Juniper Hotels Share Price Target 2024, 2025, and 2026

In February 2024, the Juniper Hotels IPO was announced and opened. The Issue size of the IPO was Rs. 1800 Crore where the price range was set to Rs. 342 to Rs. 360. On 29 February, the Juniper Hotels stock was listed at Rs. 365. If you are one of the investors in the stock or want to invest in the stock then you should check the analysis of Juniper Hotels share price target for 2024, 2025, and 2026.

As per the available data like annual net profit, business model, cash flow, etc., the stock is looking good but it is hard to reach at any point. Below we shared all the information and analysis of the stock to predict Juniper’s share price target for 2024, 2025, and 2026.

The Juniper Hotels stock start going up just after listing in the NSE and BSE. In the last 3 days, the stock has given a return of approx 30% to 35%. Currently, the stock is trading at Rs. 481.85 (after marketing closing). In a few words, the stock is very bullish, but it will be risky to decide anything based on a few days’ data.

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About Company

Juniper Hotels was incorporated in 1985 and it is involved in the hotel business. The Chairman & managing director of the company is Mr. Arun Kumar Saraf, Non EXE. & Nominee directors are Namita Saraf, David Petera, and Elton Tze Tung Wong. The Independent Director is Pallavi Shardul Shroff.

Juniper Hotels Ltd is involved in the business of luxury hotel chain management (operating) business. In Juniper Hotels Ltd’s portfolio, there are 7 luxury hotels involved that the company operates as of 30 September 2023. Below is the list of the following luxury hotels-

  • Andaz Delhi
  • Hyatt Raipur
  • Hyatt Place Hampi
  • Hyatt Delhi Residences
  • Hyatt Regency Lucknow
  • Hyatt Regency Ahmedabad
  • Grand Hyatt Mumbai Hotel & Residences

The Juniper Hotels manages 1836 rooms of the above hotels and services apparments. The number of hotels, rooms, apartments, etc. are based on the data before 30 September 2023.

Juniper Hotels Stock Overview

  • Current Market Price: Rs. 485.30 (02 March 2024 after market closing)
  • Market Cap: Rs. 10,671 Crore (02 March 2024 after market closing)
  • 52-week high: Rs. 503.70
  • 52-week low: Rs. 365.00

Company/Stock Scrip Info

SECTORHotels and Restaurants

Note: Below shared company’s financials, shareholding pattern, fundamentals, etc. were updated on 02 March 2024. Kindly check the latest information/data on any trusted screener like MoneyControl,, etc.

Net Profit & Loss (Yearly)

YearNet Profit & Loss (In Crore)
March 2019NA
March 2020-₹78.76
March 2021-₹199
March 2022-₹188
March 2023-₹1.50

Net Profit & Loss (Quarterly)

QuarterNet Profit & Loss (In Crore)
Dec 2022NA
Mar 2023NA
Jun 2023NA
Sep 2023NA
Dec 2023NA

Cash Flow (In ₹ Crore)

Cash Flow FromMarch 2021March 2022March 2023
Operating Activities₹54-₹36₹286
Investing Activities-₹8-₹63₹28
Financing Activities₹41₹90-₹311
Net Cash Flow₹4-₹9₹3


Market Cap₹10,671CrROE-1.22%
P/E Ratio (TTM)0.00EPS (TTM)-0.07
P/B Ratio3.97Div Yield0.00%
Industry P/E64.30Book Value120.72
Debt to Equity3.10Face Value10

Shareholding Pattern

Held ByJun 2023Sep 2023Dec 2023
Other HoldersNANANA

Insider Transaction Summary (Last 5 Trans.)

DateDesignated PersonPriceQuantityAction

Key Points

  • Juniper Hotels is not making profits continually.
  • The net profit and loss of the company are improving.
  • Juniper Hotels is in very high DEBT and its DEBT to Equity is 3.10. Even the company is not able to pay DEBT interest from its net profit.
  • According to the technicals, the stock is very bullish as of now.

Quarterly Result (Dec 2023 Quarter)

As the stock is listed recently that’s why there is no data related to its quarterly results of any quarter as of now. Most probably the company will start sharing quarterly results from the next quarter.

Once the quarterly result is out of the company, you can see all the details here that are needed for the investing.

Juniper Hotels Share Price Target

Juniper Hotels is a good company and it has 7 luxury hotels in its portfolio from the different cities of India. Still, the company is not making any profit from its business and even the company is not able to pay the interest of the DEBT from its net profits. It is one of the worst things for any company. But still, the stock is very bullish, and after listing it is going up. If you are also an investor then an analysis of Juniper Hotels’ share price target for 2024, 2025, and 2025 may help you to make good decisions.

Juniper Hotels is one of the risky stocks as you can see the stock is going up but its fundamentals are not strong. There are very high chance that the stock can fall in the future very badly. So, for the long term, the stock is not looking good.

Disclaimer: We are not SEBI registered and the below-given share target price by brokerage firms, analysts (share price forecast), and analysis by us is only for educational purposes, not any buying or selling recommendation. We will be not responsible for any profit and loss.

Juniper Hotels Share Price Forcast

For many retail and newbie investors, the share price forecast helps a lot to know whether the stock is bullish or not and what are the top analysts’ views on the stock. However, it is not recommended to take a trade based on the share price forecast as the ratings change very quickly.

Share price forecast is based on the ratings of analysts about any stock. It gives you an idea of the short-term target for any stock if you invested in the stock then you can know what can be the Juniper Hotels share price target for 2024. But when the analysts change the rating the price forecast of the stock also changes.

Note: The share price forecast of the stock is not available as of now because the stock has been listed recently and no analysts rated the stock as of now.

Brokerage Firm’s Research

There are no buy and sell signals from any brokerage firms yet. There are many reasons behind it i.e. the stock has been listed recently, the fundamentals of the company are not strong, not enough data to make any decision, and many more.

Juniper Hotels share price target for 2024

Based on the technical analysis it is near to impossible to give any target Juniper Hotels share price target for 2024 as of now because the stock is listed for a few days. In the chart, there is not enough data available to make any decision.

As per the chart, the stock is looking very bullish and continually going up after listing in the stock market. But the trend of the stock is not bullish or bearish until it keeps going up or down for the next few days or weeks.

Trading the stock based on the demand in the market can be very risky because fundamentally the stock is very weak but after the listing in the market, the stock is going up.

It happens with many stocks after listing but in most cases, the stocks start falling after a few weeks. Usually, these types of things happen a lot with small-cap and micro-cap stocks.

Juniper Hotels share price target for 2025

Juniper Hotels is one of the top hotel chain management companies in India but its fundaments are not strong and the DEBT on the company is also very high. Even it is very hard for the company to pay its DEBT interest from its profit.

The sales and the profit of the company have been improving in the last 3 years and if they keep going in the future then we can see the stock going up. But as of now, there are no Juniper Hotels share price targets for 2025 based on the fundamentals or technical analysis.

Juniper Hotels share price target for 2026

Juniper Hotels Ltd. company manages 7 luxury hotels in different states in India. As we can see the sales and the net profit profit is also improving. In the future, if the company starts marking net profit then we can see a good runup in the stock just like we saw in the Zomato stock a few months ago.

If you want to invest right now in the Juniper Hotels stock then it is not a good idea because fundamentally the stock or company is very weak. In the hotel industry, there are many other companies like Indian Hotels, EIH, Lemon Tree Hotel, and many more that have stronger fundaments than Juniper Hotels.

If you are a risky investors who prefer to take risks then you can invest in the stock with proper research or you can consult any expert for this. From any experts, analysts, and brokerage firms there is no Juniper Hotels share price target for 2026.


Is Juniper Hotels Ltd a good company?

Yes, Juniper Hotels is a good company that manages 7 luxury hotels in India. But then for the last many years, the company is continually making a loss each year. From the last 3 years, the profit and the sales of the company are improving and most probably in the next 2 to 3 years, the company will become a profitable company.

Is it good to buy Juniper Hotels stock?

As of now, the Juniper Hotels stock is fundamentally very weak and the company is facing a huge loss. So, investing at this point can be very risky because these types of small-cap stocks fall very badly.

If you don’t want to take risks then you can look at other stocks in the sector and analyze them for investing.

What is the Juniper Hotels share price target for 2024?

In 2024, the stock can give a 5% to 7% return very easily. But you should wait for a profit booking in the stock. Once the profit booking is completed in the stock then you should find any bullish pattern or consolidation range breakout to buy the stock for the short term.

Final Words: Juniper Hotels Ltd. is one of the top companies in the hotel management sector. From the last 3 years the net profit, sales, EPS (earnings per share), etc. of the company is improving. We can see a good return from the stock once the fundamentals of the company or stock improve and as you know risky stocks give higher rewards. Check the Juniper Hotels share price target for 2024, 2025, and 2026.

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