still, the stock is trading at almost near its all-time high and seems very bullish on the higher timeframe.

According to the news and analysis, we can see a major fall or downtrend in the short term due to the profit booking. In the small-cap and the mid-cap stocks, we can see a major profit booking too. So, while trading or investing make sure you are trading in limited quantity.

For the investing purpose in small-cap of the construction industry, the stock can be good for the long term. But investing at this time and this level can be very risky for you. As of now, the stock is also trading near its all-time high so, investing in any stocks at an all-time high is also not recommended.

Signature Global Share Price Target 2025 and 2026

In the Dec 2023 quarter, the data shows the FIIs have increased their holdings in the stock. In the Sep 2023 quarter, the FII holdings were 5.42%, and in the Dec 2023 quarter, the holing is now 5.66%. On the other side, DIIs have decreased their holdings slightly.

In terms of net sales of the compnay every year the company made net sales of 1,554 which is very high than its net sales of previous years. As the sales of the company increase over the year as a result the losses of the company are shrinking.

Above were the negative points or risks but on the positive side, the company has a strong or highest share market in Delhi and Gurugram, many projects under development, etc.

Based on the above-mentioned things, the company looks very good. As a result, it is not recommended to invest in these types of stocks. these types of stock are very risky.

The real estate business highly growing business in the long term. The prices of the materials used to develop real estate projects change very frequently depending upon the demand and the economic conditions.

If you want to invest then you should do market research about the company industry, and its fundamentals before investing.


Is Signature Global India Limited a good stock?

It is very hard to say because the fundamentals of the stock are very weak and most probably it is hard for the company to survive the poor market conditions.

On the other side, the company has the highest market share close to 50% in real estate developments in Gurugram and Delhi.

So, do your research in case you want to invest in the stock. Also, keep tracking the stocks and their fundamentals regularly to stay updated.

What is the Signature Global Share Price Target 2024?

As we mentioned above the stock is fundament very weak as of now but the company has grown a lot in the last 2 to 3 years. There is no data until the stock forms any price action on a higher timeframe.

Is Signature Global India Ltd. stock a penny stock?

Yes, Signature Global India Ltd. is a penny stock. Its market cap is approx Rs. 18,435 Crore.

Final Words: From the business model the the Signature Global India Ltd. stock is very attractive and it is the market leader in the real estate development business in their region. But the financials of the company are very weak and the assent management is also very poor. These things indicate that the stock will crash or fall brutally in the poor or worst market conditions. So, check the anylsys to know the Signature Global share price target for, 2024, 2025, and 2026.

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